All-in-one project management.

Plan, track, and manage software projects with Basecamp to help your team coordinate efficiently, reduce time in meetings, and communicate effectively without spreading work across multiple apps.

Projects run better with Basecamp.

Over 20 million people have worked on a project inside Basecamp.
Why do so many trust us with their project management?
Because projects run better with Basecamp.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what real people working on real projects have to say about Basecamp:

Nothing can be forgotten, nothing gets lost, and everyone knows what the other is doing. Jörn Hendrik Ast, Superhelden-Training GbR
Action items never get lost in the shuffle anymore. New ideas and projects actually get off the ground now. Andrew Tyne, MPI Atlantic Canada Chapter
We gained control and could work with more projects without getting more stressed out! John Elliot, 3nine
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Give all your projects a home.

Projects are inherently messy. Documents are in one place. Tasks are in another. Oh, and don’t forget about all that important stuff buried in email threads and private chats.

But with Basecamp, every project gets a home. Now all your files, chats, schedules, to-dos, docs, and project emails are in one single location. No more asking “Who has this?” or “Where is that?”.

Put it in Basecamp, and your entire project is just one click away.

Manage projects, not people.

Projects are fueled by people. But you shouldn’t spend more time managing them than you do managing the actual work.

Basecamp organizes and streamlines all of your communication in one spot. Questions, comments, assignments, deliverables, and approvals all get neatly tracked and organized right inside the project.

With Basecamp, you spend less time checking in with people, and more time checking off to-dos.

Keep the tools and files you already love.

Basecamp comes loaded with everything you’d possibly need to run successful projects. But what if you have important files that live elsewhere?

Thankfully, Basecamp plays well with others. Whether it’s design files in Adobe, docs and spreadsheets in Google Drive, or folders in Dropbox, you can link your existing files directly into Basecamp projects.

Now, everything from everywhere is all in one place.

Project management, only better.

Basecamp is more than just a project management tool — it’s a better way to work.
Projects run on Basecamp are more productive and better organized. And project
teams communicate better, require fewer meetings, and are far more efficient
than before. Basecamp is project management at its best.

Keep it together. Put it in Basecamp.

Ready to try Basecamp?

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