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The Platform Marketing Teams Use to Manage Everything

Hundreds of marketing teams work with Basecamp to run advertising campaigns, email marketing, social media, creative design, budgeting, events, and more.

A Basecamp account for a marketing team

Basecamp was built for this

A little bit of history… Back in 2003, Basecamp was a web design agency doing work for clients. Even then we realized what you know today: using email to keep track of everything turns projects into a mess. We created Basecamp to help us keep us focused on work and avoid wasting time tracking conversations, dates, files, and everything else.

After seeing how much our clients loved Basecamp, it became clear this is what we had to focus on. Fast forward to today Basecamp has become one of the most popular project management tools for marketing agencies. Thousands of marketing professionals use Basecamp today. Let us tell you how Basecamp can help your team...

Everything you need to tackle marketing projects

A marketing Basecamp project

Basecamp has everything you need to keep your projects in check: files, chat, schedules, to-dos, messages, and even email forwarding.

Create a project to manage your plans from beginning to end. Want to introduce a project? Write a message. Want to assign tasks to other people? Create a to-do. Want to store your project files? Put them in Basecamp. Need to have a quick chat with others? Start chatting on the project’s group chat.

Don’t waste time looking for emails, Slack messages, online files, or anything else. Just put it in Basecamp and everything is organized.

Bring clients and contractors into the loop

getting a client approval on the record

Bring clients and external partners to collaborate on projects, on your terms. You can add clients and give them access only to what you want them to see.

Basecamp keeps official client feedback on the record, reducing miscommunication. No need for endless email threads.

And the best of all, you can invite as many clients and external partners for no additional cost.

Use Basecamp with the tools you already love

Basecamp comes with all the tools you need to collaborate with files and documents. But you can also link the apps you already love to share documents with your team.

Just drop a URL and link your files directly into your Basecamp projects.

A file folder in Basecamp showing linked files

Free up time in your day using the Basecamp Way of working

A lot of platforms make you waste time building complicated project setups. Not us. The Basecamp Way to work has proven to be effective for thousands of companies (we’ve even written books about it). Just log in, create a project, and get to work.

Basecamp is organized, efficient, and simple; the way projects should be.

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