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Chapter 5:

Our Rituals

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The entire company gathers in person twice a year. We meet up in a different city every time. In 2022, we traveled to Miami and Amsterdam. In 2023, Barcelona and New Orleans. Most of the planning is taken care of for you; you just need to book your flights. Lodging, meeting space, agenda, and social outings will be planned and communicated well in advance.

There are some scheduled talks at every meet-up, like the All Hands session on Monday morning, lightning talks, and peer appreciation. Occasionally, we bring in outside speakers or trainers. Other than that, the meet-up is intentionally loosely structured. Teams huddle in a breakout room for a strategy session, groups go out for coffee or to explore the city, or managers meet 1:1s with employees.

Meet-ups are 1 week long. Most people arrive Sunday, we meet Monday through Thursday, then travel home on Friday. Everyone should come to every meet-up, but skipping one here and there is okay if you have an engagement you can’t cancel.

All Hands

At the end of every cycle, we hold an All Hands meeting. Everyone at the company gathers on a Zoom call (or in person, at meetups) to hear about product development, business operations, new hires, and anything else that’s happened recently that’s worth sharing.

Our COO runs the All Hands, but many people across departments may present on topics close to them during these meetings.

Everyone on Support (EOS)

Everyone in the company is encouraged to do periodic Customer Support shifts. We call it Everyone on Support (EOS). Talking directly to customers helps us realize what’s wrong and what’s right with our products. You’ll always have access to our wonderful Support team if you need help writing clear and correct answers to customer questions through Help Scout, our support response tool.