Basecamp for Education

Whether you’re teaching, learning, managing a school district,
or running an after-school club, Basecamp keeps communication,
projects, lesson plans, and activities right where you need them.

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Teachers map out their entire lesson plan, assign projects, share notes, and track progress for each student.

Basecamp keeps teachers organized so they can remain flexible with their plans and tailor lessons at the pace of their students. And students can submit projects, ask questions in a group, to each other, or directly to the teacher, right in Basecamp.

Students use Basecamp to track all of their classes, research for reports, take notes in class, plan projects, and schedule important deadlines.

All the right tools keep students organized and on track for everything that comes their way. Create to-dos for each class, organize project groups, take dynamic notes with links, photos, videos, and audio clips to study with parents, tutors, and classmates.

Administrators can manage staff on a state, school district, or campus level to post announcements, resources, training materials, and updates to plans, curriculum, and other policies.

Navigating the educational system is complex and constantly changing. Save time by collaborating in dedicated spaces for each department, school, grade, or subject, instead of sending emails and organizing meetings with everyone. Add as many users as you need to ensure that everyone is informed and equipped for the school year.

Drama Club, Cheer, Debate Team, PTA, Student Body, after-school programs, summer camp, Yearbook Club — you name it — Basecamp can help manage it.

Organizing a club, adding new members, and planning activities, events, or big productions can take a village. Basecamp makes it seamless with message boards, group chat, docs & files, to-dos, scheduling, and more. Everything your club needs, from pre-school to your 10-year reunion.

Try Basecamp for free, and get every feature.

School Admin, Tutors, Parents, Camps, After-school Programs, Clubs, Sports Teams & more

Per user
$15 per user / month
Unlimited users
$299 per month
billed annually
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Teachers & Students

Organize every subject, lesson, and project

$15 per user / month

Basecamp is free for teachers and for individual students

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