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What’s new in Basecamp 3? Just about everything and then some!

We’ve taken our best ideas, layered in years of customer insights and feedback, and put together the best version of Basecamp we’ve ever made.

Unlimited for everyone: No limits! Heck yeah!

For 12+ years, Basecamp limited the number of projects you could create based on your plan. Maybe you had the 10 project plan, or the 40 project plan. The only way to get unlimited was to reach deep in your pockets and upgrade to the highest plan. No longer! Now every plan is unlimited!

Hey!: The catch-all Basecamp inbox

The Hey! menu is a single inbox for every Basecamp notification. @mentions, new messages, to-do assignments and completions all show up nice, neat, organized, and threaded in the Hey! menu.

the Basecamp 3 'Hey!' menu

Campfires: Gather ‘round and talk

When you need to hash stuff out quickly without a lot of fuss, gather around the Campfire - a group chat at the center of every Basecamp. Perfect for casual conversations, quick Q&As, link sharing, and fast riffs.

An example Campfire chat room in Basecamp 3

Pings: Personal backchannels

Pings are like instant messages or direct messages. Want to get someone’s take on something before sharing it with everyone else? Just ping them!

the Pings interface in Basecamp 3

To-dos: Assign multiple people + date ranges

Now you can assign to-dos to multiple people. Plus, in addition to setting a due date on a to-do, you can now set a date range. Detail an entire phase of work, be clearer about how long a chunk of work will take, etc.

a to-do with multiple assignees

Automatic Check-ins: Take their pulse

Ask part or all of your team whatever you’d like (e.g. “What did you work on today?”) on a schedule of your choosing. Basecamp will regularly gather responses and present them in an organized report. Learn more…

example response to an automatic check-in question

Client Access: Better than ever

Work with clients and your team – all on the record in one place — with less emails, meetings, and busy-work. Clients never see something they shouldn’t. Further, you’ll have all your client’s feedback on the record in case you ever need to CYA. Learn more…

the 'talk to the client' tab in a project

Schedules: Your ducks in a row

Designed to keep all the milestones, deadlines, and stuff with dates neatly organized and tidy. You can discuss anything right on the schedule or add any event to your own personal Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar.

schedules in Basecamp 3

Forwards: Reply to emails

Now you can forward any email into Basecamp, discuss it with your team, then reply back to the original sender.

response options for email forwards in Basecamp 3

All New Search: Find it fast

Now you can “show me all Jonas’s comments in the Mobile project” or “Show me every image uploaded by Ann”. Sometimes you know who but not what. Other times you know the what, but not the who. And other times you know what it looks like but you can’t describe it. Basecamp will find it.

Basecamp 3's search interface

Work Can Wait: Give work the weekend off

Basecamp 3 lets you set your work schedule so you won’t get notifications after work or on the weekends. During off hours, Basecamp silences any emails, push notifications, or desktop notifications. Learn more…

setting 'work can wait' hours in Basecamp 3

Boosts: Give people a standing-o!

Show someone you care by giving them a Boost. They’ll get a discreet notification letting them know you appreciated what they said.

a message with Boosts from teammates

Reports: Be a know it all

If your job is to stay on top of everything, you’ll love Basecamp 3’s all-new reports. They cut across everything and let you know what’s late, what’s coming up, what someone’s been up to, if you’re adding to the pile of work or chipping away at it, what’s on someone’s plate, etc. Learn more…

the reports menu

Cascading Notifications: Right where you are

Basecamp 3’s notifications system was designed to catch you where you are without leaving a mess everywhere else. For example, if you’re in Basecamp 3 in your browser, you’ll get a desktop notification. If you’re not in the desktop app, we’ll notify you on your phone. And if you don’t have a mobile app installed (or push notifications are turned off), we’ll send an email.

Share With Anyone: Hey, check this out

Basecamp 3 lets you share anything with anyone - even if they’re on the outside. It’s great for selectively sharing something with someone who’s not core to your team but who’s interested in something from time to time.

the share menu

The Toolbox: Take it or leave it

Basecamp 3 lets you turn on or off tools depending on what you need for a specific project or team. Customize away, you’re in control. Learn more about the core tools of Basecamp 3…

the interface for selecting project tools

@mentions: Psst!

Need to get someone’s attention? Want to reference someone in a discussion? Just @mention them. They’ll instantly get a notification letting them know, along with a link to exactly where you mentioned them.

mentioning someone in a message

Bookmarks: Never lose your place

If you bounce between a to-do list and a document often, just bookmark them both in Basecamp and you’ll always be a single click away no matter where you are. Works across platforms, browsers, mobile apps, etc.

bookmarks listed on your home screen

Timelines: Your own time machine

At the bottom of every Basecamp is a timeline of activity going back to the moment you started the project. If you’re looking for something someone did, but you can’t remember where they did it, just scroll down!

the timeline view of everything that's happened in Basecamp

Folders: Get your neat freak on

Basecamp 3 lets you organize any file or document into folders (and folders inside folders). What’s extra special is that you can organize cloud-based files as well. So you can make a folder and put a photoshop file, a Google doc, and a PDF together in the same folder!

docs and files in Basecamp 3

Trix: Write right

We spent a full year writing a brand new text editor from scratch. Consistent from desktop to mobile, writing finally just works! Besides just text, you can drag in images right from your computer, snap a pic with your camera, and even paste images or files right in from your clipboard.

Phone & Tablet, iOS & Android: Pocket Basecamp

Basecamp 3 launches with amazing apps for iOS and Android. Timely push notifications, quick responses, snap a pic of the whiteboard and pop it right into Basecamp for reference, etc. It’s fast and modern. You’ll love it.

Colorcoding: Blush

Color code any file or document (including Google Docs) to make it easier to highlight and locate key files. Go on, turn that super important spreadsheet green, or that document legal-pad yellow!

color coded files

Drafts: Write it before they read it

Save new messages or documents as drafts before you publish them. Share drafts with anyone else you’re working with before you publish it. Proofread comfortably, confidently, and privately before you make it official.

Can you do this for me?: Send it out and get it back

See all the work you’ve assigned to other people on a single screen. Plus, Basecamp will notify you when someone finishes something you assigned.

a notification that something has been completed

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