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What does “no per user fees” mean?

Many group software applications charge a fee for every user that you add to the system. Basecamp doesn't. Whether you have 5 or 500 users on your account, the total price is always the same. As your company grows, your Basecamp costs remain fixed, predictable, and affordable.

What happens when the trial’s up? Will we be charged?

No. We don’t ask for your credit card up front, so we can’t charge you until you decide you want to purchase Basecamp. You’re always in control. At any time during the trial, or when the trial is up, you can decide what you want to do. If you want to continue, we’ll ask for your credit card then. If not, no problem — you can click a single button to cancel, no questions asked.

What if we need more than 30 days to evaluate Basecamp?

If you haven’t purchased Basecamp before the trial ends, and you need a little more time, just let us know. We’re happy to extend your trial.

Is there any limit to the number of projects we can run?

No. You can run as many teams and projects on Basecamp as you’d like. There’s never an additional charge for adding more people or doing more work in Basecamp. (Note: Earlier versions of Basecamp used to charge by the project, but Basecamp 3, the version you’ll be signing up for, has no limits so you’re all good).

Do you have enterprise pricing for large companies?

If you have more than 100 employees, we recommend reaching out to our sales team. They can help set up a custom package for you with a dedicated account manager, a personal tour, and help getting set-up.

If you have questions we didn't cover, we'd be happy to answer them.

We want you to feel like our customers feel

Collaboration! Since starting using Basecamp, our business is working better, faster, and more closely than we ever have. The tool lets us really stay focused!

-Terry Longhway, MusicMaker (School of Rock Franchise Group)

Keeping others on task and for me to stay on top of the 1,000's of details I need to manage.

-Mike fisher, Heartwood

Single dashboard for all our company operations.

-Swagat Mishra, AuroIN

Eliminated confusing email strings! No more, "I wasn't copied on that one" or "I missed reading that one" or "no attachment". Anything that streamlines the inbox is a beautiful thing!

-Jennifer McDonnell, City Winery

Tasks are not falling behind and actually getting completed ahead of schedule.

-Linda Borland, Corazon Partners

We are more organized and it is easier to go back in basecamp and look for content than to look back in emails.

-Laure Marini, SVM E-Marketing Solutions

Ability to make better decisions

-Jozef Benko, 2FRESH

Folks have started to think about how the tasks they do impact others on the team and how important it is to be detailed when assigning work to others.

-Michael McFann, Bay East Association of REALTORS®

It's central place to communicate that doesn't clutter our personal inboxes.

-Michelle Blanco, Cru

Simply put, we get more work done, quicker, and better. Productivity is up. Errors are down. Clients are happier.

-Patrick Sheffield, Moore Communications Group

More time and consideration put into planning each part of the business, not just client projects.

-Jeremy Hollow, Listen & Learn Research

We communicate better. We can see everyones contributions.

-Deniz, Why.Not

I've used other project organizers online and have landed sold out on Basecamp. I've used it with my editor, I've used it with my website developer and host, and I've used it for a new project in the works. I live by deadlines and I love how the calendar reminds of those deadlines. It keeps me on task!

-Susan Gunn, Susan Gunn Solutions

Basecamp has fostered group discussions from folks that help solve many issues quickly without face to face meetings.

-Scott Thompson, Custom Machining Services

Communication across teams not located in the same place and timezone has benefits hugely from this!

-Frank Barnett, 339 Group

We used Basecamp for a group project. The group is spread across the US and Canada. It is so convenient to have one place for all of our documents, discussions, etc. and know that it keeps all of our information. It is so much easier than using emails.

-Rose Bardelas, EPSC

Only 1 tool to use! Massive productivity gain with this alone!

-Scott Hansbury, YouStake, Inc.

Our business process smoothed right out and we have the ability to track all the clients and work!

-BJ Flagg, Nurenu Brand Marketing

Better coordination with our clients.

-Mark Albers, Albers & Associates Consulting, LLC

A huge change for the better is that we are not inundating each other with emails to communicate about different projects. By using Basecamp, projects are more organized and communications are much better.

