Change for the better.

We asked our customers “What changed for the better since you switched to Basecamp?” Thousands responded, here’s some of what they said.

Since we’ve been using Basecamp, our communication is drastically better and deadlines are met without drama. –Shannon Kropf, Full Sail University
We have actually accomplished things that have been waiting forever to get done. –Danek Coffey, Coffey LLC
Everyone’s on the same page. Many of our people are not very organized naturally, so basecamp is a godsend. –Anirvachan Vasan, APEX
Our company has grown immensely in organization and efficiency. We have everything organized according to clients, projects, employees, etc., resulting in clear and concise communication amongst employees and with clients. –Katie Greathouse, Health Economic Advisors Inc.
Different time-zones are no longer an insurmountable obstacle. –Stefano,
Because the platform we used previously was so cumbersome and time-intensive to maintain, we used to have a person dedicated almost exclusively to managing the marketing production workflow for our three brands. Now I spend about an hour a month setting things up, and the process manages itself. –Sean Hay, One Click
I’ve tried a million things with clients. I work really closely with them, and finding something clients will use to collaborate with me is difficult. My clients just “get” Basecamp, right away, and use it all the time. They like that they can use it via email. They also love that it has everything they need in one area. It’s fantastic. –Nathan Snelgrove, Wildfire Studios
We don’t have to dig through a million emails anymore. –Spider McKnight, Six Pony Hitch
Before Basecamp, I ran my freelance web development business basically from a spreadsheet, then I moved to Basecamp and my life is so much less stressful. Basecamp has increased my happiness exponentially. –Patrick Krebs, Sad Robot Software
All our team communications were spread over email and random google docs. Basecamp helps us all stay in sync in one place. –Kevin Evans, Intelligent Change
Communication and time management has become more of a strong suit for us. –Zachary Norton, Eastern Controls Inc.
Information is flowing like water. A lot more transparency. Everyone is on the same page and knows the same information at the same point in time. No more secrets, closed doors, and blindspots. –Aaron Bingaman, Penn State Office of Emergency Management
The daily interaction between all our teams increased by 70%! Our entire team is volunteer, and Basecamp allowed us to avoid meetings, which made me a hero! –Monte Young, NOLA Church
People can catch up on a project, regardless of when they joined the team. –Anwar Ishak, 1000heads
We are organized and free to get things done. We used to wonder what everyone was doing. Now we move forward gracefully. –John McCulley, Moxley Carmichael
Feedback rounds became saner. Now the team can share their thoughts in a single thread, instead of multiple emails. –Bernardo Contopoulos, IBFD
No need for daily standup meetings. –Lorenzo Ciglioni, Yocabè
We gained control and could work with more projects without getting more stressed out! –John Elliot, 3nine
It has eliminated the need for a lot of extra communication and reduced a lot of miscommunication between my team members. –Anthony Clark, Clark Partners Realty Group
A better sense of shared responsibility and accountability for our team success. –Tara Murphy, Sid Williams Theatre Society
Less problems, down time, questions from the group. Once implemented, everyone knows where to obtain the information without asking for it every single time. They know basecamp has everything relevant to their day-to-day. –Vinicius Jucá
Nothing can be forgotten, nothing gets lost, and everyone knows what the other is doing. –Jörn Hendrik Ast, Superhelden-Training GbR
Basecamp was the only tool that I did not need to explain how to use to my team. It saved a lot of time for me. –Alex Lim, Redfrost Design & Development
Project-based communication is finally starting to go into one place (Basecamp!). It’s no longer split between email, Google Hangouts, and in-person chats. –Sean Leach, eps Communications
As the small business owner, it has allowed me to have the confidence to not have a brick and mortar office. –Trish Neufeld, Story Box Movies
We generate zero emails. Action items never get lost in the shuffle anymore. New ideas and projects actually get off the ground now. –Andrew Tyne, MPI Atlantic Canada Chapter
The transparency across departments, and the ability to eliminate bottlenecks in projects that were not previously visible. Our throughput time on standard projects has decreased by 30% with Basecamp. –Rick Regole, iCONN Systems
Having one central place to communicate with team and then present final work to client for approval has streamlined our entire workflow. –Sandra Riehl, Saris Media
Fewer and shorter meetings. Simpler collaboration with external partners. Less time spent documenting the outcome of meeting. –Henrik Nordborg, HSR
It makes responding more organized and more interactive. I also like how you can see all the responses at a glance unlike email. Once you delete previous emails you can not see the trail of responses. –Tammy Bradley, Zoro
Keeping track of comments, approvals, and project history. Great to have them there in one place, and to be able to review decisions as our projects move forward. –Steve Bisbikis, Outward Hound
I feel much more organized and aware. Basecamp gives me visibility into my projects and my coworker’s workload. –Maren Dickey, Kuno Creative
Written communications have improved since my team started using Basecamp. Assigning responsibility through To-dos has empowered my team to complete their tasks and create follow-ups without being asked. –Joshua Hackett
We are able to communicate so much more effectively. We all work from different locations and this keeps us from doing double work. –Charlie Avila, Calvary Chapel Tustin
Communication over long periods of time is much more manageable and completely centralized. We save a lot of internal communication time by being able to check-in on the current state of a project without having to have regular meetings with the lead on that project. –Christian Spencer, Prism Cam LLC
We are confidant we are no longer missing large or small tasks, things are not falling through the cracks. –Samantha Yeary, On Track Business Management
Basecamp is much easier to use with clients. The onboarding consists of a few lines indicating that they’ll get emails from Basecamp and they can just respond back, no need to learn anything new or remember any credentials. –Ben Lopatin, Wellfire Interactive
Everyone is always on the same page. And when they aren’t, it’s because they didn’t check Basecamp that morning. Miscommunication is rarely a problem now, and we can always keep the focus on moving forward. –Henrique Landim, Rowlbertos Media
We are constantly “spinning” up a basecamp for almost everything we do at our agency-from projects, client services to organizing our travel arrangements. We’ve tried many other PM tools and our team always defaults back to Basecamp. –Trish Lessard, Media Junction
Our projects are smoother due to Basecamp because everyone is working from the same understanding. Deadlines are public, there’s no confusion. –Lisa Storer, Benz Resource Group
It’s much easier to track progress and items done and what needs to be done. –Sue Canfield, Chief Virtual Officer
We’ve started sending less emails and have been able to keep our team on the same page. –Zach Boulanger, WOW Marketing
The Automatic Check-ins were an unexpected game changer. Basecamp encourages us to grow and participate in the best parts of our internal culture. –Leslie Camacho, Pixel & Tonic, Inc.
Better organization! Easy to share and collaborate with a team while keeping everything in one place, rather than having to track down an email. –PK Knickerbocker, Pikes Peak Country Attractions Association
We’ve stopped looking in multiple places for our work and instead we’ve focused on _one_. One place for documents, to-dos, communication with our client. –Ben Kreeger, Oven Bits
Communication with clients now goes super smoothly. –George Groves, Piehole.TV
Team members are better informed about the details of a project. –Aaron Shenette, REZ-1
Improved communication between departments. –Travis Hinton, Crosspointe Church
I’m so much more efficient in getting up to speed on all the projects going on by seeing all communication and documentation on a project. Also, the To-Dos and Schedule keep everyone on track. –Suzie Heiam, Decca Contract Furniture
Things are getting done far more efficiently, and with more autonomy. Also- we have eliminated 95% of our paper usage- which for a sustainable forestry company is HUGE. –Daniel O’Neill, Ramblewild LLC
We no longer have the case of “oh I didn’t see that email” or “I forgot to do that” due to the reminder features. –Julia Kuziomko, Relyco Sales Inc.
We definitely have more communication going on and the status of projects involving multiple people can be seen at all times by everyone. Projects are being completed more timely and more effectively with less errors. –Seth Alexander, FLIP Burger Boutique
Everyone knows what’s going on and we have established a “base” of sorts. –Yasmeen A, JMC
We can see exactly what needs to be done and when. We were missing tasks and deadlines before we found Basecamp. We’re much more efficient now. –Tina Lannin, 121 Captions
Coordination of activities improved tremendously with this solution. –Sara Johnson-Berz, University of Southern Maine
Being able to easily assign items and keep track off all comments on those items keeps things running smoothly. As a designer I can easily get sidetracked or forget about something. With basecamp… I don’t have to go back into my notes to figure out what I have on my plate. –Terry Gonzalez, Element Skateboards
Multiple people can come and go on a project without having to dig for assets and information. –Peter Imbres, PennyMac
Everybody knows what everyone is doing, what has to be done, and how. –Adrian Murillo, SHIFT eLearning
I am a better person for it now that I am so well-organized. –Carol O’Rourke, The Coalition for Debtor Education
It’s easier to track conversations and materials submitted by external partner companies –Dianne Pilon, Ingram Micro Cloud
More order and organization, people are more aware of the day to day operations. –Nick Johnson, The Cast Iron Group
It keeps me on task, keeps my tasks better organized, is flexible for changes, and works better than having a paper list that by the end of the day looks like a really bad Rorschach inkblot test. –CJ Higginbotham, Leap Creative Services
Everyone can sync up and be on the same page without scrolling through endless email threads! –Chris Toomajanian, Odd Motion
Since we’ve started using basecamp, locating shared files has been easier, and managing action items generated from meetings has become more transparent. Things have actually started getting done on time! –Caleb Durante, Bretford
Assigning multiple people to one task has been a really helpful way to promote collaboration. We can discuss the task on the to-do in basecamp and there is a great record to look back on. –Andrea Hirji, MacEwan University
It saves time in that everyone can be updated on current projects at once. –Amber Yates, Fresh Start
Before Basecamp, I’d have to sift through dozens, sometimes hundreds, of emails to keep track of countless projects. Basecamp helped managed my chaos. –Chris
The accountability has improved, as has our organization. We are always finding new ways to use Basecamp internally and externally. –Johanna Lortsher, AmeriSource HR
No more messy email threads. –Jared Shih, NYC LLC
Organization with individual clients and projects. I also like having files in one common place per project so we don’t have to constantly resend items. –Jennifer Cross, TwoTone Creative
Communication between all of us is more efficient. –Michaele Leare, Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital
We have cut out of emails and stranded emails are no longer the case. This has improved our efficiency –Shahid Juma, ECNet Solutions Inc.
I rarely find myself hoping I can remember the search combination that brings up that one obscure email from a year ago. It’s on Basecamp. –Jared Dovers, WordSouth
We never forget :) Once it’s in, it’s written in stone. –Agust Gudbjornsson, 23 Advertising Agency
We’ve been able to include more people on collaborative work. Real-time chat was exclusionary because you had to be on Slack at that exact moment in time to participate. –Max Lynch, Ionic
We can “see” our work, and we are forced into organization. If it isn’t on Basecamp, it’s like it doesn’t exist. –Morgan Barker, Humboldt State University
Basecamp has helped us simplify communications and collaboration around difficult projects and proved its worth. –Michael Pierce, SRG Global
We are able to seamlessly add and complete tasks as a unit. We’ve never seen productivity at this level before. –Rob Herold, Chick-fil-A Bowie Marketplace
Being a little more responsible of what’s going on. In latin you say “verba volant scripta manent” and even four our group, working together in a single office, words of mouths get lost. Things on basecamp remains. –Daniele Dalledonne, Dimension S.r.l.
Communication with outside partners on projects is much better than before. Basecamp combines the benefits of email lists, group file shares and project tasks into one easy interface and allows most people to interact by email without ever having to even login. –Mark Adcock, Focused Ultrasound Foundation
Created a central reference for us to track communications that otherwise would have been lost in email. –Michael Gilmore, MEDL Mobile Enterprises
It’s given us a way to keep all of our project documentation and deadlines organized, since we are often working on many projects at once. –Sarah Best, Sarah Best Strategy LLC
Communication x1000 –Jeremy Rhoades, Chapter 13 Trustee
Everyone working on the project is “in the know” as tasks are accomplished. –Elise Colson, Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau
Basecamp keeps us on the same page. No fear of someone forgetting to cc someone on an email. And it is easy to go back and see the whole history of a project. –Andrea Helmbolt, Zendesk
For me, it’s replaced a lot of the email clutter and the ad-hoc to-do lists that I scribbled on notepads, sticky notes, and in my browser. –Stephanie Butler, Real Estate Foundation of BC
We don’t have to contact each other individually about every little thing. When we need to know something, it’s right there. –Kelly Hunter, Chamber Nation
Centralized location for project updates. This helps eliminate miscommunication. –Tim Albertson, ABE Painting
We communicate more as it’s simple without having to vocally interrupt people, get up from their desk or use a slower process of sending emails. Also we have, in one place, historical data of what was communicated and shared. –Jason Lautzenheiser
The To-dos feature really brings our team together — everyone can see what everyone else is working on in one place, and can weigh in on suggestions on how to approach tasks! –James Inman, Centu
Has given a new team, of non-techie Marketeers a great place to share things important to our project. –St John Smith, Quickflick
Most recently I’ve been using with someone I’m co-authoriing a book with, which involves all sorts of tasks unrelated to writing having to do with getting permissions. We can better understand where each of us is with process by using Basecamp. –Melissa Eggleston
The ease at which we move communications from email (which is ineffective) to a platform that people can stay informed and know what their role is to project success. –Eric Linxweiler, Inflection Point
We are communicating more. Because the entire project history is there in one easily visible place, everyone is up-to-date with where the project is so we can focus on discussing the important stuff rather than updating on what’s happened since the last meeting. –Ben Meen, NorseCare
We are now running close to “on time” on our projects and there is a real sense of ownership amongst the team to achieve our goals. –Cecilia Rosner, kensie
I got started on it as part of a national project that has an active core team of 5, but over 50 people who want to observe and weigh in from time to time. This wouldn’t have been possible without a tool like this. –Erika Ruch, Cru
Much better communication, I have a way to drop documents they will need to reference in the future. Daily check ins are very helpful with workers not at the same location. –George Johnson, Johnson Family Farm
I was able to add a member to our group which gave them instant access to all of the information posted without having to explain everything and forward a bunch of disorganized emails. –Nilesh Morar, Vertical Urban Farmer
Communication and projects/deliverables not falling through the cracks. –Mercedes Matthews, Tracker Management
I feel like I am better organized and more efficient because of Basecamp. It has also greatly increased our ability to collaborate on projects large or small and have a better idea of the project and all of its pieces, rather than just what I am responsible for. –Alex Jackson, Luther College
Execution of projects. Instead of drowning in an endless chain of emails, there is clear, and easy accountability meaning tasks actually get done! –Roxanne Emery, LATE Nation & Gareth Emery
We are spending less time in email and phone calls to give status updates. Its all in Basecamp! –Harry Kron, Louisville Metro Government
We use Basecamp to manage our projects, but just as important are tracking and manage “tasks” that we perform for our clients. All one off requests are added to an overarching project that we create on an annual basis. So I can quickly see where the volume of our time is being spent. –Brandi Rank, Adams County, CO
It is easier for everyone to stay on track with their Wildly Important Goals. Everyone has their goals right there in their faces. It is great to put down everything that needs to get done and only think about it when it is time instead of using your head consistently. It is helping our team to get things done. –Genevieve Guerin, iFLY Toronto
Better departmental awareness of the number and types of projects on our plates at one given time. All project status details are available for review by our team at-a-glance. –Augusta Sires, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
All levels of the team have access to the big picture! This empowers them to make good decisions about their own decisions and contributions. –Al Doyle, Fusion
Communication, organization, cross-departmental transparency. –Kelly O’Rourke, Statements2000 — Fine Metal Art by Jon Allen
My enjoyment of work. I hated interrupting and bothering people to ask if they’d finished something for me. Now I assign a to-do and they can get it down when it fits into their schedule. –Alban Brooke, Higher Pixels (Tick, Buzzsprout, and StreamCare)
Managing projects is a smoother process, and everyone is more aware of what needs doing, what has been completed, etc. –Emily Kyriakides, Lighthouse
One thing that’s changed for the better for our team is the organization of conversation! It takes place in one area now — not 50,000,000 places. –Ben Leoni,
I find I am more efficient and answer my clients more frequently and faster than I would if I was just using email. –Sarah Hutto
I get constant updates on what things are being completed and what things are being overlooked — it also helps determine who likes working on what when I can see who does what first and last… –Ryan Zynger, Zynger Event Designs
We have a place to put stuff, and we can see it. We used dropbox but that’s not very friendly for organizing. –Katie Thompson, Kluis Publishing LLC
By using Basecamp, our team is able employ improved resource allocation, better communication on projects and greater tracking of deadlines. –Christina Graalum, First International Bank & Trust
We are using it on a group project in a volunteer organization and using Basecamp has allowed people who can’t make every meeting to have a much better sense of what is going on. –Cathy Moran Hajo, Ramapo College of New Jersey
You get to speak directly to the sub-sub-sub-contractor, who is actually doing the work. The layers disappear and the flow of ideas is freed up. –Michael Feldner, Project Finance Advisor
A central source of communication for client projects. –Travis Ricks, The State News
Better accountability. This was my way of giving my staff deadlines on projects so they know my expectations. This also gives my staff the ability to compare their pace with the rest of the team. –Laura Clark, YMCA of the Triangle
Communication and control improved considerably –Bernardo Palma, Actuario
Everyone stays connected and gets updates when things get done. Quick, easy communication. –Steven Burns, Burns Team
We now have a place to track all activity for a project. –Mike Hufftstetler, domino
Collaboration! Since starting using Basecamp, our business is working better, faster, and more closely than we ever have. The tool lets us really stay focused! –Terry Longhway, MusicMaker (School of Rock Franchise Group)
Keeping others on task and for me to stay on top of the 1,000’s of details I need to manage. –Mike Fisher, Heartwood
Single dashboard for all our company operations. –Swagat Mishra, AuroIN
Eliminated confusing email strings! No more, “I wasn’t copied on that one” or “I missed reading that one” or “no attachment”. Anything that streamlines the inbox is a beautiful thing! –Jennifer McDonnell, City Winery
Tasks are not falling behind and actually getting completed ahead of schedule. –Linda Borland, Corazon Partners
We are more organized and it is easier to go back in basecamp and look for content than to look back in emails. –Laure Marini, SVM E-Marketing Solutions
Ability to make better decisions –Jozef Benko, 2FRESH
Folks have started to think about how the tasks they do impact others on the team and how important it is to be detailed when assigning work to others. –Michael McFann, Bay East Association of REALTORS®
It’s central place to communicate that doesn’t clutter our personal inboxes. –Michelle Blanco, Cru
More time and consideration put into planning each part of the business, not just client projects. –Jeremy Hollow, Listen & Learn Research
We communicate better. We can see everyones contributions. –Deniz, Why.Not
I’ve used other project organizers online and have landed sold out on Basecamp. I’ve used it with my editor, I’ve used it with my website developer and host, and I’ve used it for a new project in the works. I live by deadlines and I love how the calendar reminds of those deadlines. It keeps me on task! –Susan Gunn, Susan Gunn Solutions
Basecamp has fostered group discussions from folks that help solve many issues quickly without face to face meetings. –Scott Thompson, Custom Machining Services
Communication across teams not located in the same place and timezone has benefits hugely from this! –Frank Barnett, 339 Group
We used Basecamp for a group project. The group is spread across the US and Canada. It is so convenient to have one place for all of our documents, discussions, etc. and know that it keeps all of our information. It is so much easier than using emails. –Rose Bardelas, EPSC
Only 1 tool to use! Massive productivity gain with this alone! –Scott Hansbury, YouStake Inc.
