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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Basecamp account to use Basecamp Personal?

Currently, yes. Basecamp Personal is offered exclusively to existing Basecamp users. You don't have to be the owner of a Basecamp account - you only have to be a user on a Basecamp account. We plan to open Basecamp Personal up to the wider public in a few months.

Will my boss or co-workers see my Basecamp Personal projects?

Nope - Basecamp projects and Basecamp Personal projects are entirely separate. No one from work will have access to your Basecamp Personal project unless you expressly invite them.

Will I lose my Basecamp Personal project if I leave my job?

Nope - your Basecamp Personal project is yours no matter where you work. You paid for it, you own it. It's entirely separate from your Basecamp account at work.

Is there really no monthly fee to use Basecamp Personal?

That's correct - there is no monthly fee to use Basecamp Personal. You pay just $25 per project, one time. Once you buy a project you'll never have to pay for that project again. If you want to start up another Basecamp Personal project, it'll just be another $25, one-time.

How much storage space comes with a Basecamp Personal project?

Basecamp Personal projects include 1 GB of space to store files. We plan on offering the option to purchase additional space down the road.

How many people can I collaborate with?

You can work with up to five people on a Basecamp Personal project.