New in Basecamp

A collection of new features we’ve just launched in Basecamp!

Easier Edits

It’s now easier to make quick edits to titles of projects, tool names, documents, messages and more without ever leaving the page. Simply click and make your changes.


Now in Basecamp, linking to a message, to-do, card, event, document, or file automatically creates a Reference, instantly tying related things together.

Share Card Tables with anyone

Card Tables help visualize tasks in a workflow, like bug fixes or design requests. Now it’s possible to share a Card Table with people outside of your account. Turn on a public link and anyone with the link can view it without logging into Basecamp.

Create a template from a project

Project templates are handy when you create the same kind of project over and over. Until now, the only way to make a project template was to start from scratch. Now you can create a template from an existing project. Duplicating to-do list and project templates has also been added.

Move Tools between Projects

You’ve always been able to move individual items from one Basecamp project to another — like a single message, to-do list, or card. Now you can move an entire tool from one project to another.

Move the Needle

Sometimes you need to quickly see how a project is going. How far along is it? Are things moving forward as planned or are there concerns? With Move the Needle, your team can visually communicate how a project is doing — right from the top of the page.

Filter Recent Activity

The activity page shows everything that’s happening across all of your projects. But sometimes it can be challenging to find what’s important — like what your team is working on, or projects that you really care about. Now you can filter recent activity to only show what you need to see.

Cycle through Images

When you have a lot of images in the Docs & Files tool, it can be difficult to flip through them quickly. Not anymore! You can now see an image preview and cycle through photos, videos, and files in just one click.

Stacks on the Home Screen

With our latest product update, you can now group similar projects together on your home screen into piles we call Stacks. Arrange your projects by team, client, or time period for more visual clarity over your work.

Public Links for Folders

You’ve always been able to send links to individual documents to someone outside your Basecamp account. And now, you can send access to entire folders for people outside your account to view or download.

Custom Images on Doors

With the Doors feature, you’ve always been able to connect to an outside product or service. But now, we’ve added the options to upload a custom image to better identify the link.

24-hour Time Clock

Now in Basecamp, you have the option to change your time preferences. You can choose to see your time with the 12-hour settings (AM/PM) or the 24-hour time clock. Now adding events to the calendar, scheduling a message to post later, and even seeing time stamps in Chat rooms are easy to read, no matter where in the world you live.

Turn off Reminders

We’ve added the option of turning off reminders for events & assignments! Now you can choose to be reminded about upcoming stuff, or not.

Date Picker

We’ve updated how you choose dates in Basecamp! No more clicking and clicking until you break your mouse button.

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