Our business process smoothed right out and we have the ability to track all the clients and work! –BJ Flagg, Nurenu Brand Marketing
Better coordination with our clients. –Mark Albers, Albers & Associates Consulting LLC
A huge change for the better is that we are not inundating each other with emails to communicate about different projects. By using Basecamp, projects are more organized and communications are much better. –Angela Wright, Hand to Hold
We have much better organization since we started using Basecamp. Because we can see which tasks are being handled, which are not, and which are on hold, we can stay on top of our work without having regular check-in meetings. It’s a huge time saver. –Holly Brown
We don’t need to spend as much time in meetings now that we use Basecamp. –Brad Vandiviere, Faith Chapel Billings
The ability to share information effectively makes us better at supporting our clients. –Leanne Palmerston, Hamilton Family Doulas
The ability to keep all my clients’ tasks and communication in one place. It makes it so much easier for me to pull up their account before a meeting and check the status. I send them homework “profit-work” after every meeting and I can easily recall what their assignments were right before the appointment. –Sensei Angie (Grainger), Extraordinary Business Academy
The ability to track progress on projects and team members without having to have hour long status calls or emails every day. –Tim Toomey, Covert Nine
That everyone is in the loop. It has improved our communication as a team. Everyone knows what’s going on all the time and information can be easily found. –Ellyn Dehler, Keller Landscaping
Easier to define who is doing what, and when deadlines are for each project. We stay on top of things! –Julianne Young, Julianne Young Weddings
Avoidance of email. We have been able to stay out of email internally and working with the customer. Keeping focus interactions and shared information. –Mike O’Brien, SmarterMedium LLC
It keeps me organized and lets me know what’s going on with my business. –Veronica Bailey, Veronica Bailey LLC
Everybody is more involved. –Davis Siksnans, Printful
Organization. For each client, there we have several basecamps, each one reflecting a different aspect of the work we do for them. That keeps things siloed and organized. –Dave Newmark, Newmark Advertising
Team communication really improved! –Rafael Cupolillo, Grupo IPB
Everything is in one place content wise. I’ve only ever used basecamp for the project I’ve been working on and I can’t imagine not using it. –Athina Glindmeyer, Paw It Forward NYC
A familiar common ground for people at various locations. –Sergio Coelho, Baseform
Communication around tasks or quickly sharing new ideas that may alter the project is much easier, more transparent, and faster. The commenting sections and campfire make it easy to do this. –Bruce Wang, Microjig
We’ve reduced the mistakes in keeping track of the different steps and approval we need to go through before launching a campaign –Matt, Mattel
Communication! And more clarity into everyone’s role and tasks because of that –David Dixon
Collaboration — everyone can be on the same page. –Linda Singh, Ascent Beauty Brands
The future of work is global. We are one big global community, where time zones do not matter. If we all worked in NYC and I was on the 11th floor and you were on the 12th floor — we might never see each other all day long! Basecamp allows for seamless, real-time communications — even if you are sleeping while others are working. –Thomas Capone,
We are less reliant on email, and having a record of our communications makes everything easier, especially when we need to review historical projects –Michael Diliberto, Lynx Innovation
The level of communication has increased. We are able to work on projects from anywhere simultaneously. –Sara Bumby, First Impact New York
Every change can be tracked easily. We always put the Basecamp comment reference inside source code wherever we make some changes that we consider we might take a look back at later. –Tarun Tyagi, Cacao Solutions
We have a direct line of communication that keeps us focused on our short and long term goals. –Matt Holter, The 4gents
Everyone is always on the same page when it comes to the latest version of the script, locations, props, etc. Thanks to the ability to upload the latest documents. –Daniel Seiler, Sei-Ber Films LLC
We all have a project management system we can use and count on, keeping us all on the same page. –Anne E. Runion, Post Launch
We know what each other is up to. As a principal, it helps me to equally distribute tasks. –Sherry Pendleton, Somerset Academy, Las Vegas
Everyone always knows where everything is and can get to the latest information any time. –Michelle Maloney, SimplyConnect Consulting
Works gets done faster. Everyone know what’s going on. Removing chaos and missed tasks for the business. –Sam Adolf, The Social Address
We have projects pulling our team 12 different directions. Basecamp centralized us and makes sure we aren’t overworking anyone. –Whitney Lewis, Utah state university
Better management of our client-facing projects. –Ross Clurman, Comnio
It makes people accountable and there’s a “paper trail” of events and happenings of the project. –Kimberly, Media Cartel
It’s easier to track the progress of a project with Basecamp 3. The feature that allows us to give access to the client so we can manage projects all in one place. Love. Love. Love it. –Kathy A. Gambrell, Social Intensity Media
We are able to communicate better with each other and share client info with each individual doula team instead of having to group text. –Kaity Klotzbach, Northeast Iowa Doulas LLC
We are able to keep everyone abreast of schedules or schedule changes with Basecamp. The mobile capability allows you to make edits on the go which is really important for busy folks. –Asiyah Kurtz
We are able to move more quickly on action items because we can easily see progress. –Tiffany Perdue, Heart of Lebanon Inc.
Keeps jobs and jobs history organized. Un-clutters mailboxes. –Bruno Watel, Watel Davis
We have a place to keep track of our on-going conversations about client needs. –Adrienne Black, Heart to Hands Surrogacy
There is better transparency and organization with what everyone is doing in the office. –Meir Roth, Red Group Management
Everyone is in the loop. We all know what we have to do and when we have to deliver. It allows everyone to understand Funktionell in whole not only in what it belongs to each person. –Carlos Consuegra,
We are better organized and equipped to manage our projects and have the right information at our fingertips –Joshua Lance, Joshua Lance CPA LLC
People have been more open to freely sharing ideas on Basecamp, and can be more accountable on their own for a project schedule and timeline. –JR Hildebrand
Our business works in ordering and systems i.e someone places an order for coffee beans, someone else is responsible for delivery, someone else is responsible for receiving. With Basecamp we’ve been able to keep all relevant information on one to do while reassigning it as necessary during the process. This has become a major key to not missing a thing for us. –Madison Harmer, Stand Coffee
Reference point for previous discussions (for new members to catch up). –Allan Leonard, Northern Ireland Foundation
Much easier to share files and track workstreams individually vs. in one ever-expanding email thread. –Rob Klingberg, Brickstuff
Everyone knows what’s coming up, who is responsible for it, and when it needs to be done. Less things fall through the cracks. –Lakelie Simoneaux, North American Missions
We do a ton of production for a lot of clients and Basecamp made it easy to stay productive and meet our clients expectations. –Josh Child, 86 The Robot
I can deliver faster and better services to my clients. –Darold Turock, Turock
Basecamp has greatly improved the visibility into our projects. The daily latest activity email gives that to us at a glance. –Mina Collins, Pleio Inc.
My clients and I are more organized when I use Basecamp. –Skyler Olsen
Automatic check ins have been huge for our ongoing monthly clients and work. We are able to stay on track and check in with everyone! –Joel Miller, The Sky Floor
Easier to manage small project teams. Results and activity are measurable and can be monitored by management. –Robert Bugielski, Elite Electronic Engineering Inc.
Communication surrounding the website has increased and improved. Everyone involved is able to receive the latest updates, as well as be involved with any issues or concerns. –Amy Corpus, Acushnet Company
It’s just helped create consistency and organization in my own business. I freelance as a web designer and I can create clear, concise, and organized information to my client. They know what is going on at any point, so I think it also helps set a tone for a project and can also make everyone feel accountable. –Bobby Omari, Prostyle Web Design
Much better communication and accountability. –Ben Dubow, MACC Charities
Collaboration is better and managing multiple projects for a busy and multi-faceted organization is not only better, but possible because of Basecamp. –Laura Fuson, Istrouma Baptist Church
We’ve reduced the number of emails we send and are able to keep conversations on-track. –Lara Grant, Austin Board of Realtors
The team always know where to look for upcoming projects and what the deadlines will be. –Kyle Wilson, Houchens Industries
Keeping track of projects and having everyone aligned. –Amro Abbas, Polar Cloud
There is less asking “where was that doc?” or “who sent that email?” now. –Sheilagh Carlisle, KPBS
The ability for multiple users to see what’s on their plate has increased the efficiency of our production. –Matthew McIver, Laxalt & McIver
We are able to keep multiple projects on the radar and everyone knows where we are with them. –Heidi Harrison, MTW
I no longer have to wonder whether I’ve asked for something to be done or whether it has in fact been done. Every member of my team is more accountable than we were before Basecamp. –John Drover, Roebothan McKay Marshall
Communication, baby! We know the status of everything! –Sheila Ferguson
We no longer have to rely on convoluted email chains to track the lifecycle of project tasks. –Joseph Russell, Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners
Team members don’t ask me to resend documents to them over and over again. –Lynn Powell, ICPM
As a result of using Basecamp, we have been so much more efficient and effective in all of our business processes. Basecamp has allowed us to streamline our processes, to engage with Clients in an organized, timely, and professional way — and overall, it has allowed us to run business well. –Kelly Zugay, With Grace and Gold
We have been able to mold our agile development processes around to-dos. The clarity of tasks and where they stand has made our sprints run great. –Josh Knell, SkyRocket Media
We can share documents and make suggestions for changes keeping track of each person’s comments and changes. –Kim Pendleton, San Luis Obispo Library
We’re more efficient, better organized and able to collaborate more effectively than ever before. We know exactly what’s going on in every project at all times. Life couldn’t be any easier! –Joel Tefft, Hardy Diagnostics
Being able to have more things in one place. We now have a general chat space, a task-management space, file storage, and a calendar. Previously that involved using a lot of other apps. –Chris Redd, UAEM
Less tasks get forgotten or overlooked. We are definitely more productive and thorough than we were before using Basecamp. –Christopher Martin, Cell Phone Repair Tallahassee
We’re all much more organized now with to-do lists and trackable conversations. It makes jumping into an ongoing project much easier and helps us keep client communication open and continuous. –Marcus Burnette, Thrive Creative Labs
Better coordination in the team. Earlier, our targets remained on the excel sheets and were not followed properly. It gets difficult to coordinate in a diverse team sometimes. The to-do feature of basecamp has been a great help. We don’t have to make gantt charts now. Work can be easily assigned. Quarter targets are organised in a better way now. Moreover, we can see who is doing what. –Shubham Singh, Gramiksha
We use Basecamp to manage small installation projects so the crew that does the actual installations can now view everything that happened to the project beginning with the initial sale. –Mark Hertzler, Powers Generator Service
Tasks don’t fall through the cracks and they get done faster because there is direct accountability. –Elizabeth Connolly, Trifecta
Better client communication and project management accountability –Carla MacPhee, Timeless Medical Systems Inc.
Better organized and there’s more clarity in our comunication. –Robert Bozarth, Toscana Feldenkrais
More accountability, clarity, and transparency. –Laura Saldivar, YBCA
I use one BC site exclusively for investors which makes communication transparent, convenient and easy to archive. –Marcus Hays, Orbis Wheels
This is the first time that the people in the organisation are actually using project management app. And not looking at it as if if was a nuisance. It’s a tool, and a good one. –Evgeny Viner, Leadux GmbH
Accountability for tasks. No more "I thought so and so was responsible for that. –Michael Romano
Clients have requested that a Basecamp is set-up as soon as a new project is approved. –Doug Eymer, Eymer Brand Laboratories + Think Tank
We have team members working all across the country, now its easy because all the documents are in one place. less hassle. –Emma Czerwinski, The Messy Heads
We used to print out all of our communication and docs at 3 different offices just to make sure we always were all up to date on our projects. They were never up to date and we had to schlep pounds of paper whenever we would visit a customer or factory. Now I just carry my iPad around everywhere I go and I have up to date access to every project were working on. –Ross Chiles, CascadeBSD Inc.
The spread of information. Everybody is being informed and everybody has the chance for being involved. –Benedikt Roßgardt
We’ve actually had a process in place! Basecamp’s tools were able to handle our process. –Nate Freedman, Sherpa53
There is less confusion around project execution — people know who is doing what and when. –Kevin Higman, Bent Spoon and Bluehawk Consulting
Everyone being updated and on the same page at the same time. –Joseph Becker, Cat Footwear
We are open 7 days a week, there are two to four shifts a day. Within those shifts 2-6 different employees are working. We employ 10-15 people. Everyone led their shift a little different from the next. Basecamp helped us run as a single unit. –Jacqueline, Nitecap Megastore & Smoke Shop
It’s hard to say since I’ve used Basecamp for the entirety of my career across three separate companies, but I can at least offer an idea of how it’s improving our clients business: The removal of ambiguity in communication. By having a single place to post all messages, files, and deadlines related to a project we remove the possibility of silo’d conversations. At our company we use Basecamp in place of email so it is required for our clients to post in their respective projects. While it’s sometimes initially seen as a hinderance, the benefits become obvious to the client every time, making everyone’s lives easier. –Scott Ladue, We Are Mammoth
We always know the status of tasks and to-dos in our projects. We can quickly see if the results are in from the study or test that we were performing, so we know when it is time to move on to the next step. We are not waiting for the next scheduled meeting with a team member to catch-up anymore. –Jeff Ramsey, ALTA Forest Products LLC
We know where we are, where we are going, and what we need to do to move from now to the future. –Anatoly Burov
We are able to collaborate efficiently on projects. Tasks get completed and deadlines are honored. –Brian Schoenecker, Quantum Workplace
We appreciate Basecamp for helping us improve our task management capabilities. It is all about accountability and timelines — Basecamp gives us all of these tools to work together as a high-functioning team. –Brian Barton, Jones & DeMille Engineering
People stopped chasing people for silly sync-up activities. –Pradyuman, Cygnet Infotech
Beginning to spend less time searching through hundreds of emails to figure out what’s happening with a particular project –Jeff Jackson, Pioneer Bible Translators
Sharing tasks to be done. I no longer have to hound or follow up to see if a task has been accomplished. –Karen Greenoe, Lily Greenthumb’s
We have completely re-organized how we handle tasks. Before it was a stream of emails and meetings. The todos are simple enough to easily keep track of development items, and powerful enough to manage team members. –David Andrews, Scorebird LLC
Communication! I’m able to assign tasks, follow up, and calendar my employees. Oh, wait. MOST important thing about BC is that I’m now giving my clients access to projects which cuts emails in 1/2. Less email = happy business. WAIT! One more. Your interface has inspired me to redesign my customer software to something as easy. Ok. I think thats it… –Chris Ranta, Middle Kid Inc.
It’s easier for us to all be on the same page and communicate what we need to do. –Josh Patrick, Stage 2 Planning
Everyone is more on top of things. We had Trello before but since switching to BC we’re in line with marketing and events which also use BC. –Alex, RED Digital Cinema
Streamlined communications and improved group knowledge of where the team effort stands based on everyone’s specific assigned duties. –Kim Atchley, Hollywild Animal Park
We have been using BC for so long I can’t remember life without it but… Collaboration is the biggest benefit and an easy way to catch up on what has happened. –Paul Elson, Emoderation
Task completion! The lists and reminders help people remember what they said they were going to do and helps hold them accountable to the team. –Scot Evans, University of Miami
Eliminate the paper trail of projects. We’ve cut down on quite a bit of printing of docs, project requests etc… –Shane Beers, Futuredontics Inc.
Consistency and improvement in speed from “to action” to complete. –Ste, Costco
We have better visibility and tracking of all the tasks that are being worked on. –Paul Keary, Coe Press Equipment Corporation
We are more aware of each others’ work and can offer to help each other without having to be asked. –LaVrene Norton, Action Pact
We’re much more organized as a company now. It has made a world of difference being able to have one system that the entire team uses to check in on projects. –Karsen Dolliver, Builder Designs
Team is clear on what is due when. –Sarah Delegge, Bunker Hill Community College
The ability to seamless work from anywhere with an internet connection. I don’t even tell my clients when I’m traveling anymore. Basecamp allows me to always be available. –Terrell Thornhill, Thornhill Creative
Communications between the team, being able to template and process drive what we do. –Sarah Riegelhuth, Wealth Enhancers
We’re a lot better at sharing documents. Before, it would be lost in someone’s email account. Now, everyone can easily find the latest document and get started. –Khuram Zaman, Fifth Tribe
People were resistant until they saw how much it helped smooth the project’s process! –Jessica Donahue, Nancy Marshall Communications
Increase in communication and understanding among the individuals working on a given project. –Tom Parker, Sisters & Brothers Inc.
