Another 1,437 organizations signed up last week.

What’s included? Absolutely everything.

All for just $11/month/user. Plus, we only bill you for people who work for your company or organization. Clients, outside contractors, vendors, and guests can all be invited to collaborate on projects for free. It’s the best package in the business.

You get unlimited projects
Create as many projects as you need to keep things organized.
You get every single feature
We hold nothing back, every account gets every feature.
You get 500GB storage space
Centralize everything with loads of storage space.
You get priority support
24/7/365 best-in-class customer service with rapid response.
You get time-tested reliability
An 18-year track record with rock-solid uptime reliability.
You get advanced client access
Maintain total control over what clients can and can’t see.
You only pay for employees
We don’t charge you for clients, contractors, or outside guests.
You get unlimited integrations
Link up other products you use from within Basecamp.
You get complimentary classes
We offer regular free classes with Q&A for your whole team.

Not “Good, Better, Best” — just the Best

No tiers, no complexity, no upgrade requirements to get more. Just a straightforward product with refreshingly simple, all-inclusive pricing. And, for a limited time, your first three users are on us, 100% free, for your first 12 months on Basecamp.

A big boost for bootstrappers & small businesses

We started our business without outside funding, and you probably did too. We know your money’s precious, and we want to help. That’s why Basecamp is intentionally affordable for start-ups, freelancers, and small businesses just getting started.

Non-profit or educational discounts?

Yes, we offer per-user discounts for non-profits, and entirely free accounts for teachers and students (including homeschoolers and alternate education programs). Please review the discounts page for details and directions.

Risk-free, cancel anytime, no long-term lock-in

With Basecamp, cancellation is entirely self-serve, no questions asked, no retention specialists trying to talk you out of it. Cancel any time, no long-term contracts to lock you in. Simple, straightforward, and fair, just as it should be.

How do customers feel after buying Basecamp?

We asked our customers “What changed for the better since you switched to Basecamp?” Thousands responded, here’s some of what they said…

Much easier to track progress.
Better at supporting our clients.
Fewer meetings.
Basecamp made me a hero.
Reduced miscommunication.
Managed my chaos.
Stopped looking in multiple places for our work.
Accountability has improved.
Never seen productivity at this level.
Better alignment across teams.
Able to get projects done in record time
Ability to make better decisions.
Everyone is always on the same page.
Projects are smoother.
We never forget.
Easier to track conversations.
No more messy email threads.
I feel much more organized.
In sync in one place.
Way more accountability.
A lot more transparency.
It elevated our project management.
Information flows like water.
It’s been a lifesaver.
We are better coordinated.
More clarity on progress.
Nothing slips through the cracks.
We got peace of mind.
Things don’t get left undone.
No need for daily standup meetings.
A clear path to each goal.
More effective with much less effort.
Quicker turnaround.
Balls don’t drop.
More in control.
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