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Get it together for 2019. Switch to Basecamp.

Here’s how Basecamp works:


Want to see everything Basecamp does? Check out our full feature list.

Increase accountability.

“We can see exactly what needs to be done and when. We were missing tasks and deadlines before we found Basecamp. We're much more efficient now.”

-Tina Lannin, 121 Captions
assigning a task to someone

Simply assign a task to someone, and optionally add a due date and any other necessary details.

assignment notification

Assignees are notified about new tasks, and Basecamp takes care of any due date reminders.

all overdue to-dos

View tasks from every project together on one screen to easily see where things stand.

Communicate efficiently.

“Communication around tasks or quickly sharing new ideas that may alter the project is much easier, more transparent, and faster. The commenting sections and campfire make it easy to do this.”

-Bruce Wang, MICROJIG
organized message threads

Conversations are organized within each project, with replies below. No more re:re:re:re hell.

all your notifications in one place

All your notifications are rolled up into a single place. No checking 5 apps to keep up with everything.

check-in questions

Check-in questions give the team a way to provide status updates without sitting through meetings.

Keep everyone in the loop.

“Having a single location for messages, files, to-dos and timeline has kept everyone on the same page.”

-Kimberly Benefield, Autotrader
tools in Basecamp - realtime chat, message boards, to-dos, schedules, check-in questions, documents, and files

With all the tools teams need in one centralized place, it’s hard to miss something important.

what did you work on today?

Check-ins like “what did you work on today?” keep everyone aware of what’s going on.

project activity

Every project shows a timeline of activity. See what happened and get up to speed quick.

Want to see everything Basecamp does? Check out our full feature list.

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