Because the machinations of every group and project are documented in strings, others (newbies) can better understand that a “choir” has many voices, all must be heard, and they must work hard and long, at every song, to achieve and maintain harmony and balance. –Edwin
We’re able to get projects done in record time! –Tristan Loo, Marketing Sumo
Loss of information in translation. We’ve eliminated the “that’s what I heard” scenarios. Now everyone has access to the same notes, to-dos and comments. If we “forget”, we just look back at the notes. –Gwen Lang, YWCA OKC
Our group no longer has to question if we forget tasks, and who forgot to do them. We can all hold each other accountable, and it’s as seamless as can be. –Joey Scarim, Lead Owl
Communication within our group has greatly improved. –Najwa Ghattas, Arizona Hands & Voices
Accountability and response time has definitely increased. Basecamp time stamps everything and sends reminders of items due soon. It’s like having a personal assistant. –Michelle DeFouw, Allegiance
Collaboration as a whole has gotten much better. We were a company that relied on email and phone conversation too perform a lot of our tasks. Unfortunately you don’t have a lot of record-keeping that allows you to keep that information out there. With Basecamp, there’s a history of what’s happened and what transpired on the project as well as dates and information shared. –Neal Edward Fort, Rigaku Americas Corporation
Basecamp has allowed me to see other issues or situations that other slotting coordinators go through on a daily basis. –Dax Holt, Sysco Gulf Coast
Our business is more organized now than ever before. –Todd O’Rourke, InGroup Consulting
We have a better ability to share with one another — we used to pass hard-copy files around for many projects. Now we use Basecamp to overcome a lot of that. –Matt Gibson, CertainTeed Corporation
Clients know how is the project going. –Juha Pesonen, Code Solutions Ky
We have a central view to the most important things that the team is working on. A second thing… we also have a much better history that can be searched and archived. –Brian Cox, T Mobile USA
Visibility and transparency has geometrically improved accountability AND task completion AND acknowledgements (using the Applaud button) –John Capaul, Interrobang Theatre Project
Projects move to implementation much quickly. –Rhonda Bright Doiron, Naturally Wallace Consulting
Much better visibility into what everyone is working on. –Rachel Greer, Cascadia Seller Solutions
Less time spent coordinating. –Michael Aronson, Legends Baseball
Communication! Helping people that are in the field know what’s happening in the office or get the information quicker from office to field. –Carol, Del Rio Stone
Better collaboration between dispersed teams. –Heather Hacker, Fullbeauty Brands
Basecamp helped us get the project finished without added stress of separate emails, phone calls and face to face meetings required otherwise. –Forris Day Jr.
Our entire team is able to stay on the same page, and clients love being able to see what’s happening on a day-to-day basis. –Jonathan Gilde, BrightHaus
We’re much more organized. We all work remotely from one another and our documents and work projects were scattered between Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox and whatever else anyone was using. Now we put everything in Basecamp. –Ricci Levy, Woodhull Freedom Foundation
Enhanced project management and employee engagement. –Philip Jordan, EARI
Collaboration. Each of us knows what everyone is responsible for and working on. This has made a huge impact on our productivity and workflow. –Aaron Evans, War Room Strategies
Quick communication can now be pinged whereas before we’d have tons of useless email threads with too many subjects in each going around and confusing everyone… –Lisa Doucet, Sardine Productions
We’ve been able to take in more projects for our clients. We work in an academic environment where librarians and staff members bring projects to us to create informational materials or promote events. We could only keep track of so many fine details of each project before we had to put project requests on hold. Now we can take in any and all projects and create timelines so much easier. Everyone stays on task and the ball is never dropped with Basecamp backup us up. –Samantha Lawrence, University of North Texas Libraries
Better communications and transparency for our team. We can now chat around the campfire to see whats up, or just check up on recent activity. It’s awesome. –Aaron Canini, Drakortha Productions
It is easier now to manage team work and this enable us to start “home office” employees =) –Renan Caixeiro, E-Dialog
Better team communication, all of our project notes are in one central place. –Amanda, Brew City Marketing
My company had no project mgmt. system so this has helped tremendously in keeping track off all the projects we do and also to show how much we do. –Jesselyn Viteri, MBK Senior Living
We now trust that we have one source of truth for our project information. –Cayly Dixon
Projects no longer fall through the cracks. Emails no longer get lost or spam-filtered by accident. Everything is centralized in one place. The ability to follow-up and follow-through properly is key, and Basecamp allows for that to happen a lot more easily and seamlessly. –Michel Fortin, SEO Twist Inc.
It’s elevated our project management. –Chris Wegner, Burgerville LLC
I just joined a planning board this year for an event that’s been taking place for 10 years. For the first 9 years, the committee did everything through email, meetings, etc, and there was one person in charge of following up with everyone and keeping everyone aware of what was going on. Since I introduced them to Basecamp 3 and got them set up, we are all able to see everything that’s going on, who needs help with what, what tasks need to be done and what is completed in real time. We also love being able to message each other, or everyone, and get things done more efficiently! It’s been a lifesaver for sure! –Megan Seagram, Seagram’s Systems Audio Visual
We used to use the most terrifying, confusing spreadsheet you’ve ever seen. Now all that work is a lot less intimidating, and we’re more organized than ever. –Les Heifner, Monster Vape
People have more focus on what I believe is important in business… Tangible Work Product. IMO, business success is driven by accountability on behalf of individuals and focus on Tangible Work Product (the tangible contributions each person makes to the business) each day. –Sean Walsh, Redwood City Ventures
We stopped sending massive emails to the team, and started to work in a integral platform, with more clear “last version files”, and easy to find “who” sent something, when, and what, when you work trough in email chains,that is imposible to track. –Hernan Dante
We have become much more effective at planning, doing, and following up with meetings. We’ve also been able to drastically increase company wide communication by sharing most of these meeting notes with everyone in the company (which has also helped with transparency). –Matt McCormick, Jet City Device Repair
Communication has improved and less things are falling through the cracks. Having one place where all projects are organized allows us to seamless communicate with one another and keep up with project deadlines. This has also sped up the way we work, less people are asking questions like “Where is this again?”, “Is this project on track for the original projected deadline”, because the answer is always the same, “It’s in Basecamp!” –Alex McGonigle
We are a lot more precise on our due dates. We actually stick to them now. –Diego, Boveda Creativa
We were able to extend our ability to manage projects online as we worked with clients from E. Africa to the UK across the US and in Australia/NZ. –Joe Plasterer, Starkweather Association Services
My staff is more connected than ever, and we don’t miss a thing when dealing with our school and our clients. –Jose Aenlle, ASM Studios LLC
Better alignment across teams. –Ted Barnes, Jakprints
Everyone knowing what everyone else is working on. One place we can all go look for stuff. –Nichole Skalski, California Sister Floral Design & Supply
Our collaboration is seamless — much easier to work as a team and document progress. –Molly Gentilucci, Advocates
Saving time, avoiding confusion, eliminating repeat-work. –Dirk Reynolds, ZWARM Intelligence
We use Basecamp like a company intranet, and all current best practices are stored on this central information exchange. Basecamp gives our international sales force a chance to bounce challenges off of each other. New sales reps can learn from the veterans by either searching old posts for similar information or by posting new threads for collaborative feedback. Before Basecamp, I was the central information hub and nearly all product questions flowed through my email inbox. It was hard to keep up, and it felt like I was answering the same question dozens of times each week! With Basecamp, I’m able to focus on developing new content and tools. –Amber Ponce, LiveRoof Global LLC
As a manager I can very quickly allocate tasks, keep track of projects, and — at a glance — get a feel for what my team are working on. Since introducing Basecamp, our productivity has increased significantly and we’ve got a lot better at actually getting things *done*. –Oliver Williams, Newsquest
We are consistently meeting deadlines because all the facts, files and comments are in one place. And everyone is accountable for their contribution to the project. Very user friendly. –Kim Curry, Kim Curry Design
This has centralized our communication and made it easy to reference past activities. –Jacqueline Beaudette
We’re more organized. We used to have things scattered everywhere. Now we’re down to just one junk drawer. Things are much easier to find — but we need to do a little organizing. –David Layton, DatAchieve Digital
We’re spread across the country, but we’re able to connect and chat instantly. Everyone can see what everyone else is working on, and it makes a huge difference when trying to complete a project — especially when we’re not in the room together. –Bruce Sturgell,
Overall organization and tracking — Basecamp 3 is allowing us to set up systems and procedures in place putting us in a perfect position to grow our business. –Jenny Abbott, Jenny Abbott Company
It makes segmenting the access to various projects and files so much easier. It’s also a very secure, easy to use, centralized space, and these a crucial components to our business. –Marie Soltendieck, BrissonSedgwick
Things get done because we don’t just completely forget about them anymore. –Leah Oslon, Desk of Leah O
Communication, and collaboration. Our productivity would have taken a slump if it wasn’t for the ability to collaborate both while distance working, and in the office. –Kevin Miree, Hobgoblin-3D LTD
When using Basecamp, communication is much more clear and tasks are easier to follow. It’s also easier to engage subcontractors and sub-consultants to provide direction, monitor deadlines, and track deliverables. –Melissa Boyles, Colette Holt & Associates
This is my first project management system, but the choice was clear when we were exploring our options. Basecamp offers all the options, but without overwhelming you by putting them on the screen all at once. –Marek Biernacinski, Words by a Pro
We are able to keep track of projects soooo much easier. –Paul W. Philips, Hunter College
Everyone is on the same page and in the loop. –Michael Spurling, First Link Printing
Real time updates, shorter communications, but more clarity on progress. –Zack Cooke, HD Supply
I’m able to communicate with my team much more effectively and if anyone new joins the team, they can refer to Basecamp to get up to speed with how we operate. I don’t have to keep repeating myself or hand-holding. –Matt Fryer, Remote Studios
Client communication is visible to all core team members. Because of this, we are much faster to respond to clients, and are all aware of what’s going on. –Lauren Fellure, SnapMobile
Our meetings discussing overdue/forgotten projects have become far less volatile. –Jerry Battley, OneSource Distributors
Collaboration is better now than ever before and nothing slips through the cracks. –Nancy McCabe, Results Business Coaching
We don’t forget anymore — everything is recorded and attributed. –David Schlachter
It has revolutionized the way we communicate with our volunteers. We have volunteers that span across all of LA county, and their ability to volunteer was very much localized. By using Basecamp, along with webinars, we have been able to tap into volunteer resources that we would have never dreamed of. Basecamp also bridges the gap between staff and volunteers allowing them to work in the same space. –JB, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles
Teams can communicate more regularly and keep each other posted. –Jason De Los Santos, All-States Medical Supply
Communication has improved and things don’t get left undone, we can see who is work on what and when it’s due. –Mark Peberdy, Fraoch Scotland Ltd.
Daily clarity of who should be doing what. –Daryl Freier, Fine Counsel
The app has been a huge plus in keeping in touch with the team and recording ideas as and when they come. From a business owner, automatic check-ins are a massive plus and great way for us to get folk talking. We’re a bunch of audio nerds and have a weekly prompt to post audio related info — its a great way to keep up with the industry, nerd out with the team and develop ideas for content and even products. –David Rose, Samplephonics and Noiiz
Before there was never a way for all of our communication and documents to be in one place. Now we’re able to streamline everything and our work flow makes way more sense. –Daniel Rainwater, Grace New Hope
When somebody says that something goes wrong about an event, it is easeier to find again what was the initial goals, and where and why it goes wrong, and who was responsibile. The “history” ouf or mouvement is now in our own hands. –Gonseth, Médias pour Tous — Media for All
Assigning tasks to other employees has been made SO MUCH BETTER since switching to Basecamp 3!! Thank you! –Stephen Gilbert, Anchour
Elimination of “diode” communications. Team members are collaborating as teams and not as much one-on-one email and text correspondence. –Mike O’Leary, Ambir Technology
Transparency across hundreds of active projects which has fostered a sense of community. –Brian K. Anders, Delta V Forensic Engineering
Less email chains. We still use it some, but my inbox isn’t nearly as cluttered as it once was. –Austin Mullins, Conversion Creatives
Time management and productivity. Makes my job easier rather than having to constantly ask for progress updates. –Kyle Jernigan, Crossroads Church
Productivity and organizational processes improved. –Igor Kholkin, Coalition Technologies
Way more accountability and visibility for management. –Scott Orn, Kruze Consulting
It’s much easier to forecast assignments for the cast and crew, and it has made our process much more streamlined and organized. It’s also helped greatly with group communication within our team and with our clients. Nothing gets missed now, because everyone is aware of what is going on at all times. –Frank Schwartz, LEC Media
Oh gosh, all of our organization is SO much more transparent and clean. The to-do lists are a great way for people to visualize everything they have got going on and prioritize those items. Checking off the to-dos lends a great feeling of accomplishment through the work week. –Marie Fox, Music Contact International / Gunbarrel Brewing Company / Inspire Media Studio
Productivity, the ability to trace and measure lets you optimize every step of your processes. –William Cosme, SNTK
Communication on projects… we are located virtually so this enables us to collaborate, communicate, and get things done faster. –Danielle Watkins, Zenith Performance Solutions
Basecamp has helped my team and I streamline communication and stay on the same page. Previously, we were all over the board. Using Basecamp has definitely saved us time and money. –Arlton Lowry, Few
Our company has embraced working remote since the company was founded in 2000 — we’ve never had a central office. We started using BC (and Campfire) in 2007 when I joined the company. Before BC everything was in email or AIM. Adding Basecamp has provided better tracking of deliverables, current status of a task, and increased collaboration. –Adam Dewitz, WTT Media
We are more organized and it has allowed us to keep a running to-do list to make sure that things get done in a timely fashion. –Zack B, BerganKDV
I think there’s more engagement, or at least more accountability. People can always say, “I didn’t see the email.” But every comment, file, and to-do lists are in one place. So it’s on stakeholders to engage. –Cynthia Louie, Synergy School
Continuity of discussions: If there is a team member that needs to hop into a discussion half way through it, they can do so and see what’s already been talked about. –Lauren, Energy Excelerator
There’s a central place for the plan AND a way to track accomplishments. –Mary Cavanaugh
The ability for separate teams to track a large project together. –Dave Middleton, Bayside Church
Communication has gotten better, and it holds people accountable for items that were assigned to them! –Megan Schwartz, Iverson Homes Inc.
It is nice to have a central record of projects, and to be able to look back historically at archived projects. –Nicholas Reyna, Ecova
Our team members have expressed that they feel like our organization is more “open” since we starting using Basecamp to manage some projects. –David Shirkey, Orbitform
The daily report helps me keep up on what the team is doing without emails throughout the day. –David Lim, Vernier Software & Technology
Basecamp really helps us organize our unorganized employees, specifically the creatives who detest spreadsheets and the ilk. –Brian Scotto, Hoonigan Industries
There’s rarely a question as to what someone should be working on. We have a system where unassigned work gets put on a to-do list, and when someone needs something to do, they pick something off of it and assign it to themselves. Easy, and a time-saver! –Nicholas Laborde, Raconteur Games
Everyone is looking at the same thing, at the same time. –Ross Henry, TotumEx
Communication has improved. People are starting to see the benefit of moving all their communication to Basecamp! –Bernd von Fintel, Cosoft
Everything has a place and I don’t have to sift through email threads. Got new client on board with Basecamp and it’s working nicely. Really like the folders so I can stash wireframes, grabs, etc. in their own space. –Catherine Azzarello, Azzcat Design LLC
Basecamp has helped us get organized and think about organization first. One of the first things we say now is “start a Basecamp”. –Dave Davis, RDA Systems Inc.
No more email miscommunication! –Kristen Brown, Hoot Design Co.
Basecamp has stopped the endless string of emails back and forth. –Jessica B., Bloomerie Fabrics
Operations is all on the same page now… Basecamp page that is!! –Teresa Burton, Group Travel Family
We’re a membership association, and we Basecamp to coordinate work with our volunteer committees. Before Basecamp, we did this all over email and some terrible half-baked wiki software — super-inefficient. These days, we can collaborate on projects across 12 committees, over 100 people, across the country with ease, providing them all a single place to share information and updates. –Seán Stickle, Physician Assistant Education Association
We have a better tracking of upcoming projects so we can make adjustments before they are upon us. –Kami Terry Paul, Utah Shakespeare Festival
It has kept us on the same page and not lose focus. –Mark Burdette, Appalachian Milk Soap
A whole lot less email. Also, all our conversations are easy to find and reference. –Gabriel Vieira, Database Sherpa
Less searching for “hey, didn’t I get an email about that?” to now being able to see the latest in the conversation in Basecamp. –Stacy Jones
Improved communication and collaboration, especially on some large projects. –Tracy Grobarcik, Providea Health Partners
Loss of fingerpointing. There’s no “But he was responsible for this”… there’s the team, we have transparent processes, and when mistakes happen, we clearly have opportunities to learn from them (and more often… prevent them!) –Ginny Brideau, Metro
We are able to act like a team while living in different cities across the world, whether suited up or with our dog at our feet. –Dr. Kent Gustavson, Blooming Twig
Accountability — we can now go back and see what date something was tasked out and completed with all necessary information and documents attached. It keeps people on their toes about follow up items and it positively impacts how we move together as a team. –Gina Choi, Team One
There is one hub for everything that is going on in our organization. If you weren’t a part of a project from the beginning or if you have been absent, you have one place to go to catch up on all the files, events, action items, and messages. There are no hidden emails on someone else’s computer that you don’t have access to preventing from you being in the know. –Joshua Harrell, HeavyDuty Branding
More open and fluid communications. Previously working on large distributed teams, emails would leave out some members because it (initially didn’t pertain to them). Then when they’d need to be involved, a ton of emails would be forwarded to them and just the different branches of replies would make it difficult to follow what was going on. With messages in Basecamp, we choose to notify who we need to, but the team at any point can go through the list of comms in the Message board to catch up on the project and get the big picture. So in short, better/effective communication and situational awareness of the entire team on the project. –Sean Bernardino, NIIT
We’ve generated a lot less email. Our discussions around documents and other exhibits stays with those exhibits and isn’t lost in separate email messages. –Salvatore Saieva, AIG Inc.
