With Basecamp, it’s a Yes!

Even though Basecamp’s remarkably simple and easy-to-use, it’s also incredibly flexible. There’s so much you can do with it — and so much it can do for you.

Can I prevent our clients from seeing unfinished work?
Can I reply to Basecamp messages via email if I don’t want to log in?
Can I link up Google Docs in Basecamp?
Can I see everything I need to do on a single screen?
Can I see everything that’s overdue on a single screen?
Can I use Basecamp even if some of my team prefers just to use email?
Can I see all the work that was completed on any given day?
Can I set up projects that only some of my team can see?
Can I see an entire conversation on a single page?
Can I see everything that’s happened across multiple projects in one place?
Can I @mention someone so they’re notified about something?
Can I see all the work someone’s done over a long period of time?
Can I see everything that’s assigned to someone on a single page?
Can I see exactly who worked on what today? Yesterday? Last week?
Can I tell who’s working on which projects?
Can I reference an entire conversation from a year ago?
Can I follow a project quietly without receiving notifications?
Can I see my assignments ordered by due date?
Can I see every previous reply about something before I reply?
Can I assign tasks to multiple people at once?
Can I see all our projects laid out on a visual timeline?
Can I link up files from Figma, Dropbox, Airtable, and other apps?
Can I attach files, documents, and notes to to-do items?
Can I keep all the discussion about a to-do attached to that to-do?
Can I follow-up directly with someone without anyone else knowing?
Can our clients respond to our questions via email?
Can our clients see a record of everything we’ve asked them?
Can our clients officially approve work using Basecamp?
Can I draft a document on my desktop and finish it on my phone?
Can Basecamp tell me when someone completed a to-do?
Can Basecamp help me get a client to approve a design?
Can Basecamp help me hold my team accountable for deadlines?
Can Basecamp email me a single summary of yesterday’s activity?
Can Basecamp notify me when someone mentions my name?
Can Basecamp tell me when someone wrote up what they worked on today?
Can Basecamp automatically ask people what they worked on today?
Can Basecamp automatically ask any question on a recurring basis?
Can Basecamp automatically mute my notifications on the weekends?
Can I replace Monday morning stand-up meetings with Basecamp?
Can I use Basecamp with people who don’t ever want to log in?
Can I use Basecamp with external partners like contractors?
Can we export all our data any time we want?
Can we replace a handful of separate products with Basecamp?
Can we create to-do lists that only our internal team can see?
Can we get our client’s feedback on the record using Basecamp?
Can we deliver finished work to our clients via Basecamp?
Can we set up a private, collaborative space for each team we have?
Can we discuss a Google doc from within Basecamp?
Can we write documents without having to use another service?
Can we separate our internal feedback from our client’s feedback?
Can we use Basecamp without signing a long-term contract?
Can we forward-in emails and save them on-the-record in Basecamp?
Can we make company-wide announcements in Basecamp?
Can we run a dozen simultaneous projects on Basecamp?
Can we replace our daily stand up meetings with Basecamp?
Can we organize our files and documents inside folders?
Can we replace internal email with Basecamp?
Can we replace Slack with Basecamp?
Can we replace Dropbox or Google Drive with Basecamp?
Can we track versions of documents with Basecamp?
Can we send our clients updates through Basecamp?
Can we view our Basecamp schedule inside Google Calendar? Outlook?
Can we hook up other apps we use inside Basecamp?
Does Basecamp have an API?
Does Basecamp have chat built in?
Does Basecamp have direct/instant messaging built in?
Does Basecamp have reports built in?

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