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A new login screen
for Basecamp Classic

If you’re a Basecamp Classic customer, you may have noticed the familiar login screen has changed and lives at a different URL. Rest assured, the changes are legitimate. Here’s what’s new and why.

Meet Launchpad

The original login screen for Basecamp Classic served us well over the years. But as it aged, it drifted further from modern security best-practices, cut off from upgrades introduced with new versions of Basecamp.

To provide the best possible security, Basecamp Classic now uses Launchpad, our central login system at

Launchpad screenshot

You’ve seen Launchpad if you’ve ever updated your profile information, reset your password, or accepted an invitation to someone else’s account. Modern versions of Basecamp have always used Launchpad for login, and now Basecamp Classic does, too.

Now with Google Sign-In

The transition to Launchpad also makes Google Sign-In available to all customers. Previously you could connect your Google account from your login profile, but there was no way to use it to access a Basecamp Classic account.

To enable Google Sign-In, first log in as usual and click the “My info” link that appears in the top-right corner of every screen. Then, click “Edit your personal information” and “Change your login info.” Follow the instructions to connect your Google account and you’ll be all set.

Questions or concerns?

If you have questions or concerns, we’d love to help you. Our customer support team is available any time. Just drop us a line.