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What To Do When Remote Working Isn’t Working

When communication is scattered across Slack channels, emails, and Zoom calls, things get missed.

When Justine’s startup was small, she used Slack and Zoom to stay connected with her two employees. Everything was fine until she started to take on bigger projects and hired another person.

“Things would get buried in the chat. Someone would miss the email. They said they didn’t see the message…”

“Things would always end up being rushed or last minute… or I missed something. We had these conference calls all the time to try to stay on top of things.”

There was too much communication in too many places.

She couldn’t sit in a chat room all day to read everything. She tried to get everyone on the same page with conference calls, but after the call was over there was no way to make sure things moved forward.

“I wanted to make sure there’d be no excuse to say ‘I wasn’t quite sure’ or ‘I didn’t know’.”

Justine didn’t know there was a better way until she complained to a friend. He told her the problem was she needed a central source of truth. She and her team needed one place to look to know what's going on.

He recommended Basecamp because it puts group chat, discussions, documents and task assignments all in one place. He told her she wouldn’t have to figure out how to structure it. Basecamp organizes all of the communication by team or by project so everyone will know where to look.

She was skeptical. Software that is supposed to be “all-in-one” is usually complicated. She didn’t want to ask her team to learn something that was going to be hard to use. The short “How It Works” video on Basecamp’s site changed her mind.

See how Basecamp works…

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