Basecamp 4 has landed, and it’s packed with NEW for 2024.

A redesigned, simplified, customizable home screen puts relevancy front and center.

Add your logo, pin and reorder your most important teams and projects at the top. Recently visited projects show up below, so the stuff you’re frequenting is always close by. Aside from your logo (which is shared across your account), every person can set their home page however they like.

A filterable, sortable, list view is also available. Plus, you can quickly jump to any project any time, from anywhere, with a simple keyboard command.

The all-new “Card Table” tool is our unique take on Kanban, with a number of practical twists.

“The Lineup” gives you a bird’s eye view of projects in play, from start date to end date.

The Lineup automatically maps out your projects on a simple, visual timeline so you have a bird’s-eye-view of who’s involved in what, and when projects start and end. Great for planning.

Now you can specify who’s actually working on the project, and who’s just following along.

If someone’s “on the project”, their avatar shows up on the project card, and they’re automatically subscribed to the Chat room. If someone’s “just following”, they aren’t listed on the card, and they’re only notified if someone directly @mentions them or assigns them something.

“Just following” allows people to have access to projects and participate without being overwhelmed by notifications that aren’t necessarily relevant to them. You can change people’s access type any time.

“Doors” let you link up other services you use right alongside Basecamp’s built-in tools.

Now it’s easier to signal to your team when you’re out on holiday or away for a while.

With “All-access” anyone in your Basecamp account can see and join projects.

“Don’t Forget” makes sure you don’t forget to read, review, or respond to something later.

Repeating To-dos help you account for things that happen over and over and over and over…

Add multiple instances of any Basecamp tool (chat, messages, docs, etc.) to any project.

We’ve centralized and revamped people management so it all happens in one place.

We’ve added cloud file support for Figma, Airtable, Zoho, Adobe, Notion, and more.

All this, plus a lot more, is live today for everyone in Basecamp.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used Basecamp, now’s the perfect time to give it another try. So much has changed, so much has improved, and so much will keep getting better.

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