Straightforward, all-inclusive pricing

Basecamp’s monthly prices are fixed — we don’t charge per user — so you’re never charged more if you hire someone new. $29/month means $29/month total, no matter how many employees you have. Easy to budget for!

Just $29/month for internal teams or $79/month if you use Basecamp with clients

Both versions are the same, and both versions include 100 GB of file storage, but Basecamp For Small Business also includes the exclusive Clientside feature to keep internal communication separate from client communication. It’s a huge step up for agencies, client services firms, and small businesses.

And remember, these are flat prices. We don’t charge per-user. $79/month means $79/month total no matter how many users you have.

Enterprise pricing starts at $3000/year

Same as the above versions, but with 2 terabytes of file storage, a guaranteed uptime SLA, a personal account manager, a 60-minute live demo for your team, basic consulting around implementing Basecamp and getting everyone set up, and pay-by-check (we’ll invoice you, net 30). This is top shelf – the best.

Getting started is absolutely free

Everyone gets the first Basecamp in their account for free. When you’re ready to create your second, you’ll be able to choose one of the packages above. So let’s get you started for free and introduce you to Basecamp!

Any questions about anything?

If you have any questions about pricing, policies, refunds, or absolutely anything else, drop our incredible support team a note and they’ll get back to you within a few minutes – promise!