-Angela Wright, Hand to Hold

We have much better organization since we started using Basecamp. Because we can see which tasks are being handled, which are not, and which are on hold, we can stay on top of our work without having regular check-in meetings. It's a huge time saver.

-Holly Brown, Holly Brown

We don't need to spend as much time in meetings now that we use Basecamp.

-Brad Vandiviere, Faith Chapel Billings

The ability to share information effectively makes us better at supporting our clients.

-Leanne Palmerston, Hamilton Family Doulas

The ability to keep all my clients' tasks and communication in one place. It makes it so much easier for me to pull up their account before a meeting and check the status. I send them homework "profit-work" after every meeting and I can easily recall what their assignments were right before the appointment.

-Sensei Angie (Grainger), Extraordinary Business Academy

The ability to track progress on projects and team members without having to have hour long status calls or emails every day.

-Tim Toomey, COVERT NINE

That everyone is in the loop. It has improved our communication as a team. Everyone knows what's going on all the time and information can be easily found.

-Ellyn Dehler, Keller Landscaping

Easier to define who is doing what, and when deadlines are for each project. We stay on top of things!

-Julianne Young, Julianne Young Weddings

Avoidance of email. We have been able to stay out of email internally and working with the customer. Keeping focus interactions and shared information.

-Mike O'Brien, SmarterMedium, LLC

It keeps me organized and lets me know what's going on with my business.

-Veronica Bailey, Veronica Bailey, LLC

Everybody is more involved.

-Davis Siksnans, Printful

Organization. For each client, there we have several basecamps, each one reflecting a different aspect of the work we do for them. That keeps things siloed and organized.

-Dave Newmark, Newmark Advertising

Team communication really improved!

-Rafael Cupolillo, Grupo IPB

Everything is in one place content wise. I've only ever used basecamp for the project I've been working on and I can't imagine not using it.

-Athina Glindmeyer, Paw It Forward NYC

A familiar common ground for people at various locations.

-Sergio Coelho, Baseform

Communication around tasks or quickly sharing new ideas that may alter the project is much easier, more transparent, and faster. The commenting sections and campfire make it easy to do this.

-Bruce Wang, MICROJIG

We've reduced the mistakes in keeping track of the different steps and approval we need to go through before launching a campaign

-Matt, Mattel

Communication! And more clarity into everyone's role and taskds because of that

-David Dixon, David Dixon

Collaboration - everyone can be on the same page.

-Linda Singh, Ascent Beauty Brands

The future of work is global. We are one big global community, where time zones do not matter. If we all worked in NYC and I was on the 11th floor and you were on the 12th floor - we might never see each other all day long! Basecamp allows for seamless, real-time communications - even if you are sleeping while others are working.

-Thomas Capone,

We are less reliant on email, and having a record of our communications makes everything easier, especially when we need to review historical projects

-Michael Diliberto, Lynx Innovation

The level of communication has increased. We are able to work on projects from anywhere simultaneously.

-Sara Bumby, First Impact New York

Every change can be tracked easily. We always put the Basecamp comment reference inside source code wherever we make some changes that we consider we might take a look back at later.

-Tarun Tyagi, Cacao Solutions

We have a direct line of communication that keeps us focused on our short and long term goals.

-Matt Holter, The 4gents

Everyone is always on the same page when it comes to the latest version of the script, locations, props, etc. Thanks to the ability to upload the latest documents.

-Daniel Seiler, Sei-Ber Films, LLC

We all have a project management system we can use and count on, keeping us all on the same page.

-Anne E. Runion, Post Launch

Before Basecamp, I ran my freelance web development business basically from a spreadsheet, then I moved to Basecamp and my life is so much less stressful. Basecamp has increased my happiness exponentially.

-Patrick Krebs, Sad Robot Software

We know what each other is up to. As a principal, it helps me to equally distribute tasks.

-Sherry Pendleton, Somerset Academy, Las Vegas

People can catch up on a project, regardless of when they joined the team.

-Anwar Ishak, 1000heads

Everyone always knows where everything is and can get to the latest information any time.

-Michelle Maloney, SimplyConnect Consulting

Works gets done faster. Everyone know what's going on. Removing chaos and missed tasks for the business.

-Sam Adolf, The Social Address