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Get it together for 2020. Switch to Basecamp.

The answer is yes!

An alternative to the FAQ, here’s the YesAQ. Inspired by a sign at a roadside rest stop.


  • Can I prevent our clients from seeing unfinished work?
  • Can I reply to Basecamp messages via email?
  • Can I link up Google Docs in Basecamp?
  • Can I see everything I need to do on a single screen?
  • Can I see everything that’s overdue on a single screen?
  • Can I use Basecamp even if some of my team prefers just to use email?
  • Can I see all the work that was completed on any given day?
  • Can I set up projects that only some of my team can see?
  • Can I see an entire conversation on a single page?
  • Can I see everything that’s happened across multiple projects in one place?
  • Can I @mention someone so they’re notified about something?
  • Can I see all the work someone’s done over a long period of time?
  • Can I see everything that’s assigned to someone on a single page?
  • Can I see exactly who worked on what today? Yesterday? Last week?
  • Can I tell who’s working on which projects?
  • Can I reference an entire conversation from a year ago?
  • Can I see my assignments ordered by due date?
  • Can I see every previous reply about something before I reply?
  • Can I assign tasks to multiple people at once?


  • Can I attach files, documents, and notes to to-do items?
  • Can I keep all the discussion about a to-do attached to that to-do?
  • Can I follow-up directly with someone without anyone else knowing?
  • Can our clients respond to our questions via email?
  • Can our clients see a record of everything we’ve asked them?
  • Can our clients officially approve work using Basecamp?
  • Can I draft a document on my desktop and finish it on my phone?
  • Can Basecamp tell me when someone completed a to-do?
  • Can Basecamp help me get a client to approve a design?
  • Can Basecamp help me hold my team accountable for deadlines?
  • Can Basecamp email me a single summary of yesterday's activity?
  • Can Basecamp notify me when someone mentions my name?
  • Can Basecamp tell me when someone wrote up what they worked on today?
  • Can Basecamp automatically ask people what they worked on today?
  • Can Basecamp automatically ask any question on a recurring basis?
  • Can Basecamp automatically mute my notifications on the weekends?
  • Can I replace Monday morning stand-up meetings with Basecamp?
  • Can I use Basecamp with people who don’t ever want to log in?
  • Can I use Basecamp with external partners like contractors?


  • Can we export all our data any time we want?
  • Can we replace a handful of separate products with Basecamp?
  • Can we create to-do lists that only our internal team can see?
  • Can we get our client’s feedback on the record using Basecamp?
  • Can we deliver finished work to our clients via Basecamp?
  • Can we set up a private, collaborative space for each team we have?
  • Can we discuss a Google doc from within Basecamp?
  • Can we write documents without having to use another service?
  • Can we separate our internal feedback from our client’s feedback?
  • Can we use Basecamp without signing a long-term contract?
  • Can we forward-in emails and save them on-the-record in Basecamp?
  • Can we make company-wide announcements in Basecamp?
  • Can we run a dozen simultanous projects on Basecamp?
  • Can we replace our daily stand up meetings with Basecamp?
  • Can we organize our files and documents inside folders?
  • Can we replace internal email with Basecamp?
  • Can we replace Slack or HipChat with Basecamp?
  • Can we replace Dropbox or Google Drive with Basecamp?
  • Can we track versions of documents with Basecamp?
  • Can we send our clients updates through Basecamp?
  • Can we view our Basecamp schedule inside Google Calendar? Outlook?
  • Does Basecamp have an API?
  • Does Basecamp have chat built in?
  • Does Basecamp have direct/instant messaging built in?
  • Does Basecamp have reports built in?