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Chapter 11:

Severance Packages

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If your employment or contract with 37signals is terminated, you may be eligible for a severance package. In most cases, if you’ve been with the company for less than 1 year, you’ll be offered a lump sum payment equivalent to 4 weeks pay. If you’ve been with the company for over 1 year, you’ll be offered an additional 2 weeks pay for every year of employment, with a maximum of 4 months of severance pay.

The package will also include health insurance for you and your dependents if you’ve been on our policies for the same time periods, compensation for unused vacation time, and compensation for unused sabbatical time if applicable (1 year look back).

Compensation for unused PTO is calculated using your hourly rate. In return, you’ll be asked for a general release of liabilities and other standard employment termination terms. If you’re terminated for cause; such as misconduct, violation of company policies, insubordination or substance abuse while working, you will not be eligible for severance unless otherwise determined by management.