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Dazzle your clients.

Be partners, not adversaries. Basecamp keeps both sides organized, everyone’s feedback on the record, and all decisions, approvals, files, tasks, deadlines, and project communications safe and centralized. You’ll make a great impression.

You’re always in control.

You decide what your clients can see. Projects start off private to your team. When you’re ready to share a message, a to-do, or a file with the client, just flip the switch:

enabling and disabling client visibility

Your team never has to worry about accidentally sharing something private. Everything is clearly labeled, so nobody will be confused about who can see what.

you always know if something is private or visible to the client

Keep client feedback on the official record.

getting a client approval on the record

Basecamp helps you avoid disputes by keeping central, official versions of entire conversations. When you present work with Basecamp, your team sees exactly what the client said, you can follow up with revised designs, and the entire thread is captured on a single page. It's always clear who said what, so disputes disappear.

Less email and busy-work, fewer meetings.

Basecamp streamlines how you work with clients. You'll make more progress in less time — without the excessive emails, meetings, and busy-work that projects normally require. Here are a few examples of how Basecamp makes it happen:

Get the logo you need by Monday without the back and forth.

assigning a task to your client

No one enjoys sending nagging emails to get stuff from clients. Assign them a task with a due date in Basecamp instead. They’ll get notified about the request, and automatic reminders when it's due soon or overdue.

Share how the campaign is going without a weekly meeting.

sharing a weekly check-in question with a client

Instead of a weekly call to report progress, let Basecamp automatically ask your team for updates. The answers will be shared with your client, and they can ask follow-up questions right on the same page.

Let clients grab the files they need without having to ask.

files shared with the client

Share any of the project's folders or files with your client to let them grab what they need, when they need it. They'll be confident they have the current version, and you'll be free to focus on more important stuff.

Works with email, too.

an email forwarded into Basecamp

Basecamp works even if your clients don't want to learn a new system. Clients can respond to messages right from their inbox, and new email they send you can be forwarded to Basecamp where your whole team can see them. You’ll always have everything in one organized place.