Easy to see overall scope of tasks to complete and progressive in projects –Anjela Godber, Pacific Autism Family Centre
Centralised discussions. Moving away from emails was a huge plus. –Sunil Shenoy
Flow, communication flows. –Sebastian Juarez,
We are all on the same page about projects and when someone wants to take a day off or when a new promotion is set to go live, everyone can check without having to go to the person in charge. –Phyllis, Silk’n
No more digging through emails for stuff that my clients have sent or them telling me that they have lost an email and please resend every other day. –Bryce Anderson, Banderbuzz Marketing
Communication is now more transparent and stays in one place. We’re finally able to manage people who are working remotely and have a default place to access files and documents. –Matthew Robinson, Maison de Haj
Our team is able to stay on task and collaborate more efficiently than the days before we made the switch from emailing and printing documents, doing calendar and agenda review twice weekly to delegate, etc. now we get it done via basecamp in a fraction of the time. –Dominic Tartaglia, San Luis Obispo Downtown Association
Dispersed team can communicate much more effectively. Makes the team feel like in the same room. –Matt Lucas, GE, CSRA
We know what each other has been doing so we feel more motivated on doing more. –Taiane Barroso, Beyonder.ME
It’s improved my communication with clients that are comfortable using Basecamp. I love not clogging up my emails with photos, and people able to easily refer back to discussions from a year ago. –Abby Tovell, T Square Design Studio
Definitely streamlining of communications and scheduling — good to have a place to store all relevant documents for groups to use as an ongoing reference so we aren’t answering the same questions time-and-time again, and new members can be quickly brought up to speed. –Kylie Kallio, Media Expertise
Coordination and work delivery have improved as a result of having centralized to-dos and being notified when things happen in our chores. –Irving Rivas, Designlab
Our team has become incredibly more accountable to task assignments and deadlines through the use of the program. –Tim Bojanowski, Zest SMS
Since we started using the “Clientside” feature in BC3, we’ve been easily able to keep track of what’s approved and what’s not. We’re no longer worried about clients seeing things that are meant to be internal. It’s great! –Geena Sondy, Doejo
We have so much more time to get on with our own work, as we no longer have to keep ’checking in’ and are in touch where ever we are in the world. –Louise George
More and effortless accountability. It allows us to embrace freedom and responsibility for each team member. –Tom Brauch, Mitek Industries. Inc.
We always know where everything is stored! No more hunting around for links/files/info –Diva Diaz, Dash Productions Ltd.
Easy communication. Keeps me out of my inbox. –Michael Wender
It helps us stay organized, completely. If there’s something we need to do, we can do it in Basecamp. Quick conversations, “stand up” style check-ins, longer discussions, and even file sharing. It’s all in one place. –David Hagerty, TwistSix
There’s more open communication and less redundancy. –Sylvia Shelton, CTRMA
We have a centralized location to share thoughts, project milestones, documents and all things related to our projects with our customers. It helps us keep things on track and everyone on the same page. –Brian Quade, ESPO Systems
Communication is so much clearer. There is so much less wasted time or effort due to miscommunication. –Christie Spencer, California Dental Association
We have gotten more done –W. Murphy, State of CA
Using Basecamp stopped our organization from seeming to be the gatekeeper of the information that everyone in our coalition needed access to. It put every organization on the same level, which helped build ownership of the work, taking the onus off us to be the leader. –Iris Spurrell, Carya Society of Calgary
We are more organized. We no longer have to find out who has what file, or what each project memeber needs to be doing day to day to get project done in a timely fashion. And because of this we can turn around projects much more quickly now than before we used Basecamp. –Kevin Duffy, TRUE Marketing
It’s just helped us stay organized and on task. Having everything in one place, emails, attachments, links, documents, etc. makes the whole project seem less daunting. –Theresa Whisenand, Bohemian Coffee Club
My clients love the whole process of working with me! I get compliments all the time about how organized and streamlined I run my business. –Jessica Freeman, Jess Creatives
We don’t need to rely on group emails to keep everyone in the loop. –Vinny Ribas, Top 4M Entertainment
We are much more organized, and the need for phone conversations has diminished. –Debbie Aglietti, ProDoula
Speed of completing client projects. Accuracy. Storage of files at our fingertips. –Mona L. Grelck, Mona L. Grelck Inc.
Increased valuable collective communication. Rather than fragmented communication that occurred through just email and text messaging. –David Machles, Dimensions in OHS
Much easier to keep up with details on specific job items — Q/A quickly and have a record of what was decided. –Alice io Oglesby, Moon io Media Inc.
We are better coordinated on projects. –Ken Wall, Geodata Services Inc.
We now have vastly improved task assignment, follow-up and accountability as well as greatly enhanced internal communications. We have stopped using email for internal communications almost entirely. –Waleed Sarwani, Sarwani Systems
Communication issues are becoming less and less frequent. Not everyone has adapted to using this program but for those of us who have we are spending much less time sorting through emails and hand written notes. –Matt Gulley, Arroweye Solutions
Now I can assign people task and forget about it. I am engaging more of my employees slowly and gradually to reduce the emails and reminders. –Nish Patel, Paperchase Accountancy
Our old meetings or conversations, we’d discuss the things that needed to be accomplished for the day or week, each person would write down notes and move on, hoping all those tasks would be finished. Many times they weren’t and our work progress would get slowed down. We came up with a new policy called “action based communication.” Now when employees have meetings or conversations they must finish it with all party’s agreeing on what actions need to be put in Basecamp, the tasks are immediately put in basecamp. We found a 65% quicker rate to finishing tasks, and complications and miss-communications decreased immensely. –Casey Allred,
I know exactly what I have to do when I get into work; I no longer spend time wondering what to do next. –Brad Had, Concordia University
Tracking projects and the to-dos are WONDERFUL. –Heather Taylor, Heather Taylor Media
Communication has improved 10 fold. –Jennifer Eveleigh
Less of conversations and files being thrown about in random places. We have a central place. –Nate Klaiber, Device Independent LLC
Just being able to track where we are with each project and having a centralized location for all project documentation. –Brandy Jones, USAble Life
I’m so glad that Basecamp has minimized my hunt through old emails to remember what was asked of me. I rarely have to refer back to anything because all of the vicissitudes of a project are captured in the camp. –Tracey Westfield, University of Missouri System
Basecamp simply keeps my project schedule organized. Organization makes my life easier. Therefore, Basecamp makes my life easier. Within each project, we keep an “Account Info” and “Project Specs” document. This means we always know where to find the most pertinent information on any client project and are not forced to send confidential information back and forth through unsecured emails. –Angela Denby
We’ve had less confusion with task responsibilities and deadlines, which has increased productivity and efficiency. –Dale Lavine, NASA
We’re able to really track what we’ve done and adjust our timelines on repeat projects. It also really helps us stay on task and be intentional with our time. –Kevin Kim, Geraci Law Firm
Quicker turn around, better tracking of projects. –Rory Garcia, LDC
Documentation of approvals during the process has reduced ambiguity on what has been decided upon. –Clay Little, NoackLittle Architecture and Interiors
Communication. Keeping discussions in message threads, instead of in email, has made it a lot easier to keep track of what’s been decided. –Jamis Buck
Team organization on projects and communication with a larger group of folks to share information is drastically better. –Ryan Salts, Break Fast & Launch
The project we’re about to complete — the first managed through Basecamp 3 — is the smoothest client work we’ve done. –Alex Cabrera, Marquee
More interaction and actual work being done in-between face-to-face meetings. –Marco Campana
I’m held accountable (by myself, since I am a group of one) to make at least a modicum of progress on a daily basis. –Tom Worth, Jr.
Communciation in the team has massively improved. We have better visibility over where people are up to with profiles and individual bottlenecks. –Stephen Mitchell, Mowbray Education Trust
Basecamp gave us the push we needed to really learn to collaborate, discuss and share in a productive way. –Petros Kolyvas, Shiftfocus Media
Client communication is all in one place. No more searching through emails for the latest decision or file version. –Kate Byars, Blazers Inc.
I am much more aware of the quality of my work. As such, I am much more accountable to myself and diligent in the work I produce. –Joel Benotto, The Royal Military College of Canada
It has streamlined the communication between students and coaches. It use to be that had to use multiple locations to communicate or find information. Now it’s a one stop shop for communication –Levi Smith, Resurrection Christian School
Our meetings are more organized and we don’t have to have as many of them, because everyone can work on their own piece of the project but keep the whole group updated. –Elizabeth Bristow
Teamwork and collaboration have improved immensely! –Sandra Vickery, Vaisala
Collaboration, follow up, ownership. –Iwan Mota, Tyco Security Products
Keeps my business focused and aligned with our goals. –Cassandra Freeman, Thoughtful Inspirations
It’s a lot easier to collaborate with 4-5 different minds, updating files, seeing revisions, etc. It allows us to work as a team in ONE place rather than checking to see if someone was cc’d or reading through an email chain, or finding other related emails. Everything is in ONE place. –Jessica Winer, Dr. Bronner’s
It’s great to have a dashboard where communication is supposed to happen for a project rather than 5 or 6 potential channels. –Chris, Murmur Creative
Our team has become more customer oriented and has allowed all levels of our team to become part of our customers family and helped both us and our customers build great products! –Michael Kevin Victor, Commutatus
The scope and the clarity of what has been done and what remains to be done. –Ånond Viki, viki:BIMDAK
Having everyone involved on the same message helped me so I wasn’t the go-between. Saving me so much time. –Sandy Hancock, Body By Sandy
We’re keeping track of tasks better which is aiding both our engineers and the project management team. –Jonathan, Cooper
Greater accountability and ability to track progress. –Junaid Mirza, Muslim Neighbour Nexus
That project information is all located in one place and clients can access it as they need to. Super handy to be able to go back later and review. –Victoria Gazeley, The Cabin Design Studio
We have a nice, friendly place to share and collaborate with clients. –Jack Baty, Fusionary
Easier to keep each other informed about recent activity related to a task or activity, especially since we are working in different time zones. It allows me as project manager to inform everyone at once about updates and to find out who is doing what. –Edie Eichert, IMS Health
We have started communicating better between departments and everyone is on the same page. Transparency has never been better. –Courtney Kallemeres, Calvary Chapel Melbourne
We have better communications and accountability for tasks which allows us to better serve our clients. –Michael Carney, MWC
Balls don’t just drop and roll under a couch We know exactly where a project is and what needs to happen to move forward. –Sarah Raley, Pinnacle PR Group
Fewer things fall through the cracks or get lost. –Chris Abraham, Gerris Corp
I can keep my team updated on the latest news. They all read with interest… our lil grapevine. –Karen Adams, The Prosperous Shop
3 people can work on a project and communicate with the client at the time and place that’s most convenient for them. –Jeff Goldman, Lead Supply Co.
We got the job done on Basecamp. Our presentation was outstanding. –Sharon Spencer, Queen Lili’uokalani Children’s Center
The communication. A lot of things have become easier to communicate to through Basecamp. It’s awesome how easily clients can reach us and we take care of their each and every little requirement effortlessly. –Swati Atreya, iMark Infotech
Actually following processes — before BaseCamp, we had verbally agreed upon processes, or even occasionally documented processes, but they’d be written down in some Operations Manual somewhere that no on knew how to access. Thus, they weren’t followed. With BaseCamp templates, we can change processes, add steps, remove steps, reassign tasks — on the fly so that the process is changed instantaneously. No red tape needed. –Emily Larson, Office Evolution
Less time wasted searching for needles in email or file folder haystacks. –Mark Allen Kleiman, Kleiman
Communications was greatly improved. I particularly like the ability to share documents, and reminders for continuing projects. –Ingrid Boyd, Brnx Bethany Church Teens Ministry
We have one consistent location for project updates. Our team is now used to using Basecamp as a primary resource. –Kelly Marks, PCC/Ford Leadership-Columbia River Communities
We have better trails now on conversations with clients. Approvals/sign-offs for deliverables are easy to keep track of as well. –Maria Soricelli, Westwerk
Virtual collaboration has greatly reduced the need for phone calls and in-person meetings. –Kay Coughlin, Donor Relations Mindset LLC
Having our conversations in a central location that’s very easy to archive and access later has been a total game changer. –Morgan Foster, Agathon Group
Organization. We now have a clear path to each goal and know when each part of projects need to be complete. –Anthony Fox, Brookdale Radio Club
More effective communication than email and phone calls with much less effort while providing indexed and organized artifacts of project communications. –Dave Kessler, realDaveK
Basecamps increased accountability and has helped speed up our project performance. –Adam Tracksler, Bryce Creative
The team adopted this much more quickly than Asana. –Jay O’Hare, Click Medical
Basecamp allows us to provide a tool for our clients to communicate and collaborate on projects. Documenting this communication cuts down on phone calls, keeping up with email and avoids trying to commit conversation strictly to memory. –Joel Davis, Cross & Crown
Communication with my colleagues all over the world has become easier. It is very convenient to upload documents and restrict their view only to the ones concerned. Also, it’s handy as all information is in just one place. –Farah Masood, Learning Alliance
Clarity of focus and improved tracking of important tasks and features. –Steve Norman, Life Worth Living Church
No lost data. No crazy-mad searches for files. Super easy to collaborate. –Cheryl Vargas, Social Media Muscle
Unclogged a clogged stream. I can see her work in real time. The other day, I woke up at 5am and glanced at my phone, and I could see exactly what she was doing. She’d written me notes while she was working, and I responded right away. That never could have happened before. I then decided to use it for my designer, who is also a freelancer off site. I created a folder for design notes and ideas. Mostly, through, he just uploads new work and we can talk about it in Basecamp. I really, really like how Basecamp gets this stuff out of the text and email stream. –Brian Mooney, Storymatic Studios
Communication between us and our clients. I work one-on-one with private design clients, but my assistant also takes care of them throughout the process, too. With the Clientside, we can see exactly what the thread of conversation has been, which is awesome for making sure we’re all on the same page. –Cerries Mooney
It’s always easier to keep all communications for a project in one place (hate using email), and since Basecamp is so user-friendly, I never have to train new users. They just jump in and we get to work on the project itself, not wasting time learning or explaining technology. –Amber Singleton, Rock Your Genius
Our team (which is spread throughout the world) used to collaborate via email. Basecamp has allowed us to collaborate more closely and organize our efforts much more easily. –Albert Liberatore, Edits Made Easy LLC
Timely communication and inviting input from entire team instead of just the project lead. –Blair Bondar, Igloo Capital Inc.
Communication across the entire IT team is significantly better. Between campfires, discussions, and tasks, the whole product encourages increased, low barrier communication. –Ken Ingle, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
Details do not fall through the cracks. Everyone is accountable. –Christopher Loch, The Secret Ingredient Brand Marketing Company
It’s great at keeping conversations and client communication organized. –Chris Prynoski, Titmouse
Instead of sifting through emails and documents stored in a variety of locations, our team now can go to one spot to find and share stuff. We’ve successfully delivered a variety of milestones for our organization. In a sea of busyness, having everything together and clearly readable really boosts productivity and collaboration and reduces the stress out of project management. –Todd Thomas, University of Northern Iowa
We all have visibility of to-dos and discussions in one central place –Jessica Painter, RFA
Communication and collaboration with handymen improved significantly. –Martin Seibert, //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH
Everyone can check on the progress of a project and update. –Alice Burkholder, Harmony Foundation Inc.
We’re more efficient and since you are allowed to assign tasks to specific team members, it is very clear who has responsibility for completing the various tasks. So very rarely do people drop the ball. I also feel that the automatic notification feature for completed tasks inspires or reminds others to get started on their tasks. –Tamera Moore, UNC Charlotte
We never had a project planning or tracking place before. Now we do. –Chris Sears, Brigham Young University OIT
We replaced email and chats for tracking issues in our software and improved our communications between departments. –Luis Carrasco, Bambu Code
We’re all more aware of the status of each project. –Matthew Cordes, DVIRC
Collecting and communicating design feedback from people on different roles. –Hristo Kanchev, Profitero
We have 4 offices across the country, all contributing to the same projects. Basecamp has improved our ability to manage progress and access documents efficiently. –Patrick Lawless, Xcelaero Corp.
