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Reports: Be a know-it-all

When you’re responsible for the big picture, you need to be able to cut across a bunch of work and get some answers quickly. Who’s working on what, who’s responsible for what, what’s coming up, what’s late, etc. No matter where it is, your job is to know it all. Basecamp Reports are made for you.

What’s overdue?

This report shows you anything that’s late, who’s responsible, the original due date, and just how overdue it is. You can click/tap on anything to jump right into it and find out why it’s late, ask a question about it, or update it.

the 'what's overdue?' report

What’s coming up or due soon?

Anything that’s dated in the future shows up here. To-dos, events, milestones, deadlines, whatever. If it’s got a date, and it’s coming up, you’ll see it here.

the 'what's coming up or due soon?' report

What’s new to-do and what’s to-done?

Think of this one like a win-loss column. New work added on a given day shows up on the left, completed work on the right. Now you’ll know if you’re adding more to the pile or chipping away at it.

the 'what's new to-do and what's to-done?' report

What’s on someone’s plate?

This report shows you everything that’s been assigned to someone on a single page.

the 'what's on someone's plate?' report

What has someone been up to?

Curious what Joan has been working on? How about Bryan? Want to see the work they’ve added, stuff they’ve done, comments they’ve posted, conversations they’ve kicked off, files they’ve shared, and questions they’ve answered? Just run a report on someone and you’ll see their full history across all their projects in Basecamp. If they’ve done it, it’s documented here.

the 'what's someone been up to?' report