Work together
the easy way

Basecamp’s unique blend of tools is everything any team needs to stay on the same page about whatever they’re working on. There’s nothing else like it!

Basecamp is everything you need to pull people together

Every team needs a way to divvy up work, hash things out quickly, make big announcements, keep discussions on-topic, store and organize key files and assets, lay out milestones and deadlines, and have regular check-ins to make sure everything’s all right. That’s all a piece of cake with Basecamp.

An all-new design, a brand new look & feel

If you’re in the client services biz, you’re in luck

Basecamp’s exclusive, all-new Clientside feature keeps client feedback and approvals organized and on the record. Plus, clients never see unfinished work, internal chatter, or anything else unless you expressly share it with them. Basecamp is the best way to work with clients, period.

Basecamp 3 is 100% new

Just launched in November 2015, Basecamp 3 features an all-new interface, a fresh approach to managing projects, working with groups, making progress on anything together. Available on the web, iOS, and Android.

You’ll wish every company had customer service like ours

We’ll put our customer service up against anyone. A real (happy) person will return your email within 5 minutes. Quick, like-an-old-friend friendly, and genuinely interested in lending a hand, our team is the best in any business.

With Basecamp it’s on the record so you can CYA

When you use Basecamp you’ll have an easy-to-reference, completely documented history of who said what, and when they said it, should the time ever come when you need to settle a disagreement between involved parties. Manage projects, client work, and group work fearlessly with Basecamp!

A unique approach to working on work

From an exclusive set of reports, to reclaiming your nights and weekends with Basecamp’s trendsetting Work Can Wait feature, to automatically checking-in on your team on a regular basis, to the best way to manage client work with the Clientside, Basecamp’s always got your back.

Industry defining, always innovating, 100,000+ customers strong

Basecamp set the world on fire in 2004 with a radical, fresh approach to simple online collaboration and project management. We’ve been making it better ever since. Now in 2016 it’s time to set that fire on fire with Basecamp 3. It’s all-new, and the best, most ambitious version of Basecamp yet.

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