Basecamp has made our team members more accountable. It also provides a high level of transparency that has benefitted both our agency and our clients. –Drew Elsey, ROI Online
The ability to get morning “what you missed” briefings has proven very useful for me at least. My group loves to get into late night discussions after I’ve fallen asleep and turned off notifications, so it’s great to get a message each morning showing me what they talked about. –Corey, Legion Gaming
More organization and better tracking of processes and progress. –Eric, Booster Club
We have greatly reduced, almost eliminated, what falls through the cracks. –Ricardo Concepcion, Bathrooms Unique
Basecamp has provided us with a rallying point for all projects and conversations. When anyone at Leadhub asks for an update or file, we simply redirect them back to Basecamp. Having our “Hub” for all projects has greatly improved our efficiency. –Aaron Watters, Leadhub
Getting everything out of email is insanely helpful. Keeping track of things becomes so much easier, assigning to-dos helps everyone stay more organized and aware, and almost nothing slips through the cracks now. –Jen Bennett
Efficiency + Communication. We run our office out of two locations, so to have one central location to house tasks and communicate with the team is perfect. Got a question, then “campfire” someone! –Brandy Stockton, Websites to Impress
Keeping project communication contained in Basecamp and not receiving 100,000 emails and text messages. –Stefan, La Matera
We’ve been able to collaborate faster and better. –Karlo Barbaric, Barbaric Solutions LLC
Easier to encourage regular check-ins and substantial communication/updates. –Travis Kellerman,
Reduced email craziness — nice to have files and conversations in one place to avoid inbox overflows and searching –Kersch, Brightways Learning
Easier for a newbie to understand a project’s history. –Anne O’Flaherty
With a small office, Basecamp has allowed us to keep track of the multitude of tasks & projects thrown our way, never letting anything fall through the cracks. –Adam Hile, Sports Marketing Surveys USA
Clear, easy, consistent follow-up, tracking and accountability. –Steve Mattus, Heart of Business
The project stays on track… heck there actually is a “track” when we use Basecamp. Crazy! –Brian Newman
Streamlined communications and all things streamed to one place and virtual space. Great way to keep on top of many things at one time. –Greg Troin, Sygnifi
It makes it easier to have more efficient conversations about a certain topic when everyone can be up to speed on the goings-on of a particular topic. –Ben, Angler Spy
We use Basecamp as a project portal for implementation projects that often include both a client, and a vendor. The ability to keep everyone on the same page, in real time — is vital to our success. –Megan Malfer, SalesPad
Projects progress efficiently and are communicated sufficiently with far less meetings. –David Figg, Rice’s Pharmacy
We can collaborate with our team in the field and in the office. Documents are traded easier and our performance on each project is well documented. –Solomons McKenzie, VSS Logistics
We’re able to correspond and collaborate with employees working remotely in a way we never could. –Samantha, Marketing Specialist
For the first time in a long time our team is truly collaborating, and everyone is moving in the same direction, with the same goals. It’s truly remarkable how quickly things have changed in just a week. –Ryan Sullivan, WP Site Care
My scheduling got better, and I am more in control of my projects –Judy McArthur, Shekinah Fire Ministries
As employees use chat and answer check in questions, it’s really easy for me as the office manager identify action items to add to the to do list. That’s helped get small tasks/thoughts/reminders/ideas out of people’s heads and into the organization’s awareness. –Rachel Ulrich, Law Office of Robert L. Mauger
Less time spent on answering ’where are we at?’ questions. –Janos Baksa, Pacific Comprehensive Cancer Programs
We are getting better about not using thousands of emails to sync up conversations about some of our projects, which then lead to people being left out or having to sort through thousands of things to find the one you want. We can keep information together where any of us can access it… when and where we need it. At least in theory. It’s a process, and we’re getting better every day. –Sam Dean, Scott Family Amazeum
The right hand now knows (if they care) what the left hand’s doing. –Derek Lackey, e10egency
Visibility of the entire body of work before the team and accountability for driving tasks to completion. –Adam Anthony, Badger Environmental Group
Having all our stuff at one place helped us get on the same page. We kept referring back to it whenever we have a conflict. –Jett Wang
Basecamp is a big improvement over our old, internal project management system because it allows employees in other departments and vendors to fully participate in project communications and activities. –Joyce Obstler, City of Danville, VA
Much more accountability and getting things to be done out of your head and to someone to take action. –Tammie Jones, TJ’s @ The Old Forge
One place to see all communication threads. –Salvo Lavis, Spitball Studio
We are more organized, accountable and interactive since starting Basecamp. –Neftali Serrano, Center of Excellent For Integrated Care
Basecamp has allowed the retention of institutional memory on projects online and at one source and not resident on multiple platforms, if captured at all. –Erik Dove, Barbershop Harmony Society
The simplicity of it means the team don’t shy away from using a “system” for work management. –Danielle Randall LEstrange, Strategic Consulting and Intelligence
One of the best things about basecamp is that we can see exactly what we were doing a year ago on this date (honestly up to 4 years ago starting with the original basecamp). I am shocked at how often I look back. It creates institutional memory we just wouldn’t have without it. –Jake Davis, Root Cellar
All team members can go to one location to find the most up to date information regarding clients cases. –Xiomara Rodriguez, Calderaro Tyrrell Law Group
Increased communication had led to a much more rapid knocking down of items on the to do list… we have been much more productive per unit time. –F. Bryan Pickett, Loyola University Chicago
Deadlines are more visible, projects are easier to track. –Aleksandar Jevremovic, Singidunum University
We are a more effective team. Started sharing insights more often and helped us keep everyone on the same page and on schedule! –Daniel Ribeiro de Oliveira, Oitoequinze Design
All of our project information and tracking is in the same place, a place that is very user friendly for clients of all computer skill levels. –Josh Vaughn, JVon Media
The ’what’s blocking you’ question has helped us immensely in terms of proactive communication and problem solving. –Phil EuBank, Eastern Hills Community Church
It really helps me stay organized and achieve more in less time. –Sabin Hertanu, Headed Ltd.
Our communication is much better. Working with our Asia team has never been so good. –Denzil Quick, Spellbinders
We are communicating more openly and our time allocations to projects are more accurate, which helps with budgeting. –Lesley Desjardins, Western Canada Onsite Wastewater Management Association
The organization of everything in Basecamp 3 seems much cleaner to me than before. And I love the timelines, really helps me see what has been done most recently so I can react accordingly. –Jim Lastinger, Deep Field Inc.
Easier to find discussion/topic threads all in one place. Less email! I use basecamp with student research projects so I can keep up to date on what they are doing. –Linda Jarmulowicz, University of Memphis
We have been able to accommodate the growth of our team and or organization by using Basecamp. –Chase Carter, Oklahoma State University Alumni Association
Less requests from fellow staff for information, they now know to go to BC to find what they need. –Marcus Duffel, Shell / Jiffy Lube
Our team has better communication and we are able to store everything in one place. –Kathleen Smith, Temp-tations LLC
I have most of what I need on projects all in one place. Earlier, things were scattered across different places. –Silumesii Maboshe, BongoHive
We are working more efficiently and in a more focused way since using Basecamp. –Joshua Lippiner, Chirp Innovations Inc.
Better visibility into the work of our team, ability to more effectively manage more projects, better communication overall across the team –Rebecca Badger, Oregon State University
Our entire organization is, well, a lot more organized! We’re new to Basecamp (a few months in), so we’re still trying to decide what types of information should go where, but things are already going a lot more smoothly, especially with some employees now working remotely. –Lindy Thibodaux, The Dry Eye Company
People are actively wanting to put their projects and deadlines in Basecamp, because they can see the usefulness of it. I don’t have to get “buy in” to make people get on board. –Briana Cox, Presence Health
We are more organized and documented, so when a client asks a question about what we did and/or when we did it, all the info is in one place. –Kit Mullins, Jemully Media
We can all make sure we’re working towards the same goal, without having to be in the same room. And I LOVE that we can chat about jobs in a place I can go back to. Before Basecamp, we communicated mostly through text message. When I needed to go back to double check something I’d have to scroll through thousands of messages, now, I know exactly where to look! –Kelly O’Connell, YES Theatrical
Instead of paying more and getting less we can pay less and get a whole lot more with Basecamp. –Israel Gilyadov
Committee members being able to communicate and make/document decisions without meeting in a physical location. –Kay Bailey, Cinema Studies, University of Oregon
We have better “peripheral vision” navigating through projects. –Matteo Fabiano, FireMatter LLC
Everyone now has the potential to easily see the progress and communication strands related to the project. –Nakia S. Pope, The University of Texas at Arlington
Less useless chatter clogging up the process of getting shit done. –Kelly, Run Oregon Blog
Better communication, on status updates. Nobody can say I didn’t know about that — yes, you did — it’s on Basecamp! –Bruce Patterson, Greenacres KHOC
Communication, in a word. We just communicate better and more efficiently. –Lisa M. Dye, Infinity Medical Marketing
Working with multiple agencies and clients on one project, it makes it easier to communicate effectively. –Kristi Teplitz, Favorite Medium
Efficiency! We are much more nimble and I get the answers I need a lot faster. –Noelle Pina, Orleans Chamber of Commerce
We got peace of mind. –Arturo Ojeda, Handy
Ease of collaboration between remote work sites. –Jeff Sorenson, Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue
We no longer have dozens of random email chains with clients, so A LOT less gets lost in translation. –Michael Hopke, Gametheory
We have been able to more effectively embrace remote work. –Matthew Woodruff, Local Practice Architecture
We continue to get better organized among the many projects we have going at the same time. It serves as a terrific communication tool among our team and to our clients. Efficient and effective! –Patrick Manney, Horizon Graphics
Faster communication and less items falling through the cracks. –Todd Kerr, Power Line Sentry LLC
Our complex and dynamic project teams can finally get to know each other better as people and now have a better sense of what other teams are working on. This has impacted the effectiveness of our work and exposed how we can continuously improve and deepen our collaboration and knowledge sharing. It’s nourishing much more effective AND ENJOYABLE! connection and collaboration. –Julie, SelfDesign
Basecamp takes care of recording and maintaining all the *meta* information (when, who, assigned to who etc) that sometimes becomes the focus of the team rather than what we are together to do. Any ambiguity is removed. Also, removes the review as a group once a week cycle that locks up progress. Progress (and changes) can happen at any time or place. –Corven Roe
Everyone involved with a project can see the status of a project and has access to all relevant documents. –Joanne, Henderson
Improved accountability and helps me know what’s on my plate –Reuben, Anatta Design
More productivity on projects. No more “what’s going on?” you can log in and SEE the status of projects. –MJ Drush, Butter Plumbing
Since using Basecamp, I’ve found it’s easier to keep track of the numerous, ever-shifting tasks/to-dos that are associated with my projects. –Ian Svoboda, Client Focused Media Inc.
We’re on the same page and know what’s going on at all times. –Ian Alexander, RepairTech Inc.
One focused platform to discuss work instead of multiple channels. –Wendy, Peachesintimates
Trading files is much easier using Basecamp than either Dropbox links or email. –Jeanne Marie Tokunaga, JMT Communications Management
Keeping the ’conversation’ in one place with the all dreaming, planing, implementing and reporting happening before everyone’s very eyes… super cool! –Cate McQuillen, mememe productions
We have been able to capture some stuff that keep falling through the cracks which helps us serve our customers better. –Mike Klassen, Impact Group
We previously used google groups configured as a list serv. Basecamp has cut down on the email “noise”. –Tom Nockolds, Pingala
It’s so much easier to communicate with the team as a group and get team members to collaborate on tasks even though my team is all over the world –Angus Pryor, Dental Profity System
I used basecamp for a graduate course where we were placed in virtual teams. This application allowed very simple access to the team and met our needs as we worked together to write several class papers. The team all felt Basecamp was a best practice for working teams who are long distances apart. –Jim Vanfleet, USAF
When I sync to my calendar I can see everyone’s schedules in one place. When we add an independent contractor to a client/Job they can see all the past notes/correspondence about that client, which is great. –Kathryn Keener, One Moon Doula Services
It’s a great way of informing a large group without having to open an email add recipients and attach stuff. –Jules, Gascoyne Tourism Board
Organization of our multiple projects. What used to be scattered over 100’s of emails now has a place to live. –Craig Register, WEN by Chaz Dean
Communication, accountability, and productivity have increased remarkably. –Dr. Tomas Garcia,
Biggest difference after using Basecamp, everyone is on the same page constantly. Communication is key to successful business and Basecamp helps you with this. –Chase Kojima, Gojima Pty Ltd.
Less chaos. –Evgeny Meytuv, AB TLP
Everyone knows what is going on. –Chris Fonke, Cirrus Tech
Basecamp has allowed us to streamline our projects so that people who often didn’t buy into a process are now engaged and responsible for their time. –Sam Howat, Avelient Inc.
Staying on track. Meaning all communication is in one place and separated into topics which are easy to follow and respond to. –Dima Strapchev
I feel like Basecamp has given us a platform where conversations are single-threaded and [not] lost within email inboxes. Basecamp provides a platform where you can go to ONE place to access files, reference calendars or to-dos, and streamline discussions around a project. –Kelly Suter, Irish Titan
Communications across our team — in 3 different continents! –Leo Gestetner, Zecho
It’s easier than ever to manage multiple projects all on one platform. –Natalie Walstein, Half Asleep Studio
TIME management! We now can spend LESS time meeting and MORE time DOING! –Brady B. McLaughlin, Trio Safety CPR+AED Solutions
We are so much more organized now that we have Basecamp! –Lacey Park, Chinook City Doulas Ltd.
Central collaboration for managing tasks within the team. Also sharing knowledge and inspiration through the discussions. –Edward Anastas, Shubin + Donaldson Architects
Our communication and completion rate have increased significantly. –Mike Ruffing, Problem Solver’s Consultants
Communication over the life of a project is much better. –Steven Burgoon, Mt. San Antonio College
More interaction between engineers and designers. –Joshua Rogers, QPS Engineering
The team work is a lot improved, and so has the speed of our work. Besides, our senior team can tap into an aggregated view of all the work that is going on — helping us in raising our quality and of course in seizing business opportunities. –Ranjeet Nambiar, Urja Communications Pvt Ltd.
The use of Basecamp has definitely increased the efficiency of our daily project management. –Dirk Ebener, Global CIF
Synchronization. Business tasks, reminders, chat, you name it! Basecamp puts teams in sync and makes it easy for staff to know their duties and responsibilities. No more lousy spreadsheets — just a easy to use — smart looking and very organised. –Jean Malan, EMA Cape Town
Better communication between Board members. Tasks, projects, and schedules are immediately available to all –Craig Duffy, Twin Bridges Lightning Hockey
Our team is more organized and efficient. It is easy to keep our clients current with our project without the need of constant back and forth emails. –Jeremiah Custard, Fallback Media
When I first started using basecamp I had about 42 people as staff. There was a lot of confusion, wasted time and problems and I was always super stressed and sad. Within a year I cut my team in half yet was able to produce 4X more work. Today I use basecamp with a core team of 8 people who run a 7 figure business with basecamp at the heart of the business. I just returned from 22 days vacation in Krabi, Chiang Mai and Bangkok with my family, it only took me a short glimpse in Basecamp App to know what’s going on and keep my finger on the pulse. During that time, while strolling on the beach, kayaking, or going to Thai cooking school, I gained a huge new client, and garnered rave reviews for the team performance. Isn’t life great? –Sivan Law-Yone Gilad, Longwei Co.
Well, we started to be more sincere. We are currently working on different parts of the world, so, we have to be honest about the progress we are making each week. –Felipe Rojas Morales, The Mighty Labs
Everyone comments on how much more collaborative our work feels. –Keiron Benson, Benson Design
Better communication between clients & my company –Joe Viveiros, FordCom
Not having to use different programs, email, messages. Keeping everything on Basecamp, and keeping communication more professional. –Robert Simpson, Connectivity
Collaboration has improve and it is much easier to be fully aware of what is happening. We have staff in another state and another country and together with Skype and Google Docs, BaseCamp helps us work well together. I also like and encourage all staff to use the Notifications times feature and to set if for their normal work hours. –Craig Waldon, CaseWare Australia & New Zealand
People are in the loop — they see what’s going on and can more actively participate in and comment on all aspects of the project. –Hannah, Mahler lab
Keeping track of activities visibly in one place so everyone involved knows whats going on. –Mike Harley, Percolate
Communication — everyone from clients, sub-contractors, and clients are on the same page, and there are few misunderstandings. –Emanuele Faja, Whisper & Company
Communication is so much easier. If it is an important document, it is posted. If it is an important message it is posted. Organization has also improved. Working in a school, there are generally about a dozen projects you are working on at one time. Wires get crossed, you don’t know if you are reading an email about project one or project two. My inbox can be a disaster at times. It is nice knowing that the everything that I need for a certain project is in one place, I din’t have to sift through everything else I am working on to get to it. –Jenny Moore
The work is getting done faster and that too without emails. –Navneet Taori, Highpurple
Easier to retrieve important client information. –Ron Morris, LinkedIn Xperts
Better communication — everyone can keep their own pace and priorities but the team can still maintain a rhythm. –Luciano de Petribu Bivar, Excelsior Seguros
Having a single location for messages, files, to-dos and timeline has kept everyone on the same page. –Kimberly Benefield, Autotrader
We now utilize a one-stop stream of information that capture the work activities of our crew of 5, off-site Operators. This has increased the accuracy in billing our clients. –Vivienne Challandes, Charlies Excavating
Project change mangement became fluid. –Erick Candanedo, PricewaterhouseCoopers
More people involved. We are a church with a large volunteer base and by and large they don’t bother to use collaborative software. This seems to have got them using it. –Peter Comont, Trinity Church, Oxford
Well, it has to be the communication. I was an heavy user of Basecamp 2, which was also a great version, but everything improved on the 3rd version. –Raul Perte
Transparency. The default on Basecamp is that everybody can see everything that has been going on. –Niko Nyman, Immersal Ltd.
Longterm projects seem to flow up and down from active to stale, sort of like a roller coaster. Basecamp helps me keep projects active within a team. If a project does go stale or if someone is not pulling their weight, it’s fairly obvious and that helps keep everyone invested in the projects success. –Josh Duncan
Everything is more organized and we can communicate to the entire team much better. We, at Techture have grown steadily from a small team to a considerably large one in the past year, and Basecamp has been instrumental in helping maintain the company culture. –Viraj Voditel, Techture
The team is working together and they know what assignments are with other team members, it helps all of us to work together in a better way. –Jose Louies, Wildlife Trust of India
Discussions have become collaborative, easily reviewed resources rather than a trail of poorly organised emails. –Marek Pawlowski, MEX
Task management and team updating — there’s nothing slipping through the net anymore and we know what’s completed as soon as its ticked off on the list. –Zoë Irvine, Synergy Salon Supplies
Collaboration speed and quality has increased. –Saurabh Jain, SKJ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
We have more collaborative effort, which means less pressure on me. –Chris Sampson, The Academic Health Economists’ Blog
Communication between members has increased enormously and confidence is growing in the development of group thinking. –Dr William Hughes, Guild of Analytical Psychology
There’s more communication. I’ve followed the “Heartbeats” idea that Jason Fried posted on Medium and used it to get me talking with my subcontractors (including one who is about to become a business partner) in the one place on a daily basis. I’ve also created a mutual support group for a particular class of client (self-published authors), where everyone can see the advice I give to people with a particular problem. This has taken the place of a Facebook Group that never really got off the ground because a lot of my clients aren’t very tech savvy or engaged on social media. –Ben Hourigan, Hourigan & Co.
The new automatic check-ins feature in Basecamp 3 rocks, got lots of interesting feedbacks from team members (like how they spend their weekend), and it makes team members know each others more than before (we have 2 remote members). –Yuanyi Zhang, MockingBot
We communicate better, have accountable deadlines and can see what others are doing to contribute to the project. –Levi, Towards Maturity
We can track quite complex discussions. –Joanne Pereira, Eclectic Cool Limited
With basecamp I increased the participation of task management and task transparency. –Martin Dejmek, dejmekup GmbH
Everyone is more focused and information is easily accessible. –Bethwell Salis, Printing and Publishing
We are more organised across complex projects, timelines and outcomes. –Rachel Louttit, Peer2Peer Learning
Communication and ability to find information faster. Great about Basecamp is that everything is [in] one place. –Daniel Dimitrov
Everything. Is. Much. More. Organized. –Alexey Avduevsky, Unblvbl
Everyone is more aware what everyone else is doing. –Stefan van der Bijl, Valdebrain Pte Ltd.
