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Successful projects begin with a great kickoff message.

Start projects off right. A clear kickoff message helps everyone understand the goals of a project on day one.

Kickoff Message

5 tips for writing a successful kickoff message.

1. Make it a discussion.

The best way to announce the kickoff of a project is by posting a new discussion. This way everyone will get an email when you post the message.

Further, if anyone has any questions, the entire conversation will be documented in Basecamp.

Make it a discussion

2. Start your subject off with “Kickoff.”

It sounds obvious, but starting the message off with "Kickoff" sets the tone right from the start.

Round out the subject with a concise summary of what's inside.

Start your subject right

3. Outline the goals clearly.

Documenting the goals right from the start will ensure everyone begins the project on the same page.

It's tempting, but make sure you don't list too many goals. Hone in on the key goals and just share those. The more focused, the easier they'll be to achieve.

Outline goals

4. Attach any key files, proposals, or other assets.

It's always helpful to include the original proposal, specs, or other key files that will be necessary to kick off the project.

To attach the files, just drag the files from your computer right onto the message.

Attach propsals and assets

5. Notify everyone who's part of the project.

Before you post the message, make sure you've checked off everyone who's on the project. This way everyone will get the kickoff message in their inbox.

Tip: You can add everyone in a single click by clicking the "Select all" link above the first name.

Notify everyone