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Your business is growing, and you're swamped. The way you’re working isn’t working anymore. You're dealing with:

You need something that puts everything in one place so nobody misses anything. Something to help communication flow so you can handle more work. Something everyone can use without you having to show them how. It's time for Basecamp.

Basecamp 3 running on a laptop and mobile devices with illustrations of each tool above. Messages, To-do's, Group Chat, Schedules, Docs & Files, Check-ins.

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"We can see exactly what needs to be done and when. We were missing tasks and deadlines before we found Basecamp. We're much more efficient now."

-Tina Lannin, 121 Captions

"Communication with clients now goes super smoothly."

-George Groves, Piehole.TV

Replace all over the place with ONE place.

Basecamp includes message boards, to-do lists, real-time group chat, schedules, documents & file storage, and check-in questionsUsing separate products to work together only drives information apart. That makes it difficult to find stuff, and progressively harder to stay on top of everything. What you need is a single, centralized place for all project work and company-wide communication. That's Basecamp. We've baked a decade of best practices into a single app. One place, not all over the place.

Stop surprises in their tracks.

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“It was due when?” “No one told me!” A dropped-ball that turns into a failed project or lost client isn't something you want to repeat. Basecamp gives you the tools to ensure that “wait, what happened!?” won’t ever happen again.
Learn how Basecamp's daily check-ins keep you and your team on the same page.

Get traction with new projects.

Getting a new project off the ground can be tough. Conflicting schedules and lack of follow-through can grind forward progress to a halt. Basecamp's message boards and real-time chat let people participate on their own schedule, and to-do's with automatic reminders make sure work gets done.
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Nail “make or break” opportunities.

completed to-dos

When you're tasked with a big responsibility, failure isn't an option. There's a ton of moving parts, and you need more than luck to make sure it all goes smoothly and gets done on time. Basecamp gives you all the tools you need to get organized and stay on top of it all.
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Business tested results.

89% of our customers have a better handle on their business

84% report more self-sufficient teams

53% save 10+ hours of busywork a month

Results like these aren’t accidental. We’ve spent a decade developing the better way to work. NY Times bestselling books, TED talks, and more have been born out of our passion for helping small businesses around the world. Hear from 1000 customers on how Basecamp made business better.

A rock-solid foundation for your company.

Many faces in a circle with the Basecamp logo in the center Privately owned for 17 years, Basecamp is responsibly run, and profitable since day one. Our customer service is best-in-class, and we're committed to supporting your business for the long haul. No surprises, no rugs pulled out from under you. We're proud to still serve customers who are using our very first version of Basecamp!

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