We are better able to manage multiple client projects without letting important items slip through the cracks. –Tom Morkes, Insurgent Publishing
The value of the business has increased as all structured and un-structured information is in one place. –Paul Das, ProFundCom
Pricing scheme — makes it extremely easy to budget… It’s a no brainer for management to approve. –Ahmet Citipitioglu, TAV
Website feedback is clear and concise and you can discuss each point easily and in a manageable way. –Tom Hopcraft
Basecamp helps breakdown issues related to incomplete or disjointed communication. –Gabriel Key, Consultant
Everyone from IT staff to administration staff [can] contribute constructively to the advancement of our organization. –Widi Nugroho, PT MelOn Indonesia
Clear record of where the project is. –Frank Teunissen, PropertyRep Australia Pty Ltd.
We have a large group of Scout Leaders so trying to coordinate them all on some design projects was really difficult by email so we thought we’d try them in Basecamp. It’s a good way to collaborate with a lot of people on one project. –Angie Ross, Spellbound Creative
Flow of communication and keep tabs on work. This has aided productivity and we continuously reap the benefits as we add more projects and work load increases. –Jack McCaightrie, Core Tree
We are excited about the ability to create a wonderfully transparent work flow while still providing a self-driven and independent working environment. –Stephanie Holt, The LBA Group
My boss would always ask me whats on someones plate — and I would simply have to guess what they were doing that day. Now I gave her a login to basecamp and she has full tranparency into what is one everyones queue. –Carlos Franco, Watchuwant Inc.
Our communication had improved.. Being able to assign tasks and comment has helped keep staff on the same page, even when our shifts don’t overlap. –Scott Dube, Metro South Gymnastics Academy
The ability of 6 nurses to find records in real time for over 350 clients. It’s truly amazing. –Nora Laughlin, Empowring People Inc.
The message board. It’s awesome to have our ideas and references in the same place. It use to be scattered in many places. Email, whatsapp, skype chat… –Andre Nascentes, ClickAltitude
Notifications work well. Team members have a single goto place to see progress across all projects without having to try too hard. –Shane Griffiths, The Idea Bureau
We’re able to organize things better and don’t loose sight of the big picture. –Marcos Vinicius Saturno Ribeiro, Marcos Saturno
Individual accountability has increased since we’ve started using Basecamp. I think it is because we take a better look at all the moving parts and communicate and delegate responsibility in an organized way. Structure is a huge part of our successes. –Nick Miller, Redwood High School
Transparency and communication has increased. –Joey Rosenberg, Women Who Code
I work entirely with volunteers, many of whom are not used to using IT systems. I have had much more success getting them to use Basecamp to find documents and share things than I have with Dropbox or Google Docs. –Dian (Dina) Grossman Kjaergaard
The ability to orgainze things and know what everyone is up to. I also know of teams whose productivity and morale have increased because of the application. –Paritosh Praharaj, TribesDo
Less meetings, telling me the status of the projects! 24/7 information for all the team members! –Pascale Spieringhs, Nummereen
I no longer forget things! Straight from a client meeting I can post tasks to the team from my phone or even upload the full meeting notes so everyone is in the loop. –Sean Clark, Ltd.
I think it creates a team feeling that is missing if we’re running everything via separate group emails. –Katherine McAuliffe, Cooperation Lab at Boston College
We are more on the same page as a distributed team, I have a better picture of everything we’ve got going on. –Ben Sternke, Gravity Leadership
Communication seemed much clearer, and people were more willing to be casual and brainstorm — as opposed to an email, which they felt had to be more formal and “finished”. –Marleah Augustine
Collaboration has increased and the ability to make decisions and make progress has been better. –Kendrick McCleskey, El Casa Management
Goals and tasks are reviewed and updated on a timely basis and it is really positive to here others ask for help! Love the ease and speed. –Colleen Kudo, Ocean Girl Project
Our (previously email) discussions became significantly more productive. –Vasily Polovnyov
As a manager I feel I have more understanding of what is going on. I like running reports to see what is on everyone’s plate. –John Sladkus, Strategic Organizing Systems
We are more creative as a team because we centralize everything on Basecamp. –Patrick, NewThing
I don’t ask myself “Where did I put this?” anymore. –Alex Denisov, Low Level Bits
Communication is centralized and ideas and thoughts are no longer lost among email conversations. –Richie Breed, Sparkminer
We are able to involve many collaborative partners in the discussion and have all kinds of people monitoring and contributing to tasks and workflow. –Fr. Frank Portelli, Office of Catholic Youth
It helps me keep track of tasks without having to sound like I’m nagging “what have you gotten done this week?” –Natahlie Halcrow, Gearbox Websites
Using Basecamp has improved accountability. –Sally Liddicoat, Peak Performance Real Estate
We can have fewer meetings and shorter [meetings]. –Paula Harris, Ile Okun Inu, NFP
Projects are now ON RECORD. One can always go back and check whatever happened during the project lifetime. No more hunting down emails or post-it notes ;) –Ronen Bekerman, Polytown Media LTD
Better organization on Projects, and easier to reference things is time goes by, since everything related to that project is in one place. –Brian Graddon, CPR1 LLC (
Basecamp has made it easier for us to keep everything in one place, and we’re very grateful about that! –Luis FL
Communication — love that all our correspondence is in one place. –Catherine Anderson, UBC
Ease of use. Amazing ability to keep projects updated. –Lisa Zachery, Papered Wonders Inc.
Basecamp pulls us together and helps us work as a unit. –Sean McCollough, Delta Graphics
Being able to collaborate with a remote client with the same connection and dynamics as if we were in the same room. –Alex, LOT32
I’ve launch basecamp in multiple companies I’ve worked for all with great success. It makes people feel like they are being heard, and also creates a simple, manageable to-do list that employees can work from. –Jessica Galicia, D-Flawless Enterprises Inc.
More clarity on where we are with projects and ability to finish them on time. –Arwen Bolton, Chinese New Years Events
We communicate easily and regularly. I get a notification on email that there has been an update. Then all I have to do is click onto Basecamp and it comes up. –Bessa Whitmore, OCRA
Simply, I’m better able to keep track of my day-to-day assignments and deadlines. It’s helped me to not only meet deadlines, but in some cases, get ahead of them. –Terrance Young, Terryio
One common source of information. –Jeff Muir, Thats Easy Learning
Basecamp has allowed me to create a sense of community among my interns and I. Building a startup takes some serious effect, and hours of work after my already existing nine to five. It’s difficult to even think of a time I wasn’t working, lol! I work with about 13 people now and that’s a lot of communication and tons of article editing and assignment overseeing. With Basecamp everyone knows what everyone else is working on and everyone has access to each other. It’s great because that didn’t exist before, and it does now. How else do you build a community successfully when everyone is telecommunicating? It definitly takes some effort! –Adrianna Piotrowska,
Monthly automated checkins have been great! –Mike Giles,
Our home office people are much better integrated now. –Andreas Gebhard, Tribologic GmbH
Better collaboration, and ease of working with our remote staff. –Calvin Conkey, Create International
Everything is just more organized. It is harder for tasks, ideas and discussions to ’fall between the cracks’. –Itzik Hagoel
The ability to utilize asynchronous communication even though we are physically located in an office together has given employees a chance to remove notification overload and focus more on work that matters. –Brendan Gardner-Young, Thrive Causemetics
Having a unified space to discuss collective matters that relate to successfully running our non-profit. –Minette Roberts, Eugene Printmakers
Everyone is a little more organised, and the people who hate being organised don’t even realise that its happened. –Ben Doss
We no longer have to think where we put that (appointment, todo, document) — it’s all in Basecamp: simple. –Weston Hankins, Refugees on Rails e. V.
Basecamp made the work process much faster. –Makrand Joshi, Hike Ltd.
Putting things in Basecamp means that they are now organized — don’t have to think about it — it just goes — that’s huge! –Michał Lew, EXPROMO Katarzyna Lew
Much more peace of mind regarding documentation in projects, and much less emails that need to be kept and sorted… –Stanislaw Panow, netcos GmbH
We won a court case as we were able to show that we had requested the Client to use Basecamp for all communications. This has brought home to the team the real value of protecting us in our business communications. Not just a ’touchy feely’ friendly way of interacting with a Client — but also a very powerful business tool that we need to use all the time. –Tim Pullen, Cloud Technology Ltd.
People are more aware of each other’s work and progress. –Felix Wichmann, Neural Information Processing Group, University of Tuebingen, Germany
Accountability. No longer can someone say- oh, I must have deleted that email by mistake, or, I never got it. The information, tasks and deadlines are right there in front of them. –Rich Peluso, AFFIRM Films/Sony Pictures
We work across 3 continents, 4 countries and 6 cities, time zones are insane and email trails are nightmares: Basecamp helps order the disorder. –Christopher Kuonqui, ZeroPoverty Solutions
Organization and visibility of projects has improved. Communication on projects used to occur via email and then we would have to sift back through our inboxes to find communication/decisions later. Now, all of that occurs within a project. We also have increased awareness of the projects that other team members are working on, since we can see all of the progress and communication. –Anna Yang, Suntell
Can organise groups of people who can’t all make meetings at the same time due to rota commitments. –Tristan Dyer, Northampton General Hospital
Task delegations and transparency with communication, if everything is put into one place, like Basecamp, then everybody are on the same page. –Mateusz Burczynski, NEXT
There are less concerns about transitions and succession planning. One person is not available? Their up-to-the-minute progress is visible in Basecamp, and someone else can jump right in. –Elissa Schufman, Elissa Schufman / PSM
Using Basecamp definitely improves accountability and efficiency. –Sallie Goetsch, WP Fangirl
Since switching to Basecamp, I spend less time on project management and more time on design. Love it! –Suzanne Reeves, Art+Soul Design Studio Inc.
The team feels so much more organised! We have went from using 4 services to 1! –Peter Donoghue, The Retro Store
Latest discussions in one place for team members working at a different times to easily catch up and chime in. –Maria Kook, SmithGroupJJR
Checkins are great. I do a weekly check in for my overall company, and weekly checkins on some projects that clients have access to. –Brian Garside, NorthIQ Business Solutions
Being long distance from my work, I can stay more informed with what goes on remotely there. Thank you! –Stacy Keskinarkaus, Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy
We got our work chaos in order. Previously we used few different tools stitched together, and all information was always scattered around those tools. In Basecamp, all things have their place — when I need something, I always know where to look. –Rolandas Barysas, MB Canarius
We are on the same page & everyone has consistent and accurate information. –Meredith L.T. Montgomery, Atrium Counseling Services
It has broken down a few silos of productivity, and permitted better understanding of the roles that different team members play in bringing complex projects together. It has also (after some adjustments in ’rules of play’) cut down on the Reply All stuff in email, as FYI emails go down… if you know the messages are in Basecamp, you don’t need them pushed to your inbox. –Adam Lund, Odyssey Medical, UBC Department of Emergency Medicine, Shambhala
I say things once instead of many times to many people. –Greg Stratmann, Etal.wines, Stonehouse Cellars, The Bed and Barrel at Stonehouse Cellars
People only have to go to one place to find things. –Victoria Cartland, Northeast Iowa Doulas
Now I’m fully aware of the work accomplished by my students, even if they work at home. –Corrado Mencar, University of Bari “A. Moro”
We have become more organized and efficient; everyone is on the same page. –Kristin Gentile, Career Group Companies
Our processes have improved so that every project gets the same level of care and attention no matter who starts it and who leads it. –Greg Wallace, Rockatspark
Client project organization and management has improved, it also has improved communication since we have a visual of the project, its status and tasks. –Roy Rodezno, RoyDezign
Created a focus on project that is not our main activity. It has helped us keep a project moving along whilst we tend to [our] day to day activity of running the business. –Al Babicka, Snap
I’m able to organize my time on my own terms when working on clients’ accounts. –Kirsten Barrie, Verte Consulting
Almost all team coordination is out of email (so inbox peace) –Samantha Hartley, Enlightened Marketing
Work is a lot less chaotic with Basecamp. It’s easy to keep track of what happened or what’s currently going on regarding the rest of the team. –Jim Jeffers, Sumo Creations LLC
There is somewhere to put all the ideas people have where they can be sorted and prioritized –James Bell, The PumpHouse Theatre
We can keep everyone in the loop more easily. –Stephen Walters, Walters Fencing
Being able to assign and tick off tasks in a solid interface has been great for streamline morning Work In Progress meetings. –Steve de Niese, Assemblo
Tracking the progress of tasks without stuff being scattered all through our email inboxes. –Gemma King, The Wellness Editor
There’s greater visibility and transparency in the things that the individual members of our team is working on. –Julines Liong, University of Sydney
It’s easier to get people who haven’t worked together before to start working together, especially if they’re remote. –Peyton Bowman, Innovative Language Learning
We’re better able to spread positivity and cheer each other on since having Basecamp. –Christine Anderton, Gilmore | Henne Community Fund
My team are on the same page and can back each other up when a deadline is looming — there’s visibility across responsibilities. –Elysha Stephens, Avondale College of Higher Education
It has helped us to build a simple system within our company and make it consistent over the team. Either it’s a 4 year’s old employee or a new one, all can focus on work all the time and be productive rather than on a company’s complex system. –Nirmal Gyanwali, Nirmal Web Studio
We can publish/share to-do items in the open, with assignments and dates. We can also publish/share calendar items across the team. That leads to visibility of activities and accountability for goals or deadlines. That’s huge. When stuff like that is buried in private calendars or email, following up is too hard. –John Proffitt, Affiliated IT
More efficient team meetings with files and schedules already coordinated in advance. –Dan Nowiski, Community of Christ
Communication has improved significantly. –Trevor Holmes, Private Equity Gateway Group
Faster decisions and SHARING. –Bruce Sechrist, Wolfpack Associates
Less redundancy and more alignment. –Thai Do, The Purpose Group
We are able to keep better track of all the details of our projects which has led to a much better on-time record. –David Panitch, Results Technology Group
Responsibility flow — you always know who is responsible for each task at every moment of time, and that just work without any external management. –Oleg Gorbunov, Strong-Soft Ltd.
If a team member leaves, we have the historical view in Basecamp to cover all areas of the project to review what went on. –Andrew Sambell, Two Skinny Men
The idea of ’us’ emerges spontaneously as we use it. –Roger Bradbury
Project execution and maintain the communication for the project under one platform. Our Customers love it!! –Muhammad Younus, Accunity LLC
Communication is much more fluid — Idea generation and interaction has improved. –Daniel Webb
Every deliverables are tracked and assigned. It helps a lot when there’re tons of things to do. Saves us time.. –Alan Wong, Krome Pte Ltd.
We are more in sync as a team. Be it development or marketing, we are on the same page. –Rakshit Kalra, ReScreen Pvt. Ltd.
We have two offices in different buildings, so projects where both offices work on are coming along better with Basecamp. –Andreas Steinbacher, Bad Reichenhaller Mineralwasser GmbH & Co. KG
There is increased sharing, transparency and collaboration among teams that I’ve never seen within the organization. It’s helping to create rich conversations and rapid learning, idea generation and information sharing. –Aaron Vannatter, The Way of the Heart
Calmness when working. –Sasha Gilberg, Untouched
We all have a far better idea of what everyone is doing, and tasks are communicated immediately –Jerry Rowles, Chemunique Pty Ltd.
We have a more central place to store and we are notified if anything changes. This prevents errors which were made in the past. –David Tiegelaar, LCT
As a team we are closer than before and means we need less meetings face to face. –Aaron Read, Solar UK Ltd.
Provide 360 oversight while maintaining focus. –Wolfgang Glagla, GConsulting
My inbox is happier! No more endless strings of emails where you can’t remember where your questions were answered. –Janet Rowlands
We have less trouble keeping track of “change history” and files. The timeline helps a lot with this and the Docs & Files option, with folders and codes within, helps a lot too. –Willem van Vugt, LEF marketing & events
Easier documentation and visibility of information, quick access to documents, and there is no longer a need to resend attachments. Everyone is up to speed when we are using basecamp for a project. –TJ Perrin, Marketing Communications Team
Coordination, everyone at the same level. –Giovanni Atalmi, Guud, human interaction
Regular updates across team leads using automatic check-ins: We are now able to look back and assess progress without much hassle. –Sergey Soloviov, HeadBox
We’re more action oriented. Meetings most likely end with todo lists created. So this means, we’re more productive! –Aidil Goh, Pocketpixel Sdn Bhd
Ability to work more efficiently with third parties. –Louisa Constantinou, RB
There’s now greater transparency within the agency since we’ve been using Basecamp. –Matt Priddy, Catalyst
Team work — not having to run up and down a corridor to ask a question. –Diane Deehan
Transparency in communication, when people directly email each-other it’s hinders collaboration. 99.9% of the time email communication isn’t confidential so why not share it with the whole team. –Koert-Jan Kooijman
Better coordination around asset management and actions. –Paul Gannaway, TMW Unlimited
Easier communication with external agencies. –Sinead, CG Global
No more long winded emails! –Barnaby John Lockhart Ward, Orbitsound
We’ve got better tools for cooperation. –Thorkil Baattrup-Andersen, Dolle A/S
Much easier to see what’s going on with each client. –Simon Dring, Mention Me
Being able to have dialogue with team members in an easy format, rather than countless email threads. –Veena Glover, emedia
Improved passion and dedication –Eivind Rigstad
It has improved moral — we feel positive about achieving things and moving forward as we tick stuff off, and are able to get the stuff we haven’t done yet out of our heads (with the confidence that there will be a thorough record of it when we come back) so we can concentrate on the matter at hand. –Donna Cameron, Benson Design
Increased transparency. More and more focused communication. Much faster response times than via email conversations –Jörg Trojan, University Koblenz-Landau
It’s easier to collaborate with people living in different places of the planet. –Georges Majerus, Tritone Studios
Less slacking, ease of access for important files, events were all there and there was less trouble with people being present at them. –Frantisek Hetes, ferologics
We have less stranded information. –Tate Cantrell, Verne Global
Transparency and communication. We know what the teams are doing and we can improve communication between teams. –Neil Shaw, Open Africa
Well, we’re much better organised and it’s way easier to deal with clients and projects. –Pedro Lopes, Coimbra Genomics
Complete transparency of jobs and what people are doing at any instant. –Paul McNeilage, The access group
We’re more structured and organised using basecamp. The focus is clear and we all know where to go if there are any questions. –Jos, GuiltyPeople
Basecamp make us tighter as a group. Basecamp makes it easy to create shared understanding in our company by making it easy to share ongoing work and information with everyone, while at the same time encouraging engagement. –Teddy Zetterlund, Lägenhetsbyte
No more more lost communications! Improve the way all members of team are informed about everything. –Elia Amo, Aurora labs
I no longer have to search around for that email I sent to a client 3 months ago without reply! I can always point to an open discussion to remind them “the ball is in your court”! –Lubi Kocheleva, Lubiland
The team now consistently use Basecamp as the project progress tool, because it is as simple as checking something off as done. The communication tools and check-ins have also helped team communication. –Joe Connolly, Stanmore Quality Surfacing Ltd.
