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Everything in Basecamp is carefully considered. We even carefully considered what to leave out. When you aim for the best mix of truly useful features without bloat, everything has to earn its spot. For those who like lists (and who doesn’t?), here’s a complete run down of the things you can do with Basecamp 3.


Outline and divvy up work to be done.

  • Organize to-dos into lists.
  • Set due dates and date ranges.
  • Assign to one or more people.
  • Easily reorder for priority.
  • Add details, notes, or file attachments.
  • Comment directly on to-dos and to-do lists.
  • See what’s assigned to you and sort by date.
  • View in traditional stacked list view, or in summary card view.
A sample to-do list in Basecamp 3.

The Message Board

Keep discussions focused and on topic.

  • Post announcements, proposals, ideas and be sure everyone sees them.
  • Every topic gets its own page so the entire conversation is easy to reference later.
  • Conversation threads allow for deeper discussions.
  • Embed images and files right into messages.
  • Give everyone a chance to weigh in on their own time.
  • Reach consensus and keep important decisions on the record.
Sharing a strategy proposal.


Chat and hash things out quickly.

  • Chat with a group in real time.
  • Every Basecamp can have its own group chat.
  • Ask quick questions or share info.
  • Toss in work for quick feedback.
  • @mention people to get their attention.
  • Attach files, quotes, and code samples.
  • Have fun with sounds, video, and emoji!
Real-time chats with your group.

Docs & Files

Organize key docs, files, and assets.

  • Upload key docs and deliverables.
  • Link up live Google Docs and discuss them right inside Basecamp.
  • Drag and drop documents or files into folders to keep things organized.
  • Color files so they stand out.
  • Drag and drop to reorder - things stay exactly where you put them so they‘re easy for anyone to find later.
  • Comment on docs and edit to add new versions.
  • See the complete history of changes.
Marketing docs and files.


Set deadlines and milestones.

  • Add events with dates, times, date ranges, or all-day events.
  • See what’s due when.
  • Attach people to events and notify them when events are added.
  • Discuss events on their own self-contained page.
  • Attach notes, files, or images to any event.
  • Subscribe to entire schedules or individual events with Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook.
  • Cherry pick individual events to add to your own personal calendar.
Events coming up.

Automatic Check-ins

Regularly scheduled questions and answers.

  • Ask questions on a daily, weekly, or recurring monthly basis.
  • Ask the whole team or tell Basecamp specifically who to ask.
  • Schedule for the beginning of the day or end of the day.
  • Find out what your team’s been working on.
  • Surface ideas and insights that are usually locked away in people’s heads.
  • Kick off discussions based on people’s answers.
Getting answers!


Instant, personal direct messages.

  • Have quick 1:1 personal discussions.
  • Shoot someone a file.
  • Get someone’s attention.
  • Have a backchannel discussion with one person or a small group.
  • Kick ideas around with a small group before presenting them to the rest of the group.
Private 1:1 or small group chats.

Hey! and Notifications

Everything you need to know about.

  • Basecamp tells you about new comments, messages, and chats.
  • Your Heystack shows you everything you were notified about.
  • Get notifications by email, browser alerts, or on your mobile device.
  • @mention anyone and they’ll get a notification in their own Hey! menu.
  • Snooze notifications for 3 hours.
  • Set up a Work Can Wait schedule so Basecamp only sends you notifications during your work hours (and not at night or on the weekends).
Your Heystack


Be a know-it-all.

  • Reports help you get caught up on what your team is doing.
  • See what’s overdue and what’s coming up or due soon.
  • Find out what work was added and completed on any given day.
  • Check what’s on someone’s plate or what they’ve been up to recently.
A few things on Annie’s plate.

Latest activity

The perfect bird’s eye view.

  • See all the activity happening in your Basecamp.
  • Live updates make sure you never miss a thing.
  • Stuff is grouped by day and organized, as it happens, by which Basecamp its in.
  • See who’s completing work, kicking off new discussions, commenting on existing conversations, answering questions, etc.
  • Get yesterday’s activity delivered to your inbox every morning.
Everything that’s happening across all your Basecamps.

Finding stuff

The best search in the biz.

  • Instantly dig up anything you’re looking for.
  • Search by keyword.
  • Search by person.
  • Search everything or scope searches to a specific Basecamp.
  • Build queries like "Just the messages that Karyn posted across any Basecamp" or "Only show me PDFs that Bryan uploaded".
  • Specially designed image search.
  • Search pings separately.
Find anything instantly.