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Basecamp with Clients: A magic combination

Basecamp 3’s exclusive “Clientside” feature keeps client feedback on the record and completely separate from the rest of your project. Your client never sees anything they shouldn’t, and your team doesn’t have to tip toe around worried about saying the wrong things. It’s the best way to work.

Clients are one click away

Inviting clients is easy. When you set up a new project, click on over to the “People on the Clientside” tab.

'People on the Clientside' tab

Select the client you’re working with and decide who on the client side should be able to receive updates about the work. All set up!

A clear separation – nothing to fear!

The “Talk to your team” section is where you outline and divvy up work, riff, hash things out over chat, share unfinished thoughts, discuss deadlines and strategy, etc. The client can’t see any of this stuff. This is your safe place for your team to talk openly about anything you’re working on together.

tools only you can see

When you want to send an update to the client or get their feedback or approval on the record, just flip over to the “Talk to the client” tab and post a message. These messages are the only things the client can see.

'Talk to the client' tab

It’s super easy for your clients, as it should be

Everything you send to the client will be sent via email. The client doesn’t need to create any accounts, sign into anything, buy into any system, or install any apps. Your job is to service them, not ask them to do stuff for you.

Clientside communication options

Clients only see what you send them and they can reply directly from their email app. Their replies get sent right into Basecamp so you have every conversation saved on the record. A perfect way to CYA just in case.

Who said what is crystal clear

Everything you send to the client and everything they send to you is clearly labeled and color-coded. You’ll never wonder if a message is from the client or someone on your team.

example messages from and to the client

Share anything from the other side

Now… Let’s say you did want to share a to-do list with the client. Easy. Just flip back to the “Talk to your team” mode, go to the to-do list you want to share, and click the “Send a copy to the client” button.

share menu with arrow pointing to 'send a copy to the client' option

That’ll embed that to-do list into an email and send it right off to the client. They’ll get exactly what the list looks like at the moment you send it. If it changes later, you can send them another copy. Nice and safe, always sure what they are seeing. And everything they’ve seen is on the record.

Forward client emails directly into Basecamp

When a client emails you something important - maybe a question or request - you can forward it to Basecamp and it’ll be stored in the Clientside.

setting up an email forward

Then you can respond right from Basecamp, the client will get your response via email, they can just respond to the email, and the rest of the conversation will be stored right in Basecamp.

Now the entire conversation is on the record in Basecamp even though it started with the client emailing you outside of Basecamp. Brilliant!

Built for client SERVICEs businesses

As a client services firm, a big part of your job is to make working with you easy for your clients. Basecamp’s Clientside is the answer. Your clients only need to respond to occasional emails from you. And everything stays organized, on the record, and in a central place in Basecamp. Your team’s going to love it.