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Customer Bill of Rights

Here at Basecamp, we’re serious about treating our customers fairly. That’s why as a Basecamp customer, you have the right to…

  1. Own the data in your account

    Our interest in your data ends at keeping it secure and accessible in Basecamp. We don’t sell, peek at, or otherwise use your data. It’s yours, and that’s how every data processor should treat your data. Period.


    Our terms of service goes into detail on who owns the data you enter into Basecamp. Short version; you.

    A relevant chapter from our book “Getting Real”, which we published in 2006. We have a long history of making money by charging a fair price for a good product, not selling lists or advertising against your data.

  2. securely use Basecamp products

    In the 20+ years that we’ve been around, we’ve never had a data breach. We have a team dedicated to maintaining your account’s security on our systems and monitoring tools we’ve set up to alert us to any nefarious activity against our domains.


    Our security overview outlines the broad strokes of how we secure our products, and our security whitepaper covers the technical details.

    Google search for “Basecamp data breach”. The only thing you’ll see are articles about how we’ve successfully defended against them.

    Google search for “37signals data breach” (our old company name). Same deal.

  3. A real sense of privacy

    Too many software companies are downright hostile towards the privacy of their customers. Their business often depends on violating it! Not here. We take privacy seriously with our products, and we actively push the industry forward on privacy matters.


    Our privacy policy spells out the details of what data we collect and why.

    Our CTO’s Twitter account. Note the frequency and expletive-laden passion around privacy matters.

    We frequently cover privacy issues on our podcast REWORK. This episode, this episode, and this episode are good places to start.

    Our announcement post telling privacy-invading apps that integrate with Basecamp to take a hike.

    Another post telling mailing list software makers to stop spying on people. We’re making our own email app to fight this kind of bad behavior.

    A post on the work we’ve been doing to eliminate third-party tracking on our own websites.

  4. Fast and friendly product support

    Basecamp’s support team has 17 people dedicated to answering emails from our customers. Nearly half the team has been at Basecamp for over five years; this is a group of knowledgeable folks who want to help you get the most out of our product. Aside from a few days around the holidays, you’ll receive same-day service 7 days a week.


    Our support page, which shows a live display of our current response time. Also note that we don’t make you jump through hoops to get answers from a human.

    A post from our head of support on the value of human-driven support.

    Our Twitter account, where we also provide fast and friendly support.

    The page for our free Q&A classes. If you’d like to see what our support team brings to the table, sign up.

  5. Control your data

    It’s your data! You should hold on to it if you decide to leave Basecamp. We have a feature that let’s you download every morsel of data from projects. Owners can also request to see all data in an account, even if they don't have access to it outright.


    Our ownership policy details who qualifies as a Basecamp account owner.

    Our help page on exporting your data. Note that it’s self-serve. We don’t hold your data hostage.

    Our cancellation policy details the fact that we won’t hold on to your data if you leave.

  6. Request features and feel heard

    You can email us anytime to request a feature. Our support team tracks requests so that we can reference them whenever we’re considering changes. We also regularly interview customers to learn how we can make Basecamp more useful to people.


    A post from our head of product strategy on how we interview customers.

    A deep dive on how we handle feature requests.

  7. Be treated equally

    Too many tech companies put their focus on enterprise customers at the expense of everyone else. Not at Basecamp. We structure our pricing to ensure that our business isn’t dominated by a few big customers. Small businesses are treated exactly the same as large companies.

    Our pricing page. We don’t do per-seat pricing, so everyone pays the same.

    A post from our CEO on the dangers of having a small group of customers that pay significantly more than everyone else.

    Another post from our CEO showing a chart of the lifetime revenue per Basecamp account.

  8. Leave Basecamp painlessly

    We know there are other products out there that you can use, and one of them might be a better fit for you. That’s OK. We won’t hassle you or make it difficult for you to leave Basecamp. We’ll guide you in how to export your data and let you cancel on your own when you’re ready.


    Our cancellation policy details how to cancel (you can do it right in the app) and what happens when you do.

    Our refund policy explains what happens if you paid for a year but cancel early. In most cases we’ll give you a refund for the unused months.

    This is the last page you’d see if you cancel. Note the portion about how we won't bombard you with emails trying to claw you back.

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