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What kind of projects are a good fit for Basecamp?

Basecamp community

Any kind, really.

If it’s a project in the real-world, pop it in Basecamp and it’ll be a more organized project. When everything project-related lives in Basecamp, everyone knows where everything is, nothing ever gets lost, and nothing falls through the cracks.

We have customers in just about every industry imaginable - from design to development to legal to accounting to manufacturers to publishers to charities to governments to schools - running their projects on Basecamp.

Check out how Paul Budnitz uses Basecamp to coordinate the process of building bicycles:

Check out how professional polar explorer Ben Saunders used Basecamp to help organize a journey to the south pole and back:

And here’s how Happy Cog uses Basecamp to manage web site design projects for themselves and their clients:

The Red Cross even used Basecamp to coordinate relief efforts after a hurricane! Basecamp is that dependable.

Days, weeks, months, or years

And it’s not just about the industry, it’s about the duration. Some people run 3-day projects using Basecamp. Others have projects running multiple years. Basecamp is suitable for all of these projects.

Sometimes they use one Basecamp project to run an entire project. Other times they break one project into multiple smaller Baseacamp projects. There’s no right way or wrong way, there’s only your way.

What kind of projects do we run on Basecamp?

We use Basecamp for everything (which probably isn’t a surprise ;). We set up a project called “The Newsroom” where we make all internal announcements. We coordinated all the work that went into building Basecamp using Basecamp. We wrote our two books, REWORK and REMOTE, using Basecamp. Whenever we hire a new employee, we fire up a Basecamp project and manage the whole process right there. The process to design the web site you’re looking at right now was coordinated using Basecamp.

Ready to give it a shot?

Projects can be messy things. Lots of moving parts, people trying to work together, it’s no easy task. We’re confident Basecamp can help you maintain control of your projects. So please try Basecamp completely free for 60 days. If you need a hand, just ask - our job is to help you do your job better. Whatever you need, we’re here for you.