May 31, 2024

📆 Meetings you hate,
and how to avoid them

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Everywhere you look, people are ranting about meetings — hours of your life you won’t get back, no time to get RealWork™️ done, videoconference fatigue… But just saying you hate them won’t make them go away. Here are three common meetings you hate, and how to avoid them:

The Team Update

Usually held weekly, the agenda is always the same. You go around the room (or, “around the horn” if your boss think’s they’re a former ship’s captain), and tell everyone what you’ve been working on. The trickiest part of this is how long you ramble on. Less than a minute, and the boss thinks you’ve been slacking. More than three minutes and your team will accuse you of brown-nosing and standing between them and lunch.

How to avoid it: Start writing, and reading. A shared document (or a weekly check-in, in Basecamp 😉), will take care of this nicely as long as you follow the two important steps. Step one, you have to write one. Step two, read what others have written. Andrea, our head of people, wrote a great post, reminding us what a good check-in looks like.

The Planning Meeting

You could have anywhere from six to 600 people in this one, but either way, don’t let the number of people fool you. There’s no work happening here. This is the meeting about the work. There’s a slide deck that someone will read page by page, verbatim, including, the timeline for for the gantt chart, the most recent update, and the schedule of future update meetings and pre-meeting updates.

How to avoid it: Make a project with everything people need to see and know about it. When people ask you questions about the timeline, point them to the project. When someone is looking for the file for the thing, point them to the project. When someone sends you a meeting request… you get the idea.

This Could Have Been an Email

A close cousin to the Planning Meeting, this meeting could have been summed up in a 2-line email, but instead it’s a 27-minute meeting. But you should be grateful, because the ended it early and the organizer “gave you 3 minutes back.”

How to avoid it: Was it even worth an email? Or was it just a thought you could have kept to yourself? Just kidding. Start a new trend, write a quick note, and be done with it. Express your gratitude by reading the notes that others send to you.

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The next ONCE product…

Did you catch the announcement? It won’t be long now til you can get your very own copy of Writebook — for free!

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