Master the Basecamp basics in 15 minutes.

How it helps to put everything in one place instead of using separate tools

Each project has a set of tools that lets you put everything in one place: messages, tasks, files, schedules and more.

How and why to use discussion threads instead of chats, emails or meetings

Get back to past decisions and easily handle multiple issues at the same time. Examples of using the Message Board and To-Do comments to discuss work instead of chats, emails and meetings.

How to replace routine status meetings with Automatic Check-ins

Status meetings waste time and are boring for everyone involved. Replace them with Automatic Check-ins.

When and how to turn off email notifications and use the Hey! menu instead

In a busy account, it’s better to turn off your email notifications and use the Hey! menu to see what’s new. Here’s how.

When to split off a new project for more privacy or more focus

Too many people or too much stuff in a project? Then it’s time to split off a separate project. Two examples shown.

How to stop getting notifications from a particular project or team

If you want to keep access to a project but don’t want all the notification noise, unfollow the project. Here’s how.

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