Nothing slips through the cracks. You can instantly put your finger on what you need, because everything is in the most logical place and easily located. –Laura Hanly, Laura Hanly Content Marketing Agency
For us, the clarity of communication in terms of when things were assigned, what the deadlines were, and how we were progressing during the project were the most important. –Karenne Sylvester, Student @ Futureworks, School of Media
Initially we had no dedicated Project Manager in-house and we ran a huge account with Garmin working England to Switzerland offices and the collaborative approach we take meant that Basecamp kept control of 15-20 campaigns running all at once. We’d have been lost with out it. –Chris Bainbridge, Make Studio
Communications are much easier among the international partners of our project thanks to the platform –Désirée Bua, CSI-Piemonte
Better mutual understanding of who is working on what. –Mark, Malmberg
People are more accountable for deadlines and their responsibilities. –Samantha Jackson, Percolate Galactic
We don’t talk via email anymore so information doesn’t get lost and it’s everything is posted on Basecamp. –Rita Magalhães, Tekzenit
Transparency on project development around accountability. –Jeffrey Meese, Empirico
Better communication within the whole business. All members of the sales team are required to use Basecamp to record feedback from our users. –Matina Zoulia, Bradinsight
Having uncluttered and centralized project communication propelled the number of projects we could handle simultaneously, boosting turnover and revenue. –Markus Mayer-Roth, Plutonika Design OG
We are just more organised. because we are volunteers running an org and based from different ends of the country its very useful to have a place where all the docs and conversations have been recorded. Great for volunteers who need to dive in in and out of activities as health allows. –Faye Jones, United Patients Alliance
We were able to make progress with less physical meetings. This was very important as many of our project participants live in other counties and must travel an hour or more to participate. –Liz Peak, Jacksonville Transportation Authority
Streamlined to-do lists. It’s now quite clear who is responsible for what and when. This is also important so my clients know what I’m working on so they know/are reminded of what they’re paying for. –Katherine Raz, Small Craft Advisory (
We can connect more quickly and with less interuption. –Amanda Marketing, FLCC
We looked into Basecamp solely to track tasks, but it has managed to do something additional and unified our projects support team, something other programs just simply can’t do. –James Hammill, Braemar Howells Ltd.
We have streamlined where documents are stored. We have also increased our level of communication and flow of information. –Colleen Moselle, APi National Service Group
No more duplication of work or missed deadlines. –Melissa Haak, Little Lake County
Using task assignment in Basecamp allowed us to start assigning work electronically in an organized way, and we did away with the hard-copy project request forms. –Alaina Wiens, Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce
Tracking project details has become SO much easier. It’s fair to say Basecamp makes us a more efficient organization. –Anne Peters, UTSA Libraries
Organization across our entire team and immense amount of time has been save by a centralized single location of information. –Jameson Kilburn, Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center
We were using Basecamp since 2007, then it was just my partner and me being confused by all these mails and post-its. It felt like a huge step towards working professionally. With Basecamp, we started getting structure in our work and suddenly we got to know things like to-do lists and schedules. Basecamp helped us to grow, too. Now we are 7 designers working with it every day — and we are still happy with our best buddy app. –Oliver Ruhm, Zeughaus
Everyone knows there is a single place to find assets, scope, specs and the latest thinking on any part of a project. No more searching around in email threads. –Luke Smith, Netnak
Our organization level has improved greatly. –Raleigh Richter, Seeds Marketing+Design
Sharing information with clients is a lot easier. –Raissa Chandler, Dirt1x
Workflow/organization. Projects were bottlenecking at me (the business owner) often. Not anymore. –Jeff Large, Come Alive Creative
We have 100% remote team, so of course using Basecamp makes our work better organised. –Vlad Donkov, Vertical Shot Expeditions
Improved visibility and communication within large team. –Elaine Sinclair, University of Lincoln
Projects keep moving and things don’t get lost. –Jill Rybak, Kuno Creative
Task delegation has improved by becoming more organised. Basecamp helps us to work asynchronously, which means task delegation can’t be “lazy”. You need to include clear measurable outcomes and deadlines on every task, otherwise it might not get done properly. Basecamp has helped us become a company where that happens all the time. –Daryl Mander, Big Flare
Better coordination of tasks, stronger sense of community. –Tanya MacGumerait, Global Village School
Collaborative working with external partners has been a lot easier to enable. –Ben Edmonds
Partners/clients/associates view our organization as more professional and organized. It help give them that feel good confidence working with us. –Fletcher Boland, Altolus
As the business owner, I feel more connected and aware of what is going on in the office when I’m away. It’s easy to see what needs to be done with deadlines and who is responsible for the task. –Cynthia White, Law Offices of Cynthia L. White
We have a better follow-up on little issues that are easy to forget when there are multiple requests from clients. –Andreanne Lafleur, Bez Media
With our group — we have improved the way we are able to hand off projects to other designers in the group. –Lesley Hunter, Colliers International/lesley hunter design
It has helped me get an accurate historical picture of how some things change over time, without relying on memory. –Laura L Smous
Using Basecamp really helped clarify where the team is at right now and what are the next steps needed. Basecamp brought certainty and confidence too… everyone has the same program status information… no mysteries, no misunderstandings. –Rick Jenkins, RedCar Communications LLC
Ever since starting Basecamp, all of our deadlines are met because of the amazing task master features that let us see what is coming up soon. –Nicole Baird, Casco Creations
Love the client approval process and it’s resultant accountability! –Gary Hewett, Magic Marketing Systems
People understand who is doing what and by when. There is no confusion. –Melissa Jester, Lalela
A feeling of being “in a place” together even when remote. –Lisa Schamess, The Cooler Minds LLC
We have been able to build a virtual team. Geographical boundaries have disappeared. –Michel Pilet, clevergig
Communication on projects has improved. Things would constantly get dropped and forgotten before, but now we’re all better about capturing thoughts, notes, and discussions in a Basecamp project. Because we keep projects small and archive often, we have a great backlog to go back to if we’re looking for ideas or want to pick up an old direction. –Jason O’Brien, GoNoodle
We actually use it. Our previous PM software was too complicated, too feature rich for our needs. We slowly stopped using it as we should because it was a burden. –J Todd Bennett, Oglethorpe University
Organisation of conversations — by segmenting our conversations we are able to loop in those who need to listen in and declutter the inboxes of those who don’t. –John, Naked Ideas
Communication. And the speed of tasks. It’s easy to keep everyone in the loop, whereas with email conversations, often people/docs can be missed. –Karen Clough, Return On Digital
I manage or monitor projects across multiple agencies and multiple groups, and this lets me keep track of all of the tasks, statuses, and other things in one place. –Niki Levy, Arlington County Public Safety IT
We are able to move through obstacles more quickly when they come up since we can document the problem or question and get the answers from the team more quickly. –Jeff Kalb, two38design
We are all “on the same page.” –David Pflum, Precision Coils
Easier and faster communication on a number of projects at one time. –Laura, Vineyard Camps
I feel more organized; we can all go to Basecamp and see where we’re at, headed, and what needs to be done to get there. –Andrea G, Garfield County
We are more aware of what others are working on and have helped our weekly staff meetings flow more smoothly. –Alexis Sprogis, The Riley Institute at Furman
We are working on and completing tasks more efficiently with fewer face-to-face meetings that, at times, have been a distraction and time killer when not all players are prepared prior to the meeting. Everyone [at] work is up-to-date when we do meet in-person. –Marlene Espina, Mt. San Antonio College
Ideas got shared a lot more than in the past. –Lars Schmidt, Wolk AG
Our team has started working more collaboratively and we’ve seen a significant decreased in the number of missed deadlines since we started using Basecamp. –Evan Seymour, The Purple Agency
Clearer communication between people and increased collaboration on projects. Basecamp has helped identify deficiencies in projects sooner (whether it be resources or technical problems) and has made it easier to resolve problems and keep projects on track. –Cory Leeson, Neograft Technologies Inc.
More structured follow-up of everything we have discussed during our weekly project management meetings. –Stefan Stefaniak, Paianet
We don’t lose track of things — able to focus on the task at hand knowing that all of our long term projects are safely stored in Basecamp. Our task management has become much more efficient with the collaboration features of Basecamp. –Andy Sears, Structureworks Fabrication
Everyone feels a bit more “in the know”. We are also able to communicate better with out of state vendors. –Amanda Totten, Bodhi Ventures LLC
We actually are able to remember and keep track of all the constant tasks we have coming and going. Using Basecamp allows us to keep a great log of everything in one place for all members to see whenever they need. –Nakita, Archers Choice Media Inc.
The automatic check-ins feature is brilliant! I ask two questions every day: 1. Are you blocked on anything? — every morning to see if we have any obstacle along the way (computer is broken, the client didn’t provide enough information etc). 2. What did you work on today? — at the end of the day. Huge time saver! I don’t ask my team on chat anymore about their activity. –Gabor Kiss, Qbiz Netherlands
We utilize it to compile tasks for operations teams from the field and it has simplified that process dramatically for us… A real time saver to reduce frustration! –Shawn Stomp, Heads Up Landscape
Easier to follow who is doing what and to go back and get people back on track. –Mercedes Perez, Guttmacher Institute
Communication among our team has improved. We are scattered at four different colleges in the State of Florida and scheduling calls and meetings is difficult. And emails aren’t always as reliable as we think they are. With Basecamp, I know the information was communicated and there is a repository where everyone can find it at any time and from any device. –Teresa Gonzalez, Miami Dade College
Discussions over complex issues are more constructive and less fragmented, and result in more resolutions. –Anthony Drury, LTC
Basecamp has helped us streamline our workflow, and helped our communication within our office in an unbelievable way. I would never go back to a pre-Basecamp setting. –Melissa Reed, Interstate Insurance Group
Having everything in one place without creating duplicate structures. –Anika Horn, Social Venturers
We are all collaborating more on feedback, it help to show accountability as well. –Samantha Silberberg, Quartz
We stopped using excel for project management!!! Woohoo!! out of the dark ages. –Michael Cloud, Bright Idea Media / VictoriaGOP
Streamlined our communications and efficiency. With a virtual team we are all on the same page and can keep track of what everyone is working on, and who is responsible for what. –Sadie Corelius, Cover Story Media
Communication is at an all time high for the one’s that use Basecamp. We are noticing people are more willing to speak honestly about what needs to be said and that things are getting done without having to have a bunch of meetings. –Dale Claiborne, Valley Christian Center
Our internal development process has improved markedly. It allows us to focus on tasks and communicate back and forth thru the process. –Thomas Bove, Curran & Connors Inc.
We keep everything organized and if I’m away from a project for any length of time — it’s makes it easy for me to catch up to speed. –Robert Zinda, Zinda
Since implementing Basecamp 3, visibility across the entire organization has improved. People now know where things stand and what they can do to help. –Justin Chiles, ColorJar
There’s a lot more communication now between us and definitely more organization. Everything the team does is transparent to everyone else, which helps with keeping everyone accountable. –Ashot Hareyan, First Foundation
Since we started using Basecamp to synthesize our editorial calendar and social media content aggregation, our Communications team has gotten in-sync around priority posts, task completion and building month-long narrative arcs. –Brian Solem, AIDS Foundation of Chicago
Being able to focus communications about specific topics in separate message threads seems to make our work more efficient. –Lisa Perkins, Old Dogs New Digs
We are better able to coordinate efforts by knowing what everyone is doing and we have more time for creative collaboration rather than updating each other on details. –Kim C Nelson, Western Michigan University
I’ve been able to gather information from our participating study sites much quicker using the automatic check-in feature. –Anusha Krishnadasan, Olive View UCLA Education and Research Institute
Collaboration, especially adding new external stakeholders to the system — it’s so easy that they like to use it! Thank you! –Sylwia Korsak
Our ability to track all deliverables in a collaborative environment that all team members can view and take action on. –Jonathan Zila, Recruitics
Our communication can be sorted via subject and not in a long line of email strings –Dan Barton, The Collective
Using Basecamp keeps us on target for deadlines. The roles we play are clear, responsibility and accountability increased because we use it. –Kathleen Overr, Overr Consulting LLC
We have more communication and we are able to accomplish more. –Tara Olendorff, OFSD
The one thing that has changed is being able to keep ourselves accountable for our tasks. Because we started to put everything in Basecamp (to-dos, events, email threads, ideas, etc) we have been more efficient. We are a multi-media film company and organization is KEY! We now have a place to put our storyboards, checklists and more. Before Basecamp, there wasn’t a dedicated space for these files so we were constantly emailing ourselves the same documents all the time. Now, we can either go on our iPhones or Macs and find things easily. –Alex Villasenor, Emerging Light Media
We love the archive feature because we run seasonal events so we get to pull it back up a year later with all those details already in place but don’t have to keep it on our dashboard. Campfire is also super exciting for us because we can keep the trail of messages instead of having to search our emails. –Wanda Whipkey, American Elite
My team is much more organized and can now effectively communicate any progress or challenges we encounter. –Nestor Carrillo, Chromatin Inc.
We actually stick with it and want to put things on here. –Alejo Rivera, Junto Studio
Huge reduction in emails! –Wayne Mylin, AOBTA
The work has improved, because we can easily share inspiration and feedback across the team on a specific thread. –Angus Gastle, Workspace
We are much better organized and retain historical information in one place much better instead of it getting lost in a sea of emails over the past few years –Vaibhav Andleigh, Totten Pond Village Condo Association
To-Do list was a game changer for managing details of a project! We are able to put the most minute thing, like change a light bulb, and it doesn’t get lost and forgotten it gets done! –Teandra Cornish, CTC Chiropractic
For me personally, I can see how much we actually have going on at one time. –Linda White, United Health Credit Union
Way more productive and organized. The workflow is solid. –Melissa Opie
Compared to Google Docs, It is easier to bring in new project participants from outside the organization. –Brent Baas, LeTourneau University
I have better communication with my assistant about all the things going on in my busy tax accounting practice. (I’m a CPA) I try to stay out of email during “work” blocks and being able to use the “IM” feature to contact her in another room is very helpful — it keeps me from entering the black hole of EMAIL HELL. :) –Christi Bender, Christi Bender, CPA
We’ve been able to easily involve our customers and other stakeholders in our projects, and provide constant feedback so that everyone is on the same page. –Chris Pearce, Forsyth Tech
We are streamlined. Our organization is fully dialled in and we do less email. –Jay Leishman, Leishman & Hornung Online Advertising
Sharing our “anything lately that inspired you”. It’s been fun to get a better idea of who we are as people and interests outside of work. –Craig Keating, Score Valves
With version 3, we are actually all using Basecamp for a lot of purposes. A good wild growth. And we do use the heartbeats regularly. –Bart Louwagie, The Arc of Ulster-Greene
Since I started using Basecamp for my author business, I’ve stayed very organized with little time and effort. Basecamp helps me see where I’m at on my to do list for publishing books, marketing, and my business. –Tess Manchester, Sset Mind Productions
It’s much easier to keep and find the “archive” of communication. –David Horne, Honestly
We communicate easier and those communications are more organized and thoughtful. –Loren Greenway, Wilderness Medical Society
Individual accountability has increased. –Simon Andrews, Kummler + Matter AG
We’ve all been able to keep up to date on changes on group projects. Before it was very fragmented, and often even I would forget what I told to whom, and it was very messy and led to confusion and waste of time. Since Basecamp, It’s very easy to make sure that everyone get’s the right information. –Alvaro Pastor, Innovacion Natural
Things are better communicated as they are all in one place and even when you are not on a project 100%, you can keep track of it. –Gala Fombella Shuckburgh, GEN Europe
It is better organized, it saves us a lot of time and our mailboxes are empty again. –Vincent Ariens
Organisation; helps keep all members of a team all working together in one space to get things done faster, preventing cross platform work and therefore items getting missed. –Amy Forde, Iconic Offices
A better organized workplace. Basecamp serves as our hub for files, projects, tasks, clients… Basically, all the office work that we do. We are even thinking in using it to manage classes and training/development programs. –João Sevilhano, EEC
Being able to post all meeting papers and large documents at the press of a button, took away unnecessary royal mailing of papers. –Maureen Thompson, Teesside Hospice
We’re more aware of the projects each person is working on. –Jaime Dyer, London EBS
We are more organised, being able to easily assign each other tasks — able to get more done. There are less distractions, we used Slack and it was too easy to contact/distract someone else about something which could be worked out individually. –Mike Gyi, WAI
People are more structured and projects have more visibility. –Radu Jitea, Groupon
It’s helped the team see where things are up to without having to ask the status of a job or delivery when clients ring. –Manuel Galaktidis, Even Dots Creative
Everything in one place and easy to share with partners by adding them. –Caron Martin, Manchester City Council
More Introspection by automatic check-ins. –Henry Juan, ITCHT
I don’t have to talk to my managers at the end of the day to know the status of projects anymore. Auto-checkins are doing their job. –Alexander Sukhanov, Salt & Pepper
More engagement during times when committees are “working off site” — keeps everyone in the loop, and projects moving along nicely. –Jennifer Whitmore, Arts Council of the Valley
It has added a new level of transparency and accountability to the team and our internal clients. –Ben Aycock, Highwoods Properties
More transparency. Less emails, and hey what is the status of that? –Susan Delikat, Focus
Staff have responded really well to the “to-dos". It’s very clear what I expect and when I expect it to be finished. We have employees across Canada so it’s been great to stay organized and connected. –Megan McIver, Central 1 Credit Union
Prioritization and distribution of our workload. Using the different "reports’ the team can see how our workload stacks across the week. It forces us to be realistic with what we have planned, and we can make quick adjustments and delegate more effectively. Once a task is in Basecamp, I no longer have to worry about whether it will get done. –Nathan Thompson, Sears Holdings
It would be nearly impossible to run our business without Basecamp. With at least 100 client projects open at any given time and 89 tasks loaded in our new job template the notion of trying to assign tasks, track discussions, tasks and progress without BC is inconceivable. Short answer is the clarity Basecamp brings to the flow of our business. –Mike Malone, Malone & Company
Less email. Less chaos. –Marc Schegg, 3BaysOver
A central place to communicate and store docs is huge. –Chris Nevins, Fuel the Mission
We’ve cut down our use of chat. It is still an addicting drug, but instead of needing to hash out who does what, we simply throw up some todos and only rely on chat when we run into roadblocks. –Pete Marcano, Rack5
Managing projects with teams got a whole lot easier! –Michael Ciofalo, Professor Plumb
Greater collaboration and less Excel! –Spencer Stevenson, 3M
Better communication. People know where to find things. No more things lost in email. –Jason Osburn, DUO, Design Unto Others
I feel more assured that I’m not losing track of the important items on my “to-do” list. –Helen Lutz, North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society
Clarity in a big project. –Ariane Lapointe
Our team members know exactly when things are due and are able to plan ahead accordingly. –Tremaya Reynolds, North Lake College
Believe it or not, multitasking. The right information is in the right place because we can comment on anything. Our team can now keep multiple conversations on the go while staying organized and focused. –Michael Brooks, Union Code
Since we’ve been using Basecamp, our communication is drastically better and deadlines are met without drama. –Shannon Kropf, Full Sail University
It has helped us get wayyyy more organized. –Lauren Mendoza, Inspired Marketing
Communication. And a place to go when you need info. We have a lot of moving parts and people traveling so communication and access to files, notes, etc at any time is critical. –Ryan Welch, AO Films
I am able to add note and things that I would normally try to keep in my head. This has reduced my stress level and it keeps me on track. –Jeff Nielsen, Nutrisource Inc.
One stop shop for chat, document sharing and task management. –Ashley Letts, o2e brands
It’s MUCH easier for us to show clients what they need to do when we collaborate on projects. –Chris Bauer, CrunchTime Information Systems
We are more efficient and less tasks fall through the cracks. Recording every request in a to-do holds everyone to a common system of accountability. Reports allow us to quickly check workloads against different dimensions. We are able to communicate quickly to targeted groups, with additional context just clicks away. –Benjamin Roberts, RSA
We now are more aware of who is responsible for each task (and for my employees they now get to see all the steps of the process outlined in front of them.) –Tyler Clemens, Outlier
Better personal organization. I need some app to remeber me my things to do, and Basecamp is one of the best apps for it I’ve found. –Rodrigo Villa, Conectivia
Better communications between people in multiple locations. –Anthony Rutter, Greensill Capital (contract PM)
“Didn’t you see / read that email?” is a thing of the past. –Craig Jaris, Alpha Chi Technology
How quickly everyone is able to find the information they need and clearly understand what has already been done and what is left to do. –Douglas Foster,
Getting all the discussions, questions and ideas in a centralized location makes it easier to get through the information. –Eric Perreault-Chamberland, Space&Dream
Better collaboration between ministries and groups. It has allowed for faster feedback and getting info to stakeholders quickly. –Andrew Weiler, Forest Hill Church
The streamlining of communication between our teams and our partners is much better. –Jeff Sauvageau, CrunchTime Information Systems
Much more organized and efficient with automated checkins. –Dave Sick, Brand Breadcrumbs
We are able to have so many different plates in the air at the same time with lots of people sharing different tasks and deadlines. –Kate Arnold, Florida State University
The communication amongst team members improved dramatically. Rather than my having to make the effort to connect them with each other, Basecamp allowed them to meet virtually right away. –Joe Brand, Generis
We now have ONE definitive place to deposit files, convey information, and hold discussions. Before it was a hodgepodge of emails (many, many emails), network locations, Sharepoint, and meetings. –Rebecca Doshi, AAAS
We’ve replaced using emails to manage and collaborate on our projects. Basecamp gives everyone on the team a simple view as to what’s going on, and is useful for projects of any size. And, it’s easy for new members to jump in and contribute because they have access to all of the historical work in the threaded conversations. –Gaelan Lloyd, Winshuttle
We’re on the same page! Folks have a much better idea of who’s doing what, when, what needs to be done, etc. Our team is brought together and can communicate much more effectively. This puts us on the same page far better than without Basecamp. –Dan Yost, Tri-8 Inc.
I like the report function that allows us to see what is going on with each person, what due dates are approaching, and how that helps us manage their time. Another change for the better is the strict separation of client from the rest of the team. On Basecamp 2 there was a lot of gray area and it was too easy for a client to get mixed up in the conversations between the team, some of which they should not be involved with or aware of. –Trey Longenecker, Mount Paran Church
Now we don’t need to going back and forth with emails to rely information. It also makes information much readily available if required. –Terry Huang, Umezushi Ltd.
Much more fluid way to document conversations and keep track of what we did for who when. –Carina Marano, Visualade
Very organized discussions with no need to rely on other, less efficient platforms. Basecamp has allowed me to focus more on what’s important. –Philip,
People taking more initiative with their project roles and responsibilities. –Zach Knoch, Boy Scouts of America
Processes and projects become transparent, each team member aware of what is happening, which to-do does he has, at what point we are at the moment. –Evgeniy Vasilkov, Flamp
No more epic email threads to juggle. –David Congreave, Paypershop Ltd.
We’ve been a lot more productive as a whole. Before Basecamp, we were using Slack. And we suffered from pretty much every single problem that you mentioned in your “Is group chat making you sweat?” article. With Basecamp, everything is focuses. Group chats still happen, but they’re usually scheduled, and they’re always on topic. And there’s always the option of posting a message instead. –Joel Drapper, Indee
All project related material is stored in a central location. No more searching around network drives and old emails for ’that essential bit of information’ –Nicholas Parkin, Wassen International
There is more on point and varied discussion of shop talk that could not have happened in another format. –Mark Hurych
The true teamwork/collaboration that BaseCamp has been able to consistently provide to my teams after the “new toy syndrome” of the site has worn off. –Larry Bailey, American Financial Resources Inc.
No one has an excuse to say they didn’t see something and everything is in one place. –Charlie Vaughan, Koala
We now work in a more organized manner. When I came on board as team lead, one of the first things I did was implement a task management software for our team. I had used Jira in the past, but since none of my team had had experience in using task management software, I went with Basecamp for it’s simplicity and straight-forwardness. Since then, we miss fewer deadlines and I can easily delegate action items and keep them organized directly after client calls. –Graham Schmidt, Heaven Media
Our efficiency. We can’t imagine work without basecamp currently. –Dalibor Vasiljevic, Rainfall Branding
We are all on ’the same page’, because people like using Basecamp. –Chris Holtkamp, Moselreklame
Became easier to me to manage my team and to charge them about the activities. –Gilvan Trigueiro Neto, G Trigueiro
Better communication, more efficient planing of deliverables, easier to track progress of work. –Anthony Manuel, TwentyOneTwelve Creative
Always used Basecamp — this was the first management tool we looked for. Can’t even think how we could manage without Basecamp. –Bjorn Kierulf, Createrra
Organization, not missing a deadline. –Tracy Clary, Duffy’s Management
Communication and access to information for the business and our clients. –Liz Jenkins, A Fresh Space
Basecamp gives the ability to be more transparent to what is being worked on. Getting everyone to change their approach to work is not the real challenge. –Michael Garrison, Remco Products
Since we started using Basecamp I am confident to run our business remotely with a clear understanding of what’s happening in all our projects. –Ben Kinnaird, Rather Inventive
We are better organized. I’m able to help my team stay focused by checking their “To Do” list. –Kate Ciangiulli, American Direct Logistics
More communication — our team sits in a variety of buildings around the County and having a site that allows us to connect and share information quickly has been vital to the success of our projects. –Jodi Ballard-Beach, Multnomah County
It’s way easier to organize events with many volunteers, to see what is being done and what still needs to be done… –Stephanie Poole
We have not had misunderstandings regarding due dates and deadlines. –Jaime De La Torre Bravo, Grupo Mann
I am brand new to the company and there was no communication system set up so I asked if we could start using Basecamp and 1 month in, we are already becoming a more streamlined team and communication has an easy flow. –Jessi Taylor, Zambezi
Organization from using to-do lists to track what everyone has been up to, and keeping people accountable because everyone else can see everything anyone else does. –Kara Joseph, Zenoti
It seems like the turnaround time and overall productivity has improved. –Megan Hicks, SC Tobacco-Free Collaborative
Onboarding new employees and spinning down exiting employees. With project templates, now everyone gets a list of what they need to do; (almost) nothing is forgotten. It’s a much better experience for new employees to have everything organized. –Nick Barth, OnMilwaukee
Our communication stream is much tighter. We keep all our meeting agendas and summaries in Basecamp making it super easy to stay informed. No more searching through our emails to find the latest agenda — we simply head straight to Basecamp. –Julaine Scott, E-Patches and Crests
People are talking more… less stuff is being thrown over the proverbial fence. –Tyrone Murphy, NATIONAL Public Relations
I no longer get emails or texts from employees — they aren’t allowed. My email inbox is no longer my to do list and is mainly client emails that I need to focus. –John Oliver, Complete Home Electronics
Multiple people update a single entry instead of every individual keeping thier own entry which saves time and costs for our clients. –Evan Holt, Robson Carpenter LLP
More transparency. I used to have very little contact with some of my team members. The open ’space’ allows a more horizontal communication. Seems like there is less of a hierarchy. Some of my managers who would never hear from each other now hear each other ’speak’. –Christian Brunet, Subway Brunet
Enthusiasm for being part of a project. –Kim Oeij, City of South Perth Libraries Western Australia
Quicker and easier communication all coming from one place. –Cory Burns, Adventures in Missions
Definitely, cooperation and collaboration. Of course I can speak cliches about everybody being on the same page and how one web articles says that and other says what… bla bla bla. Basecamp has helped maturing weekly roundups and planning and pushed us straight to performance and better work. –André Ascensão, SR/SRA
Less emails! better tracking. More human. –Jean François Porchez, ZeCraft
Fewer emails. Information is shared more easily. Associates can provide updates on progress — no need to remember everything or write anything down on paper! –Jo Ciriani, Spaghetti Agency
We’ve consolidated 99 tools into 1 great, simple, organized app called Basecamp. –Chris Meadows, Simple Phone Co.
Before using Basecamp our organisation was set rigidly into four departments and battled for key resources (e.g. our one developer). We now work much more fluidly on projects and have much greater capacity. –Edward Druce, Get the Guy / Matthew Hussey Coaching
We are all able to view the progress on each job. Basecamp improves our efficiency working together as a team. –Jenny Skillicorn, JM Engineering, PLLC
There is more of a feeling of connection. Since most of us work remotely, it is nice to have a cyberspace to share. It feels more intimate, constructive and user friendly than email and the other digital tools. We still use those other digital tools but in a more integrative way. –Marcie Foster, Global Village School
We are able to keep track of individual tasks for any given project much more efficiently and effectively. Basecamp also allows us to see what others within our team have going on which is critical to help plan work flow and future project deployment. –Mike Krause, Brunswick Bowling Products
We are able to keep everything in one place and each team member can contribute their portion to projects without issue. –Jillian, Humphries
For us it’s cross communication between teams. We are talking more than before and sharing documents. –Darryl Diamond, ACCC
Centralized information lead to higher productivity. –Laura Silva, MYS Project and Brand Management
Productivity and business understanding. Basecamp puts WeGov on track! –Andre Tamura, WeGov
It’s so much easier to manage a workload for people that don’t work in my office! I work on design build projects so the contractor team and my design team need to collaborate and this let’s us be fully transparent on what we need and when on both sides of the aisle. –Sarah Fayer, Keimig Associates
We’re able to stay on the same page more easily instead of trying to figure out some other buggy, inefficient project management software. –William McKinnerney, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
Got us out of email hell and provide us with a single location to communicate/plan our business. We have a rule, “If it’s not in basecamp, it doesn’t exist” –Casimir Loeber, RealtyNinja
My despair has changed to hope. But seriously, I’ve been project managing for a long time, and even as a hyper-organized person, keeping up with every one and every thing takes its tolls. I’ve always wanted some sort of project management program, so once I was introduced to Basecamp I was addicted. –Gabrielle Gniewek
Nothing is better than watching someone have their epiphany moment when they realize email is not a project management tool. I am now getting even more departments to start using Basecamp religiously rather than every now and again. –Justin McClung, Nex-Tech
Who’s responsible for what and when it’s due has become more transparent to the whole organization. We have also gotten a lot better at keeping deadlines and delivering the needed results on time. –Hector Artiles, Nurotag
Having a single place for all of our internal and external communication, project and task tracking has been an incredible improvement for the business. Previously information was partitioned in silos based on the business unit with different platforms. Now we are organized around projects and information is shared across teams by default. –Max Clark, Clarksys Inc.
Increased and improved communication efficiency and transparency within the projects. No more information lost in mailboxes. –Guy de Pourtalès, eGTSA
Ensured that we can juggle all aspects of various projects at one time. Improved project-based communication among the different sectors within the team. –Alexander Horne, The Economist
Cohesive communication. Relying on texts and emails is pretty terrible and not everyone gets looped in, so Basecamp and helped tremendously there. –Brian M.
We are all on one program vs six or seven. –Felix Martinez, Bella Luci Inc.
It was a good replacement of e-Mail based communication with too many CCs. –Daniel Schwartz, Logima Software GmbH
Organization definitely. Take a look at my email for further emphasis there. We have six subteams and it’s so fantastic to have six bascamps for each subteam. Now we can focus more on design, logistics, and goals for each subteam in a centralized area. –Urjita Das, FRC Team 449; The Blair Robot Project
We’ve always used Basecamp, but, when Basecamp 3 came out we definitely consolidated our toolset. –Chance Griffin, Sturdy
We can find files, notes, and threads faster than ever before. –Todd Wonders, Unique Venues
My large interdisciplinary group is developing the ability to stay in touch in multiple fine-grained cycles of development following extremely complex work. –Philip Beesley, Living Architecture Systems Group University of Waterloo
I feel organised and in control and that feels great. Especially todo-lists and the conversations we have under each todo keeps information in the right place and it is easy to involve someone on an issue. –Charles Beaumont, Lille Hummer
Overall communication has improved as we can easily invite various stakeholders — both inside the business and outside (vendors). –Crystal Houston, Valley of the Sun United Way
Communication is clear since it all takes place within Basecamp. It’s very clear to everybody that conversations should take place in Basecamp and not in other tools so that everyone can see and join it. –Massim Knaapen, / Concredibles
It’s easy to track both what we’ve done, what we are doing, and what we are going to do. –Gareth Jones, Oxygen 2.0
It is much easier to keep track of project status with the reports so we get back on track faster when we get off. –Amanda Sutt, Rock Paper Scissors
As a factory, we are not a black box anymore from our customers point of view. Now they can take a look anytime the want, and see for themselves how things are progressing. –Joel Rengifo,
More and better communication about potential new user stories and back insights in the real needs behind the statement ’We need this feature’ –Matthieu Hoogerwerf, Negometrix
We have much better overview of our business development. –Gregor Zupanc, King Consulting / InnCerT
I’m no longer getting calls from my employees each day asking for the address/phone number of our customers. –Donald Goddard, All About Paint
Basecamp has been a lifesaver in keeping everyone in the loop on all thats happening without having to shoot thousands of emails back & forth. In addition, all docs are able to remain real-time current by housing them in BC and updating them from there as the project moves forward. This is a game changer for us. –Chris White, Mobilizing Students
People actually using Basecamp. Prior to basecamp 3, it was difficult to get youth to use it. It did not look as nice, the features weren’t as youth-friendly. –Vincent Irving, Truth Initiative
Even though we have a small team, communication can be challenging when everyone is on the go. Basecamp helps us juggle multiple projects at the same time and keep communication flowing. –Rita Morris, Latshaw Drilling
Everyone has fully adopted Basecamp. There’s no hesitation on adoption of the product. –Jasmine Bucher, Lebanon Valley College
More work done with the same resources or less. –Marius Ion, Angel Hot Soft LLC
Everyone is on the same page, 24/7. –Lou Patterson, Category One Inc.
People are far more likely to provide feedback and ask questions compared to organizational email. We are having more conversations with our staff! –Dr. Travis Arndt, Animals Medical Center of MidAmerica
This is how me and my manager stay on track and know what we have to complete each week. It allows us to keep track of small things that have a tendency to slip through the cracks. We have to be deadline oriented in our business and Basecamp helps us accomplish this. –Megan King, Novasyte
It’s much easier to keep everyone up to speed on projects without having to send out a flood of emails or have twenty different status update meetings. –James Huff, Ramp Logistics
The communication between departments. The visibility of additions, changes, schedules, of everyone in the group makes everything clear. –Amy Carr, EfficiencyOne
Alignment on many of our projects — everyone can clearly see who is doing what, when it’s due and if they’re completing tasks on time. –Taryn Johnson, The Joinery
We don’t have meetings for coordinating to-do lists for events. Everyone can see when something is done or if it is in jeopardy. Others pitch in if we see an issue coming. It’s fantastic! –Kat Larese, PNMR

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