Logging in to Basecamp

Sign in to your Basecamp account >

In Basecamp 3, there's a few ways to log in depending on how your account was set up. No matter the method of logging in, you can always start by clicking the Log in button at the top right of basecamp.com.

Basecamp.com homepage with arrow pointing to 'Log in' button

Or, click here.

If you're already logged in, you'll be taken straight to your account! If you're not currently logged in, you'll be asked for your email address and password or Google Account information.

Or you can click here to sign in now.

If you have a Basecamp username & password

If you've created a Basecamp password before, and you aren't using Google to log in, we'll ask for your password. Click the Log in button at Basecamp.com and enter your username and password. From there, you'll be taken into your Basecamp account!

Entering a password on the Basecamp launchpad page

If you connected your Google account

If you've chosen to log in with Google (more on that in a moment!), you'll be shown a big Use my Google account button. Click that and you're in!

Google Sign In message on the Basecamp launchpad page

If you need to change the way you login to Basecamp

If you need to change the way you login to Basecamp - that's easy! Go to the Change how you login in page. From there, adjust your settings and choose the way you'd like to login! From here you can turn on or off Google Login, change your password or username and turn on phone verification.

Start using your Google account to log-in

Want quicker log ins or one less password to remember? Just connect your Google account and you'll be able to log in without a password.

First, log in as usual. Once you're in, click on your avatar. In the menu, click My Profile.

Expanded 'Me' menu with arrow pointing to the 'My profile' link

Next, click the Switch to Google log-in link below your personal info and confirm.

Profile page with arrow pointing to the 'Switch to Google log-in' link

Confirm switch to Google signin page

In the pop-up window that will appear, pick the Google account you want to use and you're all set.

Google account picker page

The next time you log in to Basecamp, just click Use my Google account and skip the passwords!

Turning off Google log-in

Want to stop using Google to log in? Head back to your avatar, click on My Profile, and then on the link at the bottom to Change your login info here. Click the Stop using Google to log in button to confirm on the next page.

Profile page with arrow pointing to 'Stop using Google to log in' button

Creating a password later

Never created a password for Basecamp, but you want one? No problem! You can create a password by sending yourself a password reset email. Once you create a password, you'll be asked for it when logging in.

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