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Work Can Wait: give work the weekend off.

Work has a way of encroaching. Work calls on Friday at 9pm or emails on Sunday as you’re sitting down for dinner. So we’ve built a feature into Basecamp 3 we call Work Can Wait™ that makes sure work stays at work.

Hold my notifications and emails, please

Basecamp 3 lets each person set their own work notifications schedule. Maybe it’s 9-5 M-F, maybe it’s 7-3 six days a week. Whatever it is, if it’s outside those times, Basecamp won’t send you notifications. Work is silenced so you — and your family — can enjoy your downtime.

setting Work can Wait hours

Friends and family matters

Work’s gotta cut it out. Your time is your time. At Basecamp we want to do everything we can to help restore work-life balance. It’s no joke, and it’s not a slogan — it matters. And it’s not only about family time — it’s about your own time to recharge, pursue your hobbies, and live a little. Work ends.

Work Can Wait!? What’s your take?

We’re aware this is a controversial stance and a radical idea for business software. We’re OK with that. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Are you an employer who disagrees? Are you an employee who can’t break away? Write us at and tell us your story.