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from shapeless to shaped

Shape Up v 1.7, 2019 edition

Stop Running in Circles and
Ship Work that Matters

by Ryan Singer

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Welcome to the online edition

If you made it here, you're part of the inner circle who heard about the book through friends, co-workers, or social media. This first version of the book is available for free to read online or download as a PDF.

Print, e-book, and audio versions will come next. Join the newsletter to hear when they're available.

Shape Up is for product development teams who struggle to shape, build, and ship. Written by the innovators behind Basecamp—one of the biggest and longest-running software as a service apps—the book gives teams language and specific techniques to address the risks and unknowns at each stage of the product development process. Full of eye-opening insights, Shape Up will help you break free of "best practices" that aren't really working, think deeper about the right problems, and start shipping meaningful projects your team can celebrate.

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For an intro to the main ideas, here are some podcast interviews about the book: Bright & EarlyBuild with Maggie CrowleyThe ChangelogThe Product ExperienceProduct Hunt RadioRework

We built Basecamp to execute the techniques in this book. It puts all our project communication, task management, and documentation in one place where designers and programmers work seamlessly together. See How to Implement the Shape Up Method